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Post here and Furret will give you a theme song.


Feeling purple today~
... Ah, Furret? I never got one. D: I did ask after you made that alert post, but I still never got one.

Can I have one now...?


Can I has Themesong?

EDIT: NO Heavy Metal

Also, make it Christian Rock or something that little girls scream over (AKA Why is that even CALLED music!?) and I will brutally murder you with a spork

You have been warned
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World of Glass
I would like something like Three days grace. punkrock /heavymetal
You just named three different things :V Do you want something in the vein of Three Days Grace, punk rock, or metal?

Also will get on these (lol how many times have I said this) later. My willpower is DESCENDING FROM THE HEAVENS


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I'd like one. I perfer it to be Japanese, and something having to do with courage or the like, but any Christian Rock xong will do as well. ^_^