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Post your animals pictures.


Careful fighting the monsters, lest you become one
Well yes...[God this is so lame] well like the Title says, post your animals pictures. I don't know how to, but please try and post your animals.
[Yeeees I know, this is just some lame silly animal version of"Post your voice", or Behind the avatar"]


Anything but unremarkable
Wow... Cheesecake, next time, either resize the picture or post a link. That picture has more than tripled the size of the page.


emotionless and cold as ice
I'm not quite sure; I got him from the shelter. He's probably a mixed breed, but he looks a lot like a black angora. He's soft and fuzzly and cute no matter what though. Eeee <3


Careful fighting the monsters, lest you become one
Everyone has such great pets, I can't find a picture of mine, but he's like 21 years old in human years, think how old he is in cat years! 0.0


Full of shine and full of sparkle


is NOT edible. Unless you're a vampire.
Murkrowfeather, your cats are beautiful. I mean it.
And PichuK, Squeaker is adorable. But...the box he's in says "Boil in Bag" on the front D=


is NOT edible. Unless you're a vampire.
You're mean.


He looks like some actor I know. Maybe it's the eyebrow-things. Argh I never remember actor/actress names. =P