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Pwnemon vs Risingbadge

I meant Gen IV because he gets sky attack by tutor in gen IV but of course being no tutors in gen V he loses the ability to use Sky Attack.

Anyways, if he ever tries to not-attack you, Taunt him. If he ever tries to attack you, Fly above the attack and come back down in the same action after he moves (if Fly doesn't work like the other two turn moves, wait for a him to go on the second action before you drop back down.)
I meant Gen IV because he gets sky attack by tutor in gen IV but of course being no tutors in gen V he loses the ability to use Sky Attack.

All Pokemon in ASB can use any move that they've ever been able to learn in the games*, whether or not it's still available in the present generation.

*I don't remember whether event-only moves (particularly via the New York Pokemon Center giveaways) are allowed or not, but other than those, everything can use anything it's ever been able to learn.
Sorry for my lateness, I thought there was still a debate going on...

Thunder as she tries to Fly over you. Then, when she comes back down, Detect. Thunder again to round it off. (Or, if she can go up and come down in one action, just Thunder through all of it.)

Thunder ~ Detect/Thunder ~ Thunder
Pwnemon (XO)
[RAWR!] Aerodactyl (F) <Pressure>
Health: 66%
Energy: 39%
Status: Looking tense.

Risingbadge (XO)
[Sneakman] zangoose (M) <Immunity>
Health: 46%
Energy: 24%
Status: Frustrated and wearing down.

Round twelve

Slowly and gingerly, Sneakman tries to stand upright again; his ears and tail still drooping. Rawr looks to be growing weary as well, although in slightly better shape than the Zangoose, it noticeably takes her more effort than usual to rise into the air again. She grits her teeth as she laboriously flaps her great wings, stirring up more dust, and then manages to gain altitude and hover next to the ceiling.
Sneakman squints up at Aerodactyl overhead and tries to concentrate on his orders. A strike of thunder from the sky to hit his flying foe definitely sounds like a good plan but… there is the small matter of that obstructive ceiling. Sneakman’s head falls as he growls in frustration, and he shuffles around uncertainly.
Rawr peers down curiously at the angry but stationary Sneakman, and quickly decides to take action. She snaps her maw and takes the plunge, diving down towards him with a great roar. Sneakman’s tail bristles and he jumps up with a screech of surprise at the great rocky beast bearing down on him. He covers his head and cringes away, but Rawr bashes into him with a sweep of her outstretched wings and a lash of her sharp tail.

Rawr backs away with a few quick flaps, then surveys her opponent’s weakened state as she takes a quick breather herself. The Zangoose looks utterly drained and is covered with bruises and grime from the ancient room. He digs his claws into the cracked floorboards as he struggles to pull himself upright again, glaring hatefully at Rawr all the while. Rawr looks at him grimly, and then slowly rises into the air, deciding the Zangoose is probably just going to do nothing again. Her wing-beats are slower and seem to take more effort than before, much to her alarm, but she pushes herself to keep going until she reaches a decent height.
Meanwhile, the fallen Sneakman draws upon the last of his energy and manages to right himself in a swift but very shaky leap. He totters a little on his feet, but struggles to focus himself and peers up at the looming threat overhead. He has one extra option this time, and he decides to take advantage of it. The Zangoose tenses, waiting for his foe to strike again, and when she bears down upon him with another ear-splitting roar, Sneakman is ready. He bolts forward with a sudden burst of speed, throwing himself forward and managing to evade Rawr's sudden swoop by inches. The Aerodactyl's eyes widen in surprise at the nimble moves the exhausted Zangoose just pulled off, and she quickly pulls out of her dive to avoid bashing into a wall. She flaps her wings furiously, wincing with the effort, and lands clumsily on the battered floorboards, looking somewhat crestfallen and tired.

Having been so focused on landing safely, Rawr fails to notice Sneakman's equally clumsy landing. He manages to land on his feet from the sudden leap of faith, but ends up teetering madly before falling on his face. Although not badly hurt, the surprising amount of effort the maneuverer took has shaken his confidence. He slowly and laboriously tries to clamber upright again, not even having the energy or heart left to glare at his opponent.
Rawr has turned her gaze back on her foe, and the Aerodactyl quickly sets about taking off again, hoping Sneakman is going to stay still this time. The unwitting Zangoose complies with her hopes, as he in unable to summon down that much needed peal of thunder, and Rawr bears down on him with another powerful strike of her wings before he can even stand up.
Sneakman is forced back down again, crying out weakly as he tries to cover his head from the barrage of rocky claws and wings. Rawr gives another raspy snarl as she finally backs off, but is a little perturbed when she hears how cracked and weakened her formerly loud cry sounds. As the two battle weary Pokémon face each other, the angry spirits in the room decide to start playing up again.
Sneakman and Rawr look around warily as assorted trash is stirred around by a sudden gust of wind, before a tremendous scream makes them both jump in shock. A line of tattered and ancient looking books slowly raise up into the air, floating neatly in a row, before they are flung one by one in quick succession. This poltergeist seems to be a better aim than the earlier one, and Rawr is the unlucky victim of the wordy onslaught.
A deafening scream eachoes throughout the room as each books strikes, and the Aerodactyl flails about madly, an almost comical look of shock on her face. Her tail thumps the ground and her claws slash at the tortured floorboards as she flails about, before she quickly makes an attempt to shield herself with her wings. The barrage of books is over just as quickly as it begin however, and Rawr is relieved that her rocky hide lessened the impact. As the wailing dies down, the gust of wind fades with it, and the ruined books lie scattered about the floor; motionless and harmless once again. Sneakman looks blearily at the mess; if he was feeling less terrible he would have had a good laugh at Rawr's ridiculous flailing and her startled expression, but laughing is the last thing he feels like doing at the moment.

End of round twelve

Pwnemon (XO)
[RAWR!] Aerodactyl (F) <Pressure>
Health: 59%
Energy: 21%
Status: Tired and irritable.

Risingbadge (XO)
[Sneakman] zangoose (M) <Immunity>
Health: 22%
Energy: 16%
Status: Badly hurt and dispirited.

Battle notes

- Thunder needs access to the sky to work.
- Rawr got hit by the poltergeist, but since it was specified as a normal type attack, I applied resistance.
- Sorry for semi-lateness and I hope I interpreted everything correctly. (will check for typos later)
- Risingbadge attacks first.​
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OK, Risingbadge is DQed.

Pwnemon gets $16 and I get $10.

Asphyxia and Sneakman get two experience points while Rawr and Goliath each get one.
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What a shame. This was such a close match while it lasted, and I really would have liked to finish playing out this arena. A toast to Byrus for being an amazing ref, and Risingbadge for being a tough opponent. I wish you both luck in future battles.

Now, off to foolishly spend all my cash!
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