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Quick tournament, competitive and non competitive divisions.


We'll start when I'm sure no-one else is going to join.
Pretty soon, in other words.

It would be an idea, if you haven't already, to add everyone's FC now.

Here are the round 1 pairings. (They're also in the first post).

Jetx - Odd one out*;
SonicNintendo vs. Jack_the_PumpkinKing;
Espeon vs. Prettzel;
Hikari vs. Ramsie;

*You'll battle me. If you win, you go through. If you lose, you're knocked out.
The pairings were selected completely randomly out of a hat.

I now declare this tournament officially started.

EDIT: Please post wins and losses here.
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blame telegram
I had a very, very close battle with SonicNintendo and barely won; I only had one Pokemon left. (And with only 8 HP left! Holy crap!) Had it not been for a couple of critical hits and a lucky Paralysis hit with Tri Attack, I would have completely lost. Wonderful match, SonicNintendo.


At that; SonicNintendo has been knocked out of the tournament and Jack (sorry, your name is too much hassle to type out) goes through to the next round!


Pokemon Coordinator
Won against Ramsie, 6 to 0...

Battle Video No (Pt. only): 21-91799-09789
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Back again (maybe for good this time)!
I'm confirming Espeon's win. It was indeed a good battle; some misprediction on my part sealed my fate, though.


Would anyone have any objections to Jetx going through to the next round without battling anyone?

It would give an ideal number to finish a knockout tournament rather than having to do a round robin to finish.


Well, for speed's sake I've decided to let Jetx through.

Round 2, Semifinals:
Espeon vs. Jetx;
Hikari vs. Jack_the_PumpkinKing;

Go battle!

(On a side note, SonicNintendo, you were knocked out. Therefore you're not in the tournament anymore. You don't actually have a vote. Sorry. D:)


Oooh, yes. :3

I'm looking foreward to it.

EDIT: Beaten by Jetx, good luck!

Hikari and Jack, if you could hurry up your battle so we can get the finals done, that would be great.
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Probably best to bump this so the others know there's been some activity, unless you've sent a PM.

Looking forward to the finals, should be a good match.


Well, I don't know if bumping will let people know with all of the WiFi shop posts going on and the like. I'll send another PM on saturday if nothing happens by then.


Well, it's obvious the final will be:

Hikari vs. Jetx;

Good luck guys. If you want a prize, I'll see what I can fish up.