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Rate the song above you

I absolutely love that song in the movie, and the thing about that song is that it's such a lighthearted, free-spirited one about him finding this happy new world, so hearing this slower take on it just doesn't really fit with me. It just isn't a sound that I think goes with this song. 9.5/10 for What's This? in general, but I'd have to go 3/10 for this cover.

"Fabric Of Time" - DNA-Groove
Relaxing as shit.
Hmm, pretty good! I think a little heavier than what I normally listen to (heaviest I can go is Nightwish, idk what that says about me?), but it wasn't bad. My only issue is that it was perhaps a bit too long. The second half is more interesting than the first, for instance. I'm not a fan of 7 minute songs unless there's a reeaally good reason for that song to be seven minutes. I top out at five minutes, max. Six if I really love the freaking song.

Camouflar - GALAXIE

I found this just a few minutes ago and I can't stop listening to it. I haven't heard good rock like this in a while. And it's FRENCH.

I don't know. I dig the prog aspect a lot more than the death elements. The vocals are really well done, though, and it didn't trigger the "TURN THIS OFF IMMEDIATELY" reaction that I get from most straight-up death metal. (Melodeath is another story.)

The Magnetic Fields - "Andrew in Drag"
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