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Rate the song above you

8/10 Yeah, it's cool. Musical tastes inevitably do change. Often quite drastically.

Upward Movement (Dave Owns)

I also don't play metal or hard/prog rock with my band. I am sure I could get away with a song or two like that, but not an entire setlist. I like the music, but I've been exposed to it for so long that the "trick" of it being new and rebellious and different and whatnot has worn off a little. I still like selected artists or things that I have a particular emotional connection to (I can listen to Rammstein for ages) but most metal is a no. Plus my ex is into it and a lot of my memories are related to that. And I don't want to be in that mindset at all.

So I listen to a lot of stuff that's different because we play it with the band. I also feel that the musical elitism that is rampant in a lot of circles is just so wrong. "It's not metal, therefore I won't like it" (substitute classical music/jazz/indie hipster". Blegh. I hate that mindset. If I want to listen to folk-pop I will and if I want to hear dark growling over thundering beats, I will listen to that, thank you. I'm not less of a human being.

I think I have SW's opinion on all of this.
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