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Safari Zone Pokémon Contest


neither simple, nor coherent.
Safari Zone Pokémon Contest

Safari Zone Pokémon Contest

The last spectators file into the few empty folding chairs in the audience. The crowd mumbles amongst themselves until a girl with long light-blue hair enters the stage from behind the curtain. She taps her microphone with a black-gloved hand.

"Hello!" The girl waves to the audience exuberantly and recieves excited applause. "How is everyone doing today! I'm Sayoko Ichijou, and I'll be your master of ceremonies!" She strikes a pose to the sound of more applause. "We have a great show planned for you all today. First, I'd like to introduce someone who will explain the event in detail. She's the oil that keeps the Safari Zone running smooth; let me hear it for... MidnightSaboteur!"

The audience claps their hands red as a tall woman with a mess of curly-brown hair steps onto stage. She smiles and waves, and Sayoko passes off the microphone.

"Good morning," she says cheerfully. "It's great to have you all here today. Welcome to the first Safari Zone Pokémon Contest!

"Since our modest beginnings a few months back, the Safari Zone has grown to over five dozen members and nearly forty active catching areas. I'm so proud of each and every one of you who have chosen to participate; we really couldn't do this without you. For this month's event, I thought to involve something that hasn't gotten much attention, but I've heard many requests for it.

"In order to win one of the fabulous prizes to be described shortly, all participants in the contest must roleplay a small scene with their pokémon to show off their skills. We're not asking for The Great Kantonian Novel or anything, just a few paragraphs (or one, if it's really super) involving you and one of your pokémon. Any pokémon is eligible, but you must own it in your PC.

"It's like Animé Style Battling, only in contest-form. Perform a few moves - unofficial original techniques are highly welcome as well - and after everyone has finished, the judges will give their comments and a rating. The deadline is Valentine's Day, Sunday the fourteenth, so be sure to get your entries in early to spend time with your special someone!" She winks.

"I'll give this back to Sayoko so she can finish up the introduction and show you all the great prizes we have in store for the winners! Good luck!" She hands the mic back and, with a final wave, walks smoothly off the stage. Sayoko tucks a strand of fiery-orange hair behind her ear and grins at the crowd.

"Thanks once again, Miss Midnight. Now, I know you all are excited to see the awards! Here we go!" The curtains behind her draw back to reveal many glimmering items and pokéballs on a pedestal featured with spotlights. "First, every participant will recieve their choice of any common pokémon." Oohs and aahs are elicited from the audience, and she winks. "Use your common sense, but if you have any question about your choice, look it up on Bulbapedia and see if it's marked 'common' under 'Game Locations' for the first game it appears in.

"Third prize is something you might have seen before." She gestures to what appears to be an amalgam of many evolutionary stones. "The gift previously exclusive to the first creators of areas, it's the Safari Zone Evolution Pass! This special gem allows one free evolution to any pokémon you choose.

"Second place gets the Evolution Pass and their choice of starter from the starter shop!" She indicates a collection of red cherish balls on the second level of the pedestal. "Known for their rarity, any collector would love the chance to choose another!

"And finally..." Sayoko stands behind the tallest pedestal, her azure eyes and violet tresses gleaming from the spotlight featuring a gold-and-silver poké ball. "We come to the star of the show. It's the one, the only... Ceeeeeelebiiiiii!" She picks the GS ball up from its padded resting spot and delicately presses the button. The sylvan green legendary escapes, and takes the opportunity to flit and giggle throughout the charged crowd. It returns to the stage, and Sayoko speaks over the cheers. "That's right! The first place winner will recieve an Evolution Pass, their choice of starter, and the beautiful ruler of time, Celebi! So everyone get your typing fingers ready, and get set to show us your moves! Let's go!"

And if anyone has any questions, feel free to ask! Have fun!
Re: Safari Zone Pokémon Contest

:0 Celebi! Do want!

Anyways, just to clarify, will this be like ASB's contests? The general idea seems the same, but do we have a limit on how many moves we can use in our roleplay thing?

Edit: Oh yes, and can we only use one Pokemon, or can we use two?

Edit #2: Aaand can we choose any arena as our stage - like demand the RP thing be in a forest clearing, or something, or does it have to be on a boring stage with no props and stuff?
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Re: Safari Zone Pokémon Contest

Righty ho! This sounds fun! ^^

Do we just post our entries in here? Just wanna make sure before I make a silly mistake again.

My Entry:

It is a late afternoon in the arena. This arena is a stand, with tarmac at the bottom. Rocks are randomly littered around the arena, and some random felled trees are left in piles. Ruffledfeathers stands in front of the crowd, holding her pokeball in her hand. She throws the ball, and out comes a orange lizard pokemon. The pokemon is covered in shiny looking scales, has a tan coloured tummy that seems smoother than the orange scales, and a flame on the end of his tail, burning brightly.

Charlie, this charmander, stomps around happily with his two clawed feet, and opens his mouth. A torrent of hot flame erupts from his mouth, and he moves his head up and down to move the flames so they form a swirl shape. He stops breathing fire, looking contently at the now fading flames. The crowd cheers at the flamethrower attack, causing Charlie to grin and wag his tail. Next, his front claws turn a silver colour, and he seems to be enduring pain. He walks up to a rock that is sitting on the black ground innocently, and smashes the rock into several pieces. After this, Charlie cringes, holding his right hand in pain. The crowd makes a shocked hushing noise, and soon cheer again as Charlie waves smuggly. He now decides to do another move on those silly rocks, and starts turning black. Black figures of other pokemon, his cohorts: Ruben the chatot and George the Gengar, appear and start attacking the rock with Charlie, breaking it into little pieces. Charlie's colour then returns to normal, still with that smug smile on his face.
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Re: Safari Zone Pokémon Contest

Anyways, just to clarify, will this be like ASB's contests? The general idea seems the same, but do we have a limit on how many moves we can use in our roleplay thing?

I haven't been with ASB in years; didn't even know they had contests. There's no rule to how few or many moves you need, nah.

Edit: Oh yes, and can we only use one Pokemon, or can we use two?

Hmmm I guess two is cool.

Edit #2: Aaand can we choose any arena as our stage - like demand the RP thing be in a forest clearing, or something, or does it have to be on a boring stage with no props and stuff?

Good idea! I guess in-universe we could have you all like recording any show that takes place somewhere besides the stage.

And yeah, the entries go in the same thread.
Re: Safari Zone Pokémon Contest

Alright, I've thought of my RP thing, but I'm not sure if the stage is okay. Basically a featureless rocky plain with a backdrop of volcanos, possibly with lava running down their sides, and an underground chamber which is just below the surface where one of my Pokemon will be concealed in the beginning of the RP thing.
Re: Safari Zone Pokémon Contest

Alright, I've thought of my RP thing, but I'm not sure if the stage is okay. Basically a featureless rocky plain with a backdrop of volcanos, possibly with lava running down their sides, and an underground chamber which is just below the surface where one of my Pokemon will be concealed in the beginning of the RP thing.

Any stage is okay. Go crazy, seriously. It's just seeing how well you're able to describe your settings, actions, and personality of your characters. :3
Re: Safari Zone Pokémon Contest


My entry:
The stage is set up, there is a small tower in one corner, complete with windows and even tiny office blocks. The tower is too tall for the average human to reach the top of from the outside, and four hurdles are lined up facing the tower. The trainer known as Eonrider takes the stage, holding a red-and-white Pokeball in his right hand. Eonrider throws the Pokeball, and it bursts open in a raging inferno. Looks like he's been using seals.

When the inferno clears, the tall figure of Fire Fist the Blaziken is left standing by the hurdles, his head held high. He turns to face the hurdles, then starts running. As he reaches the first, Fire Fist jumps and does a smart forwards flip over the hurdle, coating himself in flame as he does so. Landing, he tucks himself into a ball, and rolls under the next hurdle, leaving a firey skidmark in his wake. On the other side of the hurdle, he quickly uncurls and pushes off the ground and again jumps and forward flips over the next hurdle, and again tucks'n'rolls under the next. With the hurdles done, Fire Fist looks up at the tower, and narrows his eyes. All of a sudden, he turns his back to the tower, and starts to walk away. The crowd gasps, thinking he's giving up already. On the contrary, Fire Fist stops walking and jumps, backflipping towards the tower. But he doesn't have enough hight! He's not going to make it! The crowd gasps again, as mid-flip, Fire Fist opens his mouth and lets out a raging Flamethrower at the ground, propelling him higher in to the air, and he lands softly at the top of the tower. The crowd roars, and Fire Fist roars in return, coating himself in flame as Eonrider recalls him into the Pokeball, leaving a fading tower of flames behind. Eonrider releases Fire Fist next to himself, and they both bow as the curtains slide over the stage as the performance ends.

That Celebi is as good as MINE!
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Re: Safari Zone Pokémon Contest

Let's see how this goes, eh?

A vast, virtually featureless plain of rock stretches to the horizon, where it gives way to several tall volcanoes, all of them bubbling quietly and belching out lava once in a while. The plain itself is hard, brown-grey, and cracked. Obviously, precipitation seldom touches this desolate area, if it does at all.

Standing in the center of the turf is a small, lone figure: a Cubone. Loa solemnly gazes at the audience, slowly sweeping her stare to and fro. Her body is entirely relaxed, even though the atmosphere is thick with tension. All of a sudden, a low rumble sounds from the earth itself; as if on cue, Loa raises her bone club to the sky and tilts her head in the same direction. A dry wind swiftly whips through the area, bringing with it sand and other small debris. Once it bypasses Loa, though, it abruptly changes direction, tracing an invisible circle around the Pokemon instead of blowing right past her. Eventually, the gale turns into a sandy tornado, blocking Loa from view.

There’s a small pause, during which the audience watches the tornado writhe and twist in awe. It serves as more than a visual distraction, though: it masks the sound of Loa digging her comrade out of his underground chamber. There’s an unearthly screech, and then a purple pterosaur-like creature rockets out from the top of the twister. The audience gasps as it recognizes the archaic Pokemon: an Aerodactyl. Loa is riding on his back, managing to hold on even as Chrysant loops-the-loop, corkscrews, and executes a dangerous head-first free-fall, which he pulls out of at the last second. Immediately after pulling out of the free-fall, Chrysant strafes treacherously close to the ground and curves towards the audience. Those in the front rows catch sight of Loa’s smirk and the Chrysant’s flirtatious wink, and feel a fierce wind lash at their faces as the two Pokemon pass by.

Chrysant smoothly pulls into a large spiral that slowly closes in on the tornado still raging in the center of the rocky expanse, ascending all the while. On his back, Loa stands tall with her head tilted back: the stereotypical image of a confident dragon rider. Once Chrysant nears the top of the cyclone, he begins to glow with a white-hot aura, and by the time he’s hovering above the twister the air around him is distorted with intense heat. The Aerodactyl gives a dramatic roar, and at the same time a wave of concentrated heat erupts from his body, causing the skies to ripple and undulate like an ocean in a storm. Even as the Heat Wave begins to lose strength, Loa tosses her head and points her muzzle upward, shooting off an impressive fireball. It explodes in a burst of fiery splendor, and for a moment the kanji for fire is written on the heavens. The audience gasps in awe and wonder, and several of them clap and cheer.

The impressive scene can’t last forever, though, and after several moments the Fire Blast, the pulses of heat, and the sand twister all die away, leaving the arena looking like how it had at the beginning – except for the large, Aerodactyl-sized hole in the ground, of course.

Notes: Chrysant used a toned-down Roar first, and that was followed by Loa's Sandstorm. I know this isn't ASB, but I've seen Sandstorm being formed into a tornado-like structure there, so I do think that's valid.
Afterwards, Loa used Dig to free Chrysant, and Chrysant used Fly, obviously.
Finally, Chrysant used Heat Wave and Loa, Fire Blast.
Re: Safari Zone Pokémon Contest

Oooh, a little green timesprite? Okay then... Gogogo The Bard, my awesome little Murkrow. Oh, and since we can have two, Empathos the Ralts will be going too. And I have borrowed The Cornn Fields from my older cousin, Fearow Man, for my performance.
The sun, past its zenith but still strong, shines down upon a vast collection of fields, all without fail planted with healthy-looking Cornn, which seem to be bending under their own ripe weight.
The only thing breaking the calm monotony, besides the slight breeze, seems to be a raised wooden platform, placed in the midst of the waving fronds of Cornn. On it, a frail, pale blue humanoid, dubbed Empathos by his trainer, stands emotionless behind his helmet. Perched on the Ralts' head is a black, mischievous-looking bird, known only as The Bard; the Murkrow poses with his wings spread wide and his red eyes glinting in the sinking sun.
At a whistle-blow issuing from the Cornn, The Bard leaps from the helmet and rises quickly into the bleached-blue sky. On cue, tatters of Dark-type energy begin to flow from his outstretched limbs, looking like the remains of a torn flag for a country somewhere in Hades, or maybe Pluto.
Far below, Empathos begins his part of the performance; Pink-purple energy flies out in a wave from the Ralts, coalescing on the stalks of Cornn Berries. The Psychic-type raises his thin arms, and dozens of the ripe berries are plucked from their homes, swirling in a glowing wave around Empathos. As the Ralts waves his arms like a mad conductor, the plundered Cornn berries form a dancing funnel around him, spinning at high speed. At the flick of the Ralts' thin wrists, whole stalks of golden Cornn plants are uprooted violently, joining in the dance of telekinesis with their partners. The miniature tornado of berries and Cornnstalks inverts and flows upwards, spiraling towards The Bard like Combee to honey.
The Murkrow lets out a piercing caw, grins as well as one can with a beak, and flaps twice before diving into the oncoming small swarm of Cornn. He disappears for a moment or two, invisible in the stormy cloud of fruit. When he bursts out from the sphere of fruit, The Bard corkscrews, and the Dark energy tatters, still flowing from his wings, weave together and fly out behind him in a roughly-hewn backwards triangle. The energy binds itself to the berry-cloud, which darts forward in a sheet. In a blue-and-gold cloud, the berries form a cape of shimmering majesty and attaches itself to the flying form of The Bard.
The Murkrow circles widely for a few blessed moments, before dropping like a feathered stone towards the ground. He alights on his former perch, and Empathos finally lowers his arms, a little, almost-invisible smile gracing his thin mouth. The cloud of berry product, released from its Psychic bind, falls under a sudden gravitational onslaught. As a rain of berries begins to plop back into the field, and the stalks themselves float slowly to the ground, both Empathos and The Bard disappear, leaving a trace of red energy hanging above the platform before it, too, vanishes in a blink.
((Psychic was really the only recognizable move, I think, unless you count The Bard's move as Fly.))
*hopes for a win*

Okay, redo.

You are making your way through the dark night, the stars few under a veil of murky clouds occasionally illuminated slightly by far-off lightning. Your chest vibrates with distant thunder. You think of why you are here; this is a famous abandoned carnival, deep in the derelict areas of Asber, and you thought you'd try staying for the night. From what you have heard, there was once an ASB League contest here. It mysteriously ended without a winner, but the appeals had apparently been frightening. In any case, that particular event was long past anyway.

Suddenly, you hear a crash to your right, in the direction of a dusty old rollercoaster; it must have been a delight to ride in its day, but now it is permeated with the same creepy and vaguely sad aura as the rest of this place. With a strange feeling of apprehension tingling at the base of your skull, you decide to investigate the noise that has so broken the silent night.

As you slowly make your way to your new destination, a thought occurs; is this really the best course of action? No, you steel yourself; you weren't chicken! But what could have made such a noise in this lifeless area?

You finally arrive where you were headed; namely, a hunk of unidentifiable twisted metal which looks perfect to hide behind. You do so.

A small figure, close-by and clothed in warm clothing, is cursing to himself. A piece of debris that was hanging on a ledge minutes before, the one you are currently behind, seems to have fallen, and the young man seems to be rather angry about it.

Jerkily pulling out a Park ball, the dark-headed person tosses it out casually with the words, "If you will, Empathos..." The blindingly white light coalesces into a short, vaguely humanoid figure that is wearing a large helmet. The Ralts complies with his trainer's suggestion, and an eerie glow, purple and gaseous, appears around the hulk of plaster and metal before you. Before the thought of running away travels all the way to your legs, the detritus lifts into the air and nearly drops again when the Ralts and his trainer notice you.

"What the...?" the man starts surprisedly, before calming back down and speaking again. "I guess you can watch if you want..." After leaning down and picking up the small video camera that had been trapped under the metal debris, the man fiddles with the buttons for a moment. Now ignoring you, the man turns back around and claps his hands together.

The Ralts disappears for a moment, before reappearing above the highest hill in the rollercoaster's track. The Psychic-type spins at high speed, singing in a creepy manner. A flash of staged lightning, and your night vision is blown to the Reverse World. Blinking rapidly, you look back at the place where until very recently a Ralts named Empathos stood. Floated. Whatever, the thing was that now he didn't. But where–––

BAM! The Ralts's face appears not inches from yours, his small mouth smiling manically. He psychically grabs at you, and despite your protests flips you around in the air, thoroughly scaring your pants off. He drops you suddenly into a conveniently-placed pile of bean-bags and laughs maniacally.

You take off running, hoping to find a good, warm hotel to stay at this night. The man yells after you, laughing also:

"Next time, don't spy on us!"

With a small beep, his camera finishes recording the performance.
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Re: Safari Zone Pokémon Contest

Hope this turns out good. -crosses fingers-

The stage has been set. The location is near the Safari Zone's very own Ice Caves. Snow dances in the air as the temperature drops. In the middle on the winter wonderland, there is a giant clump of ice. The trainer, Flareth, smirks.

"Some may of had this idea...but I'm gonna perfect it." she giggled happily, "Go! Riley!"

She tossed the Pokeball out onto the stage. A small black-and-blue pup stood there when the red light had cleared. The pup grinned as he looked at all the snow. This was a Riolu, the pre-evolution of Lucario, the Aura Pokemon. The Riolu started dashing for a huge snowbank.

"No...not yet, Riley. After you perform, you can play in the snow." Flareth said, "Could you go over to that block of ice please."

He slipped a bit and landed on his butt, but that didn't phase him. He ran over to the big ice clump and got ready.

"Remember what we talked about." Flareth said, "Now....it's SHOWTIME!"

The Riolu glared at the ice. His eyes studied it like a scientist using a microscope. Though the target wasn't moving, he wanted to get his attacks right. His paw started to glow a darker blue. He moved his hand swiftly across the ice block. A few ice shards flew off towards the Riolu but he quickly dodged them.

Riley pulled back his arm. He was full of energy, full of power, as he swung at the block. Much of it shattered. What was left standing there was an ice sculpture of a Pokeball.

"Yes, you did it!" Flareth squealed, hugging Riley, "I hope the judges like it."

(Foresight~Force Palm~Strength)
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Re: Safari Zone Pokémon Contest

The man in the control room watched the show so far, only vaguely interested. Most of the commentary he was listening to on the radio was simply awful. Honestly, how do you mispronounce 'height,' of all things? However, he one that had just ended was pretty good, he had to admit.

The next act was prerecorded, apparently. Huh, he didn't know that was allowed. The man dimmed the lights and pressed the button to lower a large screen in front of the stage. He then slid in a disc labeled "Vineyard." He wasn't allowed to watch it yet, so he was in for as much of a surprise as the audience. Not wanting horrid commentary to ruin this any further for him, he turned off the radio.

The title card appeared on the screen with all the necessary information that would normally be announced before the act. Entrant name, species, trainer name, basic stuff. After about a minute, it faded to a dark room. A small, blue frog-like Pokemon with a large bulb on its back wakes up underneath some sheet metal, obviously confused. Two slender, green vines extend from beneath its bulb and move the sheet metal aside carelessly. They hide themselves back underneath the bulb, which starts to glow very bright, illuminating the entire room. We now see that the Bulbasaur is trapped inside a warehouse. Large cargo containers and crates cast eerie shadows on the walls.

Vineyard runs over to a wall and puts its forelegs on the unusually low windowsill. Outside, he sees a sky nearly black with pollution, miles and miles of stumps that must have once been mighty forests, teeming with life, nature brought to its knees by human arrogance. Enraged by this sight, Vineyard's bulb begins to glow not to illuminate, but to destroy. He releases his outrage on the entire building, firing a bright beam of energy wildly around the complex, destroying whatever machinery is stored here and ruining the structure.

Vineyard walks out of a large hole of his own creation as the warehouse collapses behind him. His bulb spits out several seeds onto the ground, which quickly sprout as the sun pierces the smog.

The man in the booth sat back, amazed.

(Vineyard the Bulbasaur, Vine Whip, Flash, SolarBeam, Leech Seed, Sunny Day)
Re: Safari Zone Pokémon Contest

“All set.”

On a high-up platform, atop the Safari Zone’s Destroyed Citadel, a young woman stood and stared into the distance, into the vast forest sprawled before them. A brilliant emerald green tonight, but cast with the dull bluish darkness of the night. Her crimson hair fluttered in the breeze behind her. One pale hand rested against faded blue jeans, fidgeting with the corner of a bright violet vest, while the other hand was on her hip. Behind thick red-rimmed glasses, green eyes flared with confidence, and lips painted cherry red formed a smirk, while sweat from the heat of the summer day dripped from her nose.

In front of the girl was the proud visage of a Ninetales. His orange eyes narrowed as he readied himself, shimmering purply-silver fur accented by the glow of the moon behind them. Nine tails swirled with anxiety, a few of the bright blue tips brushing up against his trainer. He had been training for this, and he did not intend to mess it up. He stole a glance as his trainer’s arm raised slowly. Head lowered, poised to pounce, fox-like ears pressed flat against his head.

The girl’s rising hand finally came to stop, resting in a rather Objection-like pose, pointing out into the distance.

“Howl, Leonidas.”

The kitsune let loose a haunting cry, making several of the spectators who had arrived to watch the show flinch.

“Rush.” The trainer’s cries, though calm as could be, were loud, and echoed through the air to be heard by everyone around. It was clear that, aside from the first, these were special attack names intended only for contests.

He leaped into action almost immediately afterwards, running straight down the jet-black roof tiles and leaping whenever he would feel a section begin to cave in. Red-hot energy began to form around him as he ran, and little blue balls of fire formed and started swirling. Focus shined with the fire's light in his eyes. An intent to win.

“Phoenix Fire.” The trainer was fully aware that her cries wouldn't be understood by any of the judges until they were seen. She didn't really care.

When the end of the roof was in sight, he took a flying leap, and from the ground, with his tails spread, it looked as if he had sprouted wings. The Will-O-Wisps surrounding him scattered and flew out in all directions. Most bounced harmlessly off the marble-white stone walls of the Citadel’s intact portions. One or two hit walls on the inside, through holes, and spooked families of Zubat and Golbat into flying out into the night sky, silhouetted by the full moon. Unintentional, but it added a nice touch. Four were sent flying into what looked to be large torches on the tops of the towers, sparking them to life.



Paws ricocheted off the next rooftop, and the next, and the next, being sure to jump before any form of collapse, until Leonidas finally hit the ground and rushed toward a blockade formed from felled trees, struck down by a storm the night before. Through the fire, tails that glowed and shined like metal rushed through the air as he jumped up and did a mid-air spin when he reached them. The logs tore like paper, and were set alight, with burning flames still swirling around the charred remains and Leonidas himself. When he finally landed, there was yet another haunting howl as the energy surrounding him died down, and the whirl of heat faded away with a shimmer. The dry, yellowed grass around him stayed alight, and the small area surrounding where the felled trees once were was a charred black and brown.

Up on the rooftop, the trainer smiled.


((NOTES: Howl is as the name suggests, the attack.
“Rush” begets the beginnings of Flare Blitz and Will-O-Wisp, done whilst running.
“Phoenix Fire” is when the user releases the Will-O-Wisp attack. Usually done while in mid-air, so the still-spread tails look like wings.
“Finish” is the combination of ramming into something with Flare Blitz, smashing it with Iron Tail and torching it with Fire Spin. At the very end, there is another Howl as the attacks die down.))
Re: Safari Zone Pokémon Contest

The young boy strolled casually into the building, being sure to avoid the deathstare of the warden. He dropped the cash nervously, his Mudkip behind. The blue creature had attempted to sniff the desk, only to be turned to stone by the old hag's gaze. The boy, who appeared 13-14 years of age, scooped up the mudfish and continued his walk out the double-doors. He took a deep breath of the air around him, and quickly dashed off to the pond to search. He was slightly familiar with the terrain, after having come here and found a Feebas in the past. He set his Mudkip down on the ground, and the dirty marsh water immediately brought his energy back. "C'mon, Fiddlydee! Do your mental thing!" The trainer exclaimed to his Pokemon. The Pokemon instantly knew what do do, and set his head down just above the ground. Suddenly, before they could take a step, the once fearless Pokemon jumped into its trainer's arms, cowering in fear. It had sensed something, and when it had surfaced, the boy saw why the Mudkip was so afraid. "Oh shi-" was all the trainer uttered before the turquoise serpent roared in rage. "Ah, she just wants some love, Fiddlydee. Go! Poke Ball!" The boy hurled the red-and-white sphere at the affectionate creature, stuck the ball in his pocket, and walked off to the building from whence he came. "Find anything? Like I give a damn." The warden asked. "Not much", the trainer replied, calmly walking out the building the same way he had entered.

Notes: Me and my Mudkip, Fiddlydee finding Eriana, my lovely Gyarados, in Typh's area, Long-Eyed Field. :3
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Re: Safari Zone Pokémon Contest

Onnne question o:

Is it possible to have unrealted pokermans in our presentation? Not really attacking or anything, kinda like a prop. it's fine if it's not allowed that'll just make it more fun
Re: Safari Zone Pokémon Contest

Onnne question o:

Is it possible to have unrealted pokermans in our presentation? Not really attacking or anything, kinda like a prop. it's fine if it's not allowed that'll just make it more fun

Eh, have as many pokémon as you want. I really don't want to be limiting here; feel free to write in second person in space for all I care. Like I said, I'm looking for well-written descriptions of characters and place and action.

(I understand earlier people might be like '>( if you said that before I would've written it differently' but feel free to edit it as much as you want until the deadline! :D)
Re: Safari Zone Pokémon Contest

Attacks are described at the bottom unless explicitly stated. (you did say we could use as many pokemon as we wanted)

All is silent. The night is chilly and stars fill the sky. The moon, another globe in the sky, looked down, almost in anticipation. The day had been filled with festivities, and now, the night has began. Few of the audience had decided to stay for the later portion, but there are still a hefty amount of people for an out door event.

The next trainer to act was a trainer nicknamed coolking. His name was relatively shrouded in mystery. All that was known of him was that he owned an area, the Dragon's Den, where he trained.

A young man wearing a tuxedo and a top hat walks slowly up on the stage. He keeps his head low, unmoving. Upon reaching the microphone, he stood, still as the night sky. The audience looks confused, and mutters of "why hasn't he started yet... whats with his look... where are the pokemon" are heard.

All of a sudden, a blinding light* emanates from behind the man, leaving only his shadow. Two spirals of light come from opposite sides of the stage**, one blue, one red, and the light from behind goes off, leaving darkness yet again.

"Welcome," the man says, hands out stretched, head finally lifted, "to the presentation extraordinaire." Suddenly, without moving, the man is pulled backwards by a invisible force***, back behind the curtain.

There is a silence, for the crowd is too amazed to even gasp. Then, sparkling powder falls^ from the sky, and before the audience has time to look up, the show begins. From one side of the stage a powerful blast of water shoots up into the air, the other, a blast of fire. On top of either, a magby and totodile fly into the sky, only to be caught two swooping birds, a pidgeot and a skarmory. The little pokemon jump off at the center of the stage and connect hands, spinning in the air. Releasing blasts of water and fire, a vortex of color is formed as they fall (Meanwhile, backstage, Sayoko mutters something about buying fire proof curtains to no-one in paticular). Just before they hit the ground though, and invisible force keeps them up. The crowd gasps as a Kecleon uncovers itself to be the user of the psychic attack. The effect stops, and the audience begins to clap at the performance. But the pokemon aren't done yet (Well, except totodile, who gets a bit excited and bows, only to be reminded by Kecleon the show is still going).

Suddenly, leaves start shooting on to the stage from either side^^, and the crowd stops applauding (slightly embarrassed). A sudden pillar of fire emerges, on it a whirlpool of leaves and color. Looking closely, the crowd identifies a roselia spinning on a bronzor, who is flat on the fire. The fire stops, and as the two pokemon fall, the roselia is swooped off by a farfetch'd. The bronzor is tossed in the air once more by the skarmory, where it explodes in a variety of colors*^, much to the ooooh's and aaaaaah's of the crowd. The fainted Bronzor is caught by the pidgeot and whisked off stage, and when the audience looks back down, they notice the stage is empty.

More cautiously, the crowd applauds, but after nothing explodes or disappears, they applaud more confidently. They notice the man in black walk towards the microphone, and quickly quiet down. "Thank you," he says, a slight smirk on his face, "for watching the flying circus. We hope you enjoyed it."

*bronzor using flash
**two unowns using hidden power
*** Kecleon's invisible tongue
^venonat and bueatifly using powder like attacks like in the anime
^^shiftry and budew using razor leaf
*^due to a variety of spores roselia placed on it, the attack was explosion btw

oh yeah, bronzor has heatproof, not levitate, though I'd think it could still levitate, i mean, how else would it move.

Pokemon used: totodile, Bronzor, venomoth, magby, farfetch'd, unown-k, unown-y, beautifly, budew, roselia, Kecleon, Skarmory, Pidgeot, Shiftry. (sorry trapinch, I couldn't find a place to fit you in)
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Re: Safari Zone Pokémon Contest

It's pretty obvious that in hindsight the whole audience could have seen him coming, what with the screaming and thudding and occasional wall-clattering thumps and that one horrid tiger-like roar. Thinking back to it, it went something like this:

"What do you mean I'm on the banned list? Are you tr-- are you trying to tell me that I can't -- I can't go in there? Jesus Christ, you don't know who I am, do you!" Mumbling, mumbling. Something like "don't you have a daughter or something, ask her" and "oh jeeze she's six?" Sure, the voice wasn't anything special -- sort of your run-of-the-mill loud noise -- but it certainly meant business. Or maybe, Business. That was probably more appropriate.

After a bit of ruckus a loud abrasive laugh spouted through the doors to the auditorium -- one that would put a hyena to shame and then compel it to slink over and ask pitifully to be one of the source's pack. (Funny story, this had happened before. But that's another thing entirely so we'll get into that a different day or something.) With it, the voice sputtered out, "Fff -- oh man, I totally get it -- HA! I know just what happened this is hilarious you have got to hear this. Ok, so when they were -- when whoever was making up this list of yours, they totally got me mixed up with someone else! Fffff, can you believe that I am dying over here bahahaha." Then a loud and painful smacking sound and a tiny yelp like someone had been slapped far too hard on the back. Whoever it was let out one more loud blast of laughter and stopped far too suddenly to be comfortable.

"Seriously, how the hell do you mix me up with someone else. Are you -- do you even know who you're talking to? Do you have any idea -- what, did you ... confuse me with some teenage idiot who spends too much time on the internet cooing over little baby pokemon? Why does a banned list even exist for this type o' crap? Jesus Christ!"

Muffled -- or, well, at a normal human volume -- the harrassed staff member at the doors said something about sorry sir but I can't let y. That was all because then there was a thick and gut-wrenching sound of knuckles colliding with face and the unmistakeable sound of a body slumping hard against a wall.

O'course, nobody had long to think about that cause just then a foot smashed the doors open, flinging them apart so hard that the hinges practically crumbled and the wood crashed against the walls and dropped heavily to the ground, splintering on impact. That foot and its brother walked ceremoniously into the auditorium. When they settled into a powerfully awesome stance in the middle of the room, an admiring gasp shuddered through the many lovely women (and some lovely men) what sat in the folding chairs. Many would later comment how the chairs were surprisingly cold against their legs, that's why they crossed their legs and squeezed together their thighs ...

Attached to those feet were legs which were attached to a torso which was attached to a head which was the house of Verne. A glorious body indeed.

He took off his sunglasses and gave the ladies a shining grin over his thick purple scarf. It was the type of heart-breaking grin that your mother warns you about, the type that they tell you not to get involved with but only because they've never had the chance. Then he took off his back-up sunglasses and tossed them into the audience (causing a small amount of screaming and scrambling). "Ah, ladies, ladies," he murmured. But when he looked to the kid on stage his grin slid away quite suddenly.

The kid was quite feebly staring at Verne, pokeball hanging unopened from one limp hand. Some stupid prop was at overturned at her feet. Verne followed her dull gaze around him mockingly, looking behind him as if someone might be standing there, before finally pointing with faux shock to himself. Who stole the cookies from the cookie jar, indeed. So he shrugged and stalked up to the poor girl with a sparkling hunger in his eye.

"Hey, sweetie," he said, leaning toward her glimmerously. The girl's mouth dropped open and women in the audience fumed. She stuttered.

"I-it's m-m-my... m-my turn --"

Verne just tsked a little and said, "Really? Is it worth all that? Look, let me make you a deal ... " He drew a piece of paper from seemingly nowhere and scribbled out something on it with a pen that also came from seemingly nowhere. "You let me go -- shh, now -- and I will make it up to you later, all right? Take this and call me. It'll be fine!"

And with that he ushered the girl off stage without her having enough time to quite comprehend what had happened, all the while cooing in her ear and flashing occasional apologetic smiles at the audience. He soon occupied her spot on the stage and gave the audience another fabulous smile. He had won most charming smile award quite a few times, you know.

Then it faltered. "How'm I supposed to do anything with this lighting. Cripes, gotta do everything myself..."

He pulled a pair of miniaturized pokeballs from the belt hung dangerously low on his hips and flicked them off his fingertips, giving the audience a fleeting view of the appearing grimer and elekid before Verne snapped his fingers sharply, pointed, and said, "Colonel, Lieutenant -- set the mood, my friends."

The grimer let out a long smoker's wheeze and a dark haze swallowed the room. A few members of the audience gave cautious coughs, only to find that the haze really wasn't that thick or, well, had anything in common with what usually came out of a grimer. In the warm thick darkness were a set of red flashes -- telltale signs of released pokemon -- and a couple of whispers and then BAM.

Seriously, BAM.

When the lights came on -- flashily provided by Lieutenant Ffff -- they glittered over a scene of pure freaking awesome. The spotlight sparkled across a wave of ridiculous proportions spouting from the mouths of a few of Verne's water-types; the thing rose to a foaming crest, supporting Unclingy Boyfriend the mantine, whose wing/fins were spread wide over the clear water. And of course, on top of the mantine, Verne balanced precariously, grin slung lazily across his face and arms spread wide in a stereotypical surfer imitation.

An acidic hiss joined the splashing and Verne's scarf -- or should I say, Scarf -- came to life. It slithered slowly down his right arm and tied his hand tight to his body, the ekans wrapping around his wasit and clutching its own tail for security. But Verne stayed unfazed! His balance was impeccable! Man he's cool.

Which was approximately when an absol leaped from seemingly nowhere and pounced onto Verne's sculpted body!

Verne -- rendered one-handed by Scarf's devilish efforts -- writhed against the teeth and claws that the Captain provided, wrestling with the great white beast with all his strength while struggling to remain upright on the mantine's back. The thing let out a chilling howl as it lunged for Verne's tantalizing flesh.

Let's take a moment and visualize. Verne ... surfing a mantine ... and wrestling an absol ... one-handed.

Also, everyone was wearing sunglasses.

If there were women who hadn't yet swooned, they had now.

With a handsome growl, Verne wrenched the absol off of him with his remaining hand and flung it into the water -- it tumbled down the natural slope of the wave and somersaulted to the stage, sticking the landing (10 points from me, really). The ekans slipped off his arm and dove into the water, and Verne stood momentarily freaking awesome atop the rocking mantine. With a snap of his fingers and a toss of another set of pokeballs the water died away with a wet slap onto the surface of the stage and mantine and all the other pokemon disappeared in a red flash -- but so did Verne.

It was the nervous sort of silence you get when you think a magician's done something really stupid. The haze cleared and the audience fidgeted.

But then --

From the back of the room came a low, inviting call.


In front of the shattered remains of the doors was Verne and all his pokemon cohorts, posing like the coolest team that ever was, sunglasses gleaming in the artificial light, arms crossed, eyebrows cocked. Women went wild. One threw her bra at him.

"And, for my last trick," he cried out ... a pair of haunter rose from behind him and, in a glowing purple trail, wrote out a familiar phone number. You've probably seen it on a bathroom wall before, because trust me, Verne always provides a good time. "You know where to find me."

With that he turned and, pokemon trailing behind him, sauntered out, a parade of walking sex. Well, actually not quite; he paused at the shattered doors and frowned. "This happens all the time..."

So he sent out a twin set of sandshrew who quickly refashioned the doors and hung them on their hinges so that when Verne finally left the room the doors shut with a dramatic bang.

Awwwwww yeah.

wait, wasn't he supposed to show off his pokemons
Re: Safari Zone Pokémon Contest

Entering :O


The trainer shadow_lugia steps onto stage next, waving to the crowd a bit shyly, wearing her usual blue jeans and random t-shirt, today black with red writing proclaiming her school name and logo. The dark shirt contrasts with her bright strawberry-blonde hair. She introduces herself, smiles, and quickly runs backstage as to not interfere with the performance.

The curtain swishes shut for a few moments, and when it opens again, the stage is suddenly covered in fairly long grass. Trees are in the background, along with a stream, making the stage look like a meadow. The artificial lighting fades over the stage, leaving it dark for a brief while.

Suddenly, a blinding light flashes through the auditorium, making some of the audience shade their eyes. The light fades after a moment, leaving the audience to see that the stage has now been lit up by a Sunny Day move. A Treecko stands on the center of the stage, eyes closed as if in meditation. His hands are held in front of his chest, and between them is an orb of green energy. It hovers there, defying all laws of gravity ever devised.

Then the stage darkens, and a full moon appears in the sky. Stars wink on, some of them appearing to fall down to the stage around the Treecko, bathing him in a strange, silver glow. Eyes still closed, he raises his orb to the heavens, as if though offering it to whatever deity he believes in.

The leaves of the trees blow in a sudden wind, and several of them shake off. The wind picks up, tossing them in the air, along with petals from the scattered wildflowers. They swirl around the arena and the Treecko, who remains completely motionless, as if though asleep.

The leaves and petals suddenly stop swirling, and the wind fades, leaving them suspended in the air. Slowly, they separate into two bundles, one of leaves and one of petals. They then fall slowly to the ground around the Treecko, who lets the orb fade.

The curtains shut again, and the stage is returned to normal when they open again. shadow_lugia is on stage, along with the Treecko, a Gloom, and a Mime Jr. She introduces them as Dak, Delicia, and Norda, explaining their roles in the scene. Afterwards, she waves again to the crowd, as do her Pokemon, as they all possess hands. They then exit stage, leaving it for the next competitor.


Scene "script":

Dak uses Flash to blind the audience
Dak runs on stage and uses Energy Ball (he doesn't aim it anywhere, so it stays in place)
Delicia uses Sunny Day
Dak stays on stage for a bit
Delicia uses Moonlight
Dak uses Leaf Storm
Delicia uses Petal Dance
Leaves and petals swirl around for a bit
Norda uses Psychic to control the leaves and petals
Dak lets Energy Ball fade away

Hope it was good.
Re: Safari Zone Pokémon Contest

A question.

Is it okay if we roleplay our Pokemon as an utter fail at battling? Or does the scoring depend on whether it actually wins or not?
Re: Safari Zone Pokémon Contest

A question.

Is it okay if we roleplay our Pokemon as an utter fail at battling? Or does the scoring depend on whether it actually wins or not?

I really don't want to be limiting here; feel free to write in second person in space for all I care. Like I said, I'm looking for well-written descriptions of characters and place and action.

So it matters not. o/ Let the pokémon explode the stage, even! It matters not.
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