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Safari Zone Pokémon Contest

Re: Safari Zone Pokémon Contest

As the warm water laps delicately at the shore of the bay, a gentle breeze rides through the tropical air. Quite some distance from the shore, a dense jungle appears, and a volcano can be seen on the far end of the island. In the bay itself is a beautiful, pink-and-blue coral reef, with various species of aquatic Pokémon peacefully milling about.

Rising out of the water, and soaking wet, is a teenage girl. Her jet-black hair is decorated with purple streaks, and her gray-green eyes shine determinedly. She dons a pair of dark plum-colored, skin-tight shorts and a matching tank top. The short sleeves on her arms are found to be attached to her black, flowing cape. On her feet are simple, flat sandals.

Is that a nervous glint in her eyes? If so, it lasts no more than a second before she leaps into the air, tossing three Pokéballs to the ground behind her and another two into the air above, then landing on the ground again after performing a somersault. Out of these emerge a few very different Pokémon. One seems to be a ferret-like creature, with a belly and face the color of straw, and a back the color of the darkest blue coral in the bay. With a squeal, a half-mane of fire erupts around its neck. The second is a small, light-blue crocodile Pokémon with enormous jaws and a decorative red crest upon its head. The third is a tiny pink fairy-like Pokémon that somewhat resembles the shape of a star, if it were to spread out its tiny pink arms and brown ears. In the air is a black moth-like Pokémon with a creepy stare and large, yellow-and-orange wings. The final is a tiny blue bird with a white beak and puffy white wings that bear a likeness to clouds. The girl introduces herself as Harmony and her Pokémon as Chibi the Quilava, Sedgewater the Croconaw, Moonpoppy the Cleffa, Furzebriar the Mothim, and Melody the Swablu.

She pauses a moment before giving an encouraging nod to her Pokémon. They nod in return and instantly begin the action. Moonpoppy stands with her back toward the bay, and she lets loose three circular pulses of clear water. Sedgewater, standing behind her, opens his mouth to assist Moonpoppy, both of them releasing blasts of frigid air, freezing the aquatic rings. However, instead of falling, they float in the air, surrounded by the same blue glow that Furzebriar's eyes seem to be shining with.

Chibi, who had allowed his flame to disappear again, leaps skillfully through all three hoops and twists at the last moment, landing on his back paws and grabbing the third hoop with his front. He then tosses it into the air and quickly does the same with the other two - Melody, above, is gracefully maneuvering her way through the series of icy loops. She gently coasts down so that she is hovering about a meter above the sand - the rings of ice remain suspended in the air above her.

Then, with a sudden, surprising shriek, Melody spreads her wings and flaps them with what appears to be more strength than one would have guessed. A harsh, writhing, green twister rises up out of the ground around Melody, carrying with it some of the sand from the beach. Then, also rising from the ground, is a swirl of blue flames - as soon as they reach the top of the twister, the entire structure gradually fades away, leaving Chibi pressing close to Melody.

After nuzzling Melody quietly, Chibi seemingly disappears. A fraction of a second later, he reappears - it looks as though he had leaped onto Sedgwater's snout from above. The Croconaw suddenly opens his jaws wide, tossing Chibi high into the air. Furzebriar, meanwhile, flaps his wings gently, causing a silver-misted breeze to float up and lazily surround Chibi, who...still seems to be going higher. Sedgewater must have tossed him with more strength than it appeared.

Moonpoppy, still standing with Sedgewater, seems to be cheering. Though her baby speech is, for the most part, unintelligible, one can distinguish a name in her cheers, "Chibi! Chibi!"

Suddenly, with frightening force, an explosion appears above - it seems that Chibi, at the highest point he would reach after being tossed up, let loose a destructive amount of flames and...lava? In any case, Furzebriar's elegant and windy vortex surrounding Chibi had gotten caught up in the explosion, causing silver sparkles to be tossed all around the beach, floating lazily down to the sand. In another split second, Chibi was once again by Melody's side, protecting her from falling embers, as Sedgewater did for the baby Moonpoppy.


Chibi: Dig (to enter Twister), Will-O-Wisp (blue flames), Aerial Ace (to leap on Sedgewater's snout), Eruption (the gigantic explosion), Aerial Ace (to return to Melody)
Melody: Fly? (maneuvering through icy hoops), Twister (green twister)
Sedgewater: Icy Wind (to freeze Water Pulse), Fling (to toss Chibi)
Furzebriar: Psychic (to suspend frozen Water Pulse), Silver Wind (silver-misted breeze)
Moonpoppy: Water Pulse (pulses of clear water), Icy Wind (to freeze Water Pulse), Helping Hand (cheering for Chibi)
Re: Safari Zone Pokémon Contest

Yays. Celebi is MINE!!! Not really. I suck at this.


The setting was in a large field, flanked on the right and to the left by trees.Ahead was a mountain range, behind, was the vast ocean. A man stepped out from the shadows of the trees. He was hidden in a long black cloak. His head had brown spiky hair and was adonned by a black fedorra. He ripped the cloak away, revealing the trainer known only as Beav. He wore a black jacket and pants, with Groudon's pattern on it in neon red. He grabbed two Pokéballs, one a Dusk Ball, one a regular Pokéball. He kept on a belt at his waist with crossed hands. his right hand on his left side, and vice versa. He simply smirked and said. "Let's get it on!"

He threw them both out at the same time. The Pokéball opened up in a storm of smoke and fire, as if a volcano had erupted. When it all cleared, a small blue and tanish echidna that had a large amount of fire on its back. "Cynda Cyndaquil!!" it cried happily. The Dusk Ball parted open in a thick black haze that was incased in a purple glow. It began to swirl around and around until it was released. There stood a yellow creature with brown place on it, a big tail, red marks on its belly and a star on its head, and a long moustache. "KADABRA!!!" it cried throwing its spoon up into the air and guiding it back down.

The Cyndaquil's flame on its back grew to twice of its body size, and soon the Fire Mouse was breathing white hot fire into the air. The Kadabra focused on the flames and they became outlined by more purple glow. the fire began to swirl around as Cyndaquil kept spitting them out. The Kadabra began to move her spoon in an odd pattern, and the tounge of flames had turned into the shape of a mighty Entei. It let out a ferocious roar and flames came from the mouth of the mass of fire. Soon the Entei dissolved and the next tounge of flames was molded into the legendary Phoenix Moltres. Next to it appeared the shape of Articuno and Zapdos in the flames. then they all combined and became their leader, the great and majestic Lugia. Then it dissolved and Beav recalled both Pokémon. He smirked as he felt confident. He retreated back into the forest, highly pleased.

((NOTES: Cyndaquil and Kadabra are in this one. Cyndaquil used Flamethrower, which Kadabra used Psychic to mold into the shape of an Entei. Then Moltres, Articuno, and Zapdos all together who dissolved to create Lugia.))
Re: Safari Zone Pokémon Contest

The wide, flat paths of the scenic (and boiling hot) Steam Canyon seemed to shimmer in the noonday sun, the powerful sun beating down on the flat stone and sparse grasses. A few loose stones scattered the ground, and the towering canyon walls reached up to the sky on the far sides. A sharp drop gave way to a shining, crystal-clear lake, and then a mess of caves nearly obscured by steam beyond that. The only sounds were the chirping of birds, and the sound of desert insects.

That is, until the sound of feet pounding on the stone began. Quiet, faint, distant at first, but getting louder by the second. A small shape was able to be seen in the distance, up the path, and running towards the lake. In nearly an instant, the shape of a Doduo and rider was clearly visible, the twin bird Pokemon thundering at full speed. His young rider, a girl of small stature and dainty build, was pressed low to his back, her blond hair flapping behind her in the wind like wings. The Doduo's chirping calls and her laughter mixed with the thundering footfalls, until the bird came to an abrupt stop.

The girl, however, did not stop, and vaulted from the flying type's back and skidded to a stop just inches from the ledge overhanging the lake. Dust and loose rocks swirled around her boots, and she held her bare arms out at her sides. A few trainers who were making their way to explore various parts of the canyon turned and looked at the strange figure. One of them whooped out 'Go Cookies!' and waved her arm.

The girl, Cookies, pulled a Luxury Ball from her belt and tossed it into the air, where it split in a burst of light. Cookies caught the ball on it's return to her hand, and waved at the Skitty that had emerged. The small kitten Pokemon mewled happily, and did a spin on the spot.

"Adelle! Tiptaptwo! You know what to do, just as we practised before..." Cookies purred, waving her hand airily, a smile on her face.

The two Pokemon immediately sprang into action, Tiptaptwo the Doduo lowering his body so Adelle the Skitty could climb on his back. He then extended his legs again, and his two heads let out a sharp call, the sound echoing over the canyon. The Skitty's mewing was much quieter.

Almost immediately, pinpricks of light started to form around Tiptaptwo's heads, soon shooting skywards as a storm of stars, their smooth sides reflecting the bright sunlight. Adelle took an experimenting bounce on the Doduo's back, then he bent his legs and jumped himself, sending her hurtling skywards, right after the Swift attack. Sparks danced along her fur, making it stand on end, and a powerful Shock Wave burst from the kitten Pokemon's body, slamming into the Swift-stars and propelling them outwards instead of up, in a shimmering display of reflected light and electricity.

Another call came from Tiptaptwo, and three orbs of energy; one blue, one red, and one yellow, formed around his small fluffy body. The orbs then started to spiral upwards in a circle, creating an upwards spiral of swirling colour. Adelle passed though the spiral on her way down, and landed with a dull thud on Tiptaptwo's back.

Tiptaptwo bowed his heads, and Adelle did a little spin, signaling the end of their small performance. Cookies squealed happily and darted over to them, scooping Adelle into her arms and squeezing the cat, who made an annoyed squeaking sound, before squirming out of the trainer's grasp when she hugged Tiptaptwo's necks.

"You two did great!" She laughed, running her fingers though Tiptaptwo's fluffy, soft feathers. "I think you deserve a treat. Let's go find Moony, and we can all go out for food!"

Adelle squealed happily at this idea, and climbed up to her trainer's head, her long tail swishing happily. She licked one of her paws and smiled, proud of herself. Tiptaptwo made a happy churring sound, and allowed Cookies to climb onto his back again.


The Doduo started running again, and soon the threesome was disappearing into the distance.


Full Metal Cookies
Pokemon Used: Tiptaptwo the Doduo, and Adelle the Skitty
Arena: Steam Canyon - Paths
Moves: Tiptaptwo: Swift, Tri Attack. Adelle: Shockwave
Re: Safari Zone Pokémon Contest

The rainforest seemed peaceful enough. Fog everywhere, you can barely see through it. Is it supposed to be like that or...? It probably is, but hey. Palm trees and bamboo shoots fill the stage, accompanied by other vegetation. A strange, eerie feeling also resounds from it; almost like a second skin under the serenity. That faint feeling that somehow, somewhere, some harebrained, Bonnie and Clyde-like scheme was about to unfold in front of our very eyes, in the most convoluted of areas.

You wouldn’t be far off. Don’t worry; it’s for a good cause. Someone’s climbing the trees. A tiny someone, may I add.

The Warden from Long-Eyed Field, apparently. Well…that’s not really the best of signs. A plaid fedora sits on top of her head, hiding shortly-cropped black hairs. A cane held between her teeth, plain and black. The fog started to steam up her glasses but that was a minor concern. Moss is very slippery you know.

She scrambles up and lays herself out on a branch. Perfect. A camouflage topped ball spills from the branch, and a shiny red body with many limbs expertly shoots a delicate yet strong string up in the air. Gently tugging against the branch, the Ariados swung daintily through the foggy air whipping and generally being a ham. Meanwhile on the mossy tree, the warden was grinning. “All well and done Kamina, but where is your partner in crime?”

Some, more observant audience members would have heard a faint plop in the surrounding grasses. Most did not, the glossy leaves muffling the Luxury Ball’s delivery. A faint flash of light, and a steaming turtle occupied the space. He patiently lumbered over, below Kamina’s maddened web shootings. Might as well add some extra atmosphere; we mean business um I guess. Puffs of purple smoke shot in carefully controlled amounts added a layer to the fog, spreading out. A screech from our resident overemoter signified the job was done. Oh, but the result was not to be revealed yet. In true dramatic fashion, the spider did a few backflips and dug in the dirt; hiding for a large moment. A third beam of light came from the opposite branch, and we are presented with a hyperventilating bird.

In his little mind, Shinji was probably thinking : “Crapcrapcrap, how did I get myself into this I’m a failure I can’t destroy a scheme. Also why am I wearing an Army helmet it feels weird.” No time for that now I’m afraid; hero time. A spasm of fluttering wings from the poor thing impressively enough blew away the fog. Sekro stayed in his position of slumber as the humble henchman, but Kamina was not so easy to pin down. Growling, he raised his head above the dirt. What now? My art piece, it’s been revealed ahead of time…!

The audience members (at least the ones still awake) are impressed; a massive spider web with words woven in and out of the strands at the ends. “Won’t you step into the parlor, said the spider to the fly..?” As beautiful as it was, it was also delicate. Shinji saw his chance and damnit Kamina could see that oh no. Stop him!
The supposed hero plucked at his plumage and fretted. He can do this, he can do this…Tendrils of energy puffed around him, and now to get dangerous. With a triumphant tweet, he dive-bombed and let the air around him do the rest

Henchman Sekro was all ready. He let his pores open, and was swathed with blue and purple energy for a moment before actually forming them into balls, bit by bit. Come a little closer birdie…there. Sekro swiftly launched the fireballs, much to Kamina’s delight.

Just not fast enough. The super powered air pocket was heating very quickly, and what would some more fire even do? To the naked eye Shinji seemed like a burning star craft unfortunate enough to hit a flammable area. The brave little soldier collided with the wisps and…

“What an odd-sized explosion.” Warden mused.

It took a while to actually see the end results, and when they did some people, er, rethought the idea of contests being delicate and showy. The net was still perfectly intact, good. It was also on fire, and judging from the garbled squeaks of Kamina, that was bad.

However for the audience, the fire added to the effect. Puffs and tendrils of purple and cyan smoke arose from the net, shrouding it much like the by-now blown away fog.

Miraculously, no trees were burned down, but curiously the moss on the trees were magicked away. Sekro was mostly unaffected, although his maniac grin signaled fun. Way out in left field, the Tailow flicked off some ash from his frazzled feathers. Another day done. Warden, standing on the branch after the big boom, fretted. It was a brilliant show and all and she was surely going to reward the three with something afterwards. But one question remained:

“…I have a feeling I won’t be invited back, then?”

fff so lonnnng sorry. I’ll edit in moves later.
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Re: Safari Zone Pokémon Contest

I’ll edit in moves later.

nooo don't need 'em, don't care, guys 'like ASB except not' doesn't mean 'I require moves~moves~moves~~~~'

but whatever, keep on keeping on... i should really start commenting soon /does so rn
Re: Safari Zone Pokémon Contest

Oh man, a writing contest, I love these. I hope you like!

The nest contestant up on the stage is a more recent addition to the Zone, known as BlueMoony, or Moony for short. Moony is dressed in a simple red T-shirt and jeans, and appears to be extremely nervous. Moony's pale face flushes as the crowd gives them an obligatory round of applause, fidgets with the poke'balls at their waist, and finally unclips the one they have selected. Moony then stands stock-still in silence.
At first the crowd is confused. Did the trainer get stage fright? Where was their amazing show? The lights abruptly dim and flicker out, leaving the stadium enveloped in almost complete darkness. Confusion turns to fear, and many of the spectators nervously wait for the lights to come back.
Meanwhile, Moony pushes the button on the Pokeball's round surface. White light pools out of the open ball, and forms itself into the hunched over shadow of a pokemon. The only thing visible is his sharp-toothed grin (much like the Cheshire Cat's) and two gleaming ruby-red eyes.
"All right Monty," Moony whispers, rubbing the creature's cat like ears. "This is it. You know what to do, right?" The creature known as Monty nods, his grin growing wider still.
"Go!" An ear-piercing scream shatters the still atmosphere, and the already nervous crowd is thrown into a full blown panic. Many stampede for the exit, while others are rooted to their seats in terror. Moony smiles.
"Shadow Sneak, Monty!" The doors are slammed shut by a thick black shadow, which reforms itself into the grinning Monty. The crowd turns back on itself, not aware that the entire thing is part of the performance as Monty aims a few swipes at their faces. In a sudden burst of inspiration, Monty fires a Shadow Ball at the lighting overhead. They explode, throwing sparks of electricity and shards of glass overhead. Moony is quite pleased; snapping their fingers, they make a graceful exit from the stage, Monty the Sableye soon following.
What is left of the lights fizzle back into life, and the MC announces a short break, enough for the traumatized crowd to recover from the mischief of Monty and Moony.

What happened:
Monty used Screech, than Shadow Sneak, and finally Shadow ball. Gosh, I love creepy Poke'mon...
Re: Safari Zone Pokémon Contest

Um, so, entries are still available through tomorrow :D ... because I haven't started writing comments yet :( shush

Sooo the judging should hopefully be late Sunday or perhaps Monday! Editing is still an option that I hope Blastoise at least will take advantage of because it makes negative sense rn. Later~~
Re: Safari Zone Pokémon Contest

In the middle on a harsh savannah, a trainer was walking along a dirt path. The sun overhead was shining intensely, and there were very few changes in the scenery, apart from the odd tree or rock. He suddenly stopped and plucked two Pokeballs from his belt.

He threw the first, and a small green quadruple Pokemon, with a large leaf on her head emerged. She let out a call of, "Chikor!" as she stood facing away from her trainer.

The other ball was thrown, and landed behind Chikorita. As the ball opened, and the Pokemon emerged, a shadow covered Chikorita. The large, purple body, with two legs, a long thin tail, the large powerful wings, and the mouth with razor-sharp teeth, appeared. The beast let out a roar of "Aero! Dactyl!” before flapping his wings, and taking to the air, hovering in place about 15 meters above Chikorita.

Chikorita began to concentrate, closing her eyes, while the leaf on her head beginning to glow light green. Meanwhile Aerodactyl began to charge a ball of red-orange fire in his mouth. Chikorita opened her eyes, as a wind suddenly picked up, and hundreds of small green leaves were plucked from Chikorita's main one, without damaging it. The small leaves began to rotate like a tornado, flying upwards towards Aerodactyl. Aerodactyl, also having readied his attack, exhaled, causing a wind of small flames to attack the small leaves, setting them alight.

As the burning leaves fell to the ground, they set the grass in the savannah alight, forming a prefect circle around Chikorita. However before it could spread to hurt Chikorita, Aerodactyl began another move, as a dozen silver glittering orbs around his body, before they suddenly shot to the ground, revealing themselves as rocks, before crushing the flames, and stopping them getting to Chikorita.

Aerodactyl, being impatient as he is, quickly began his next attack, as his body began to glow yellow, as he stopped flapping his wings, and began to plummet to the ground. Chikorita quickly extended a pair of vines from her neck, and wrapped them around Aerodactyl's neck, before using them to pull her up, away from the ground, kicking off Aerodactyl's neck, and landed about 5 meters outside the stone circle. Aerodactyl crashed his body onto the ground, from which cracks suddenly appear, spreading out to fill the stone circle. A yellow light, similar to the one that covered Aerodactyl, could be seen inside the cracks, before it faded.

As Aerodactyl took to the air again, Chikorita opened her mouth to reveal it was glowing white. Suddenly she fired dozens of small white seeds at Aerodactyl, whose tail began to glow white. Aerodactyl, hit the seeds with his tail, knocking them downwards, into the cracks in the ground, until the barrage of seeds stopped, and his tail stopped glowing.

Both Pokemon prepared to use their final attack. The leaf on Chikorita's head began to glow bright green, once again. She opened her mouth, and a ball of energy began charging. The green-blue ball expanded gradually, until it was larger than Chikorita, since she had charged it for longer than necessary. Once she was on the verge on exhaustion, she fired the energy ball at Aerodactyl. Aerodactyl's claws began to glow brightly, with a slight blue hue. As the ball approached, he slashed it, and the ball exploded into small orbs of energy that floated to the ground. As the energy settled in the cracks, green energy could been seen from the cracks. Sprouts quickly grew from within the cracks, before blooming into green, pink and light purple flowers, forming the equivalent of a large plant pot.

Satisfied with the work, the trainer recalled his Chikorita, as his Aerodactyl landed next to him. He replaced his Chikorita's ball on his belt, before climbing onto Aerodactyl's back. Aerodactyl then began to flap his huge wings, as he once again took flight, disappearing into the sun set, leaving the flowers to brighten up somebody’s day.

Chikorita: Leaf Storm ~ Vine Whip ~ Seed Bomb ~ Energy Ball
Aerodactyl: Heat Wave ~ Stealth Rock ~ Earth Power ~ Iron Tail ~ Dragon Claw
Re: Safari Zone Pokémon Contest

A tall, thin (and perhaps, young) man walks onto the platform. He's wearing a nondescript blue button-up shirt, a nondescript blue trouser and, strangely enough, nondescript blue shoes. He walks onto the platform, his face not clearly visible, but his glasses can be made out easily enough. He faces the crowd and coughs softly.

"Okay then, come on out, Asimov", he says lightly, eyes fixed on the crowd. Behind the collector a sharp-shaped Pokémon materialises, having itself camouflaged to match the background beforehand. The small, digital origami-bird focuses unblinking eyes on the crowd before ejecting an eerie light from its eyes. The light sweeps across the room, transforming it into a sandy beach, although leaving the walls and roof intact. Some people look around surprised, unsettled by the sudden change in their surroundings.

"It's all right, people. Asimov just added a virtual layer using a laser projector. The beach is not real. And that's your cue! Jay, Steve, drop down!" shouts the man, to reveal two cocoons slowly lower themselves from the roof and land on the floor, still suspended. "Make the net now, gently". The two Pokémon spit some silk threads at each other, intertwining them and creating a criss-cross of the stringy substance between them.

"And now, ladies and gentlemen, it's time to play ball!" shouts the man in blue, producing a football from behind him and tossing it high into the air. An assortment of Pokémon enthusiastically bounce out of their Poké Balls, taking their positions quickly across the artificial beach. Katara scuffles over to the goal, staying slightly away from the String Shot net behind. Poyo headbutts the ball as it falls down and passes it to Czar, just as Bentley trips the sumo-expert at the last second. The ball flies through the air and Czar receives it, with only an enraged monkey blocking the penguin's shot at the goal. Czar feints slightly to the left and kicks it hard. Katara, fooled by Czar's fancy footwork, makes a dive too late and the ball lands into the webbed space between the Silcoon and Kakuna.

The man looks away from the finished match of indoor virtual beach football and grins at the spectators. "Er, I hope you enjoyed it. Thanks for watching, and good day." Dr Frank steps off the stage, his Pokémon following behind him and having an animated discussion on the brief match.
Re: Safari Zone Pokémon Contest

Someday, this will be edited with an actual interesting description and comments on each entry. Until I get my hands on a timeturner then, considering I actually want a March contest and people have been bugging me about it, the winners are...!

Third place... Full Metal Cookies!

Second place... RandomTyphoon!

And the winner is... Verne!​

Thanks for all your entries; it was a close call with some of you. Everyone's given their choice of common pokémon, as previously mentioned. FMC is awarded an Evolution Pass; Typh, an Evolution Pass and starter of choice; hot stud manly beast vernekun take me away Verne wins an Evolution Pass, his choice of starter, and the legendary Celebi!

Until next time, see ya!

Re: Safari Zone Pokémon Contest

Congrats to the winners~ Though aaa I did so murder my fingers on that entry *shakes fist* Oh well, I still get that common Pokemon, so hey. Anyway, do we link to this post when we claim our common Pokemon, and do we tell you our choice so you can verify that it's actually common?
Re: Safari Zone Pokémon Contest

You can link to this post for 'location' if you want... but iirc you don't even have to note location in your PC, so it's not necessary. And nah, I'll check the PC and see if anything seems off; as I mentioned, I trust everyone can use their 'common' sense ;3 and then the thing with Bulbapedia. yup.
Re: Safari Zone Pokémon Contest

[ There is a sense of something horribly wrong. Perhaps it's the faint scent of roses on the breeze.

More likely it's the giant footprints. ]
Re: Safari Zone Pokémon Contest

Excuse me sir, but I'll be taking that Celebi there.
Re: Safari Zone Pokémon Contest


Come on, hand it over! We've not got all day here, you know!
(We need to give this back by half ten.)
Re: Safari Zone Pokémon Contest

NOT IN A MILLION YEARS, ASSWIPES. I'm not so easy like that looooooser Ash.
Re: Safari Zone Pokémon Contest


grats verne take care a that celebi and WAIT BE A MAN MAN huh you are so can i watch?

so i go to the bank for the starter, right?
Re: Safari Zone Pokémon Contest


Come on, hand it over! We've not got all day here, you know!
(We need to give this back by half ten.)
(We'll get it back just in time, won't we?

We can probably give it to the boss first and everything~! <3)
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