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Secret Link...again


New member
Oh my god, I think I may have just set a record for how fast I found the secret link. I was using your honey tree guide to find some munchlax trees for my latest Diamond playthrough and decided to look around the site some. Found the page describing the secret link game and got curious.

That was only five hours ago and I found the page using the clues I could find! The only one I didn't find legitimately was 4, but as I've read here that's pretty much the norm.

I'm really curious how you managed to hide the link like that though. I'm not gonna ask you to give up your secrets, so don't worry about that. No, worry that I'm taking a web development class over the summer and I intend to do my research!

Now to get some sleep before I check out that marquee...


Egg Boof
I found the secret link by just looking at source code, not knowing what the address was for, my reaction upon seeing the page was somewhere along the lines of "what?", "huh?" or "oh".
I then found where the link was using the contents of the Secret Page.