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Secret Link...again


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are we allowed to inquire as to what the secret link leads to? Is it just some "congratulations" page like the Marquee of Doom (which I survived, by the way), or is it something really neat and worth all the effort I understand must be gone through to find it?
The secret page has things that are vaguely of interest on it, mostly random stuff I've made or started to make at some point in time but is not actually on the site for one reason or another. I wouldn't say it's "really neat and worth all the effort", exactly, though.

The secret link is hard for me, cause i could only get to clue 3.
Again, the secret link game is not a progression from clue 1 to clue 2 to clue 3 to clue 4 to clue 5 to the secret link itself. Most of the clues can be found in any order, and all of the clues are general tips, not clues as to the location of the next clue specifically.
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I know that, but i cant find the other clues. I am positive one of the clues i found was important.


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Not to mention that the clues are just about useless. Though one may ring a bell.


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Not to mention that the clues are just about useless. Though one may ring a bell.
Well after you get all 5 clues and find the secret link itself, it all makes a little more sense and you see how the clues could be useful.


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I have a horrible habit of getting through the marquee of doom and having my computer crash. I did it three times, actually. Umm. Last week. The week before that it was... Five? The week before that was two... Hmm...

Edit: Sorry, twas looking at the wrong page. Anyways, I have every intent of being on of the first to find the secret link entirely based on information from the clues. It'll happen one of these years.

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If you do that, Mendatt, I recommend you paste the clues into Word or something similar once you've found them.

Aside from the obvious benefits of doing so, it makes the location of one of the clues way more obvious.


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Dang, the clue game dude was like, so totally hard dude. Still stuck at clue dude 1, Who asks for popularity? Why do people hate it so?

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Okay. Guys. Look.

The clue game is about figuring out the clues on the page.

This means that when you give hints, you can hint at how the clue relates to the answer or narrow down the range of possible answers (e.g. "It's a Pokémon"). You can NOT give a completely different but much easier clue like "The first Pokémon that non-Pokémon fans would think of" or "This Pokémon can change into any other Pokémon" that happens to result in the same answer or give them the answer to the actually tricky part of the clue and leave them to figure out the easy one. That defeats the whole point of the clue game. If you give hints like that, somebody could theoretically get through the entire game without actually knowing what the heck any of the clues even mean. That is not what the clue game is meant for. Give hints, not blatant giveaways.


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Okay I'm completely stuck on the secret link. Can anybody make it a little more explicit? Some people have said they've "cheated" their way to finding it...how do you do that?

In all honesty, "mysteries" like these ones just make me want to find the ending, legitimately or not.


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I just found the Secret Link. It's taken me more than half a decade to find it, but I finally did. You have no idea how happy this makes me.

marill, your best bet is to explore the site. The secret link is on almost every page of the site, so don't get stuck on trying to find it on a certain page, like I did. Also, your cursor won't look like it's hovering over a link when your cursor on the link, so just moving your mouse around won't help you at all. You could randomly click everywhere on the site, and you'll probably eventually find it. Just remember that the link is invisible, so explicitly marked links should be ruled out on sight. Sorry, I can't really say much more, but good luck on finding it! Hopefully, you'll find sooner than it took me.


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I just found the secret link, like 5 minutes ago!! I personally think the Secret Page is super cool!


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I was on clue 3, the one with the numbers, and I figured they could be pokemon numbers. i got nidoqueen and grimer which seem random. huh.


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You mean clue number 4.

The numbers are 20 / 10 / 230 / 10 / 230 / ??. Do the first five look similar to anything? If so, what's the sixth number?
Also, keep in mind that the Clue Game hasn't changed since approx. gen 3, so that narrows your options a little bit.


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Oh dear lord, I just found it. I would never have guessed even from the clues that it was there.