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Snom Mafia


The Fool

In the lovely town of Chichester lives a smol group of snoms that live under a bridge. (It's a big bridge) There were about 13 snoms, but one day, a conspiracy arose that there are ZORUA impersonating some of the snoms! Why do they want to impersonate the snoms? Who knows. The conspiracy theorist had an idea. But before he could explain, he died mysteriously. The snom councel decided.

We must remove the Snomafia.

Game starts tommorow at 8:00 Am - Central Time (America)
Chichester Snoms are slightly judgemental, and as a result, there is a popularity scale in effect:

Popularity Scale:
3 - Motivated (preforms 2 actions per night)
2 - Doublevoter
1 - Loved (Is treated as having 1 less vote on them than normal)
0 - Default
-1 - Automatically loses voting ties
-2 - Lose Night Actions
-3 - Hated (Is treated as having 1 more vote on them than normal)

All Snoms start at 0. Snoms' popularity go up by 1 if they vote out a Mafia, and it goes down by 1 if they vote out a Town.
You will not be informed when or how your popularity changes.
There are roles in the game that interact with this mechanic.

All Voting modifiers (Hated, Loved, Doublevoter, etc.) do not apply in MyLo or LyLo (measured by Mafia parity, not by loss of Town parity). As a result, MyLo and LyLo will be announced at day start.

Because everyone is nice here (for the time being), no killing actions may be used during Night 0.

It's a lovely morning and all the snoms are heading off to town square to debate who to stabby! Someone could be a zorua! Or worse! No one has died yet... But that might not last forever. Lots of the snoms in this city have special skills to use that could come in handy for stopping the zoruas... or stopping the town :0

Alright, last people here! You get to town square with a song playing.

Nobody likes kyeugh! Just saying! lalalalalala!

Oh! It's the hit song Nobody likes Skylar/Kyeugh/Qva! It's been hitting the lists of best songs lately! Nobody knows who made it, but the artist has been trending. You also notice a little rock in the road, but it's just kinda there. It didn't look like anything but unnecessary flavor text. Some snoms look grumpy this morning as they get to town square, and the village elder (who cannot be killed it's seshas) stands in the center. Holding a knife for stabbies.

And here we are, town square! Let the games strategic stabbies commence!
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