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Snom Mafia


they or she
Or, we'll, there was one game where my two bffs were mafia in a small game and they did kill me on n1 but then the game died.. ^^` funnily enough I did suspect one of the before dying but I foolishly didn't say anything. Good times though :)


they or she
Oh, well. That's what happens when I let myself get carried away. :c should have trusted the SS more...


+ Amphy
Votecount (#1411):
sanderidge | 2 | Bluwiikoon* (#1334), Ysabel* (#1384)
Bluwiikoon | 2 | sanderidge* (#1347), mewtini* (#1389)

Bluwiikoon votes sanderidge [->1] (#1334)
Ysabel votes Bluwiikoon [->1] (#1337)
sanderidge votes Bluwiikoon [->2] (#1347)
Ysabel unvotes Bluwiikoon [1->] (#1382)
Ysabel votes sanderidge [->2] (#1384)
mewtini votes Bluwiikoon [->2] (#1389)


...but that's ok! Because this is a seaplane!
She/Her or They/Them
Whew... the snoms drag blue to the stabby thing, and seshas, the high snom who cannot be killed, suddenly shapeshifts into a zorua and kills EVERYONE.

BLU WAS INNOCENT! The mafia now greatly outnumber town and are shortly able to drive all snoms off to the freezing route 9.


I'll post some game related stuff in a bit here. Good game everyone, and i'm sorry if i wasn't here the last few days.


oh thank god we can talk again

those last few days were excruciating to watch

agree with mist, super well played mewt! the deepest of deepwolves