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Snom Mafia

If only popularity existed on the final day!

However, I still would have gotten pocketed by mewtini...
i'd been at or below -2 for most of the game so i'd been lying without need to think about that and then the LAST day i messed it up
it was really fun though :D
So derp question but the mafia chat is always open then?! I assumed it wasn't.
Haha ^^'
But why do you think you're a naive cop?
So do you think one of your checks was wrong?
I could have been onto something yeah, but the tone omg.
Also if either mewtini or sanderidge are mafia then kudos to them heh.

If Mafia didn't buff Ysabel's popularity, Sande would have been yeeted instead
You should have killed me when you had the chance, and you shouldn't have wasted that bullet on Skylar.

what is going on
If she's fishing for reactions, that implies she thinks there's an active wolf outside {sanderidge, Julia}, which is hopeful!
Nope. I'm just a doofus who jumps to conclusions
Bluwiikoon is given gun as compensation for Julia not submitting any actions.
Bluwiikoon kills Kyeugh (gets +2 popularity)
Send me into space, my dearest kyeugh

I am ready

fr though it's ok, honestly it means i was pretty close to winning, i just didn't think the dying part would happen overnight :'D
ok! short wall time!

this game was super fun, ty emmy/seshas for running it, i hope it was at least enjoyable for y'all to watch me flail in scumchat :D i found out that ... i have a really guilty conscience and that i hate wolfing/felt so bad about worming my way into towncore with a bad rolecard lol. but mad props to sande for keeping me sane through all that (ps their strategizing ... it knows no bounds. seriously. and their pocketing skills,)

blu is the fucking GOAT, i was so stunned by his growth between cats and this game and his intuition was clearly on point wrt sande. seriously what a king. also gg to skylar for paranoia reading me correctly

also while i am sorry to everyone, i am especially sorry to ysabel tbh. when you asked me "are you doing ok?" post-trebek flip, my heart sank ;_____;. i am really glad you finally made your way into a tcod game, i hope we play together again soon!!! hopefully not as w/v tbh.

obligatory F for mp7, who i was so excited to see in 100% action at last, and i'm sorry to king keldeo for killing him on his birthday :'D

tl;dr love you all xoxo
blu you were like. actually on fire. i'm kind of scared to see you as mafia now, i thought you were great in cats too obviously but i was fr blown away here. i felt so bad betraying my king :'D
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