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Suggestions sometimes i doodle

Re: This is why I never finish my homework...

Lucario's ears are too short. And aren't Luxrays supposed to be fierce Pokemon? The eyes make it look gentle, which Luxrays are not.
Eep...I hate image-heavy quotes.

Well, she was just being creative with the Luxray. And I don't really see anything wrong with Lucario's ears.
Re: This is why I never finish my homework...

Do I really have to go through this fuck again? When the thread has [Suggestions] in the title, telling them their flaws will help them fix it, which helps the person become a better artist. And you still do not get this after I eplained this shit before?

*Ignores Lux*

Ever, overall, these look nice. Might want to fix those mistakes, but you have a knack for art. (The horseh looks weird to me, but that might be because I'm a brony and anything that doesn't have the body figure of a pony from MLP looks fucked up, X3)

No one's perfect when it comes to art, (I procrastinate at art, but I think I make adequate art) but, hey, these look better than what I can do, XD!
Re: This is why I never finish my homework...

O_O Both of you are right. I do appreciate the crit, but I was trying to make Lux's request cute, because well, that's what I do. i agree about the horseh, it looks a bit awkward, and I've started drawing in the MLP style, so hopefully you'll see some of that soon ^^
Re: This is why I never finish my homework...

Luxray's eyes could look more than dots though, XD!

MLP style? Yesh! =D!
Re: This is why I never finish my homework...


Sososo I started drawing in the MLP style. I'd love crit on these, since I'm not really used to the style.


A request for my "sister". I think it turned out really cute but not that close to the mlp style. And she chose the name, even though I was complaining it sounded like a shipping title.


A bicornegus (or something) that my friend requested for her birthday. I don't like how the pose turned out, and I think the double horn is just strange, but that's what she wanted, so.


A birthday card for my friend (I almost typed "fried"!) I like how this one turned out, especially the pose.
Re: This is why I never finish my homework...

The first pony is absolutely perfect!
I just adore people who can draw ponies!
Re: This is why I never finish my homework...

The ponies are quite good. You do need a tiny bit more colour on Rainbow Sparkle. Apart from that, I like them.
Re: This is why I never finish my homework...

I didn't really want to because it was a request for her.
Re: This is why I never finish my homework...



Bluh bluh I can't draw with a tablet.
These are pictures of my ponysona, who has yet to be named.

I always seem to draw and write when something's bothering me...how strange :/
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Re: This is why I never finish my homework...

1) make the neck smaller

2) Make the head bigger

Other than that, this is remarkable! :3~
Re: This is why I never finish my homework...


Bluh originally Darkie's cat, but I hate it now. Planning on drawing another for ya, Dark.


I felt like drawing Flutter Ponies. Herpaderp mildly inspired by Count on Me by Bruno Mars.


A request from cheesecakelover. Name's kind of a play of Fluttershy (Duh!) Don't like the eyes much, they turned out funny. Oh crap the writing's crooked.


Scivlon, one of the main characters from a story I wrote a while back. She's a wolf!


A random pony that looks like a teenage Twilight Sparkle. With different colors and a different cutie mark.


A request from another friend. I love how this turned out, and the cloud is so silleh :D

Whee so much ponies x3
Re: Everart

Thanks for the advice guys ^_^

Here's a picture of me and my cousins' ponysonas. I made this as a t-shirt design; I'm giving them all shirts for Christmas :D (This one was drawn on paper, scanned in black and white, then cleaned up and colored on the computer. The test was also added on the computer.)
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Re: Everart

Bluh, I can only see the sunset sky pony and the blank flanks in the link, cause my internet's crapping out.

At first, i thought sunset sky was an adult Applebloom, ^.^

I couldn't help but notice that the joints are in both of the back legs, when the joints are usually in the back leg that is infront of the other back leg. That just kind of bothers me. Yes, you should also make the legs shorter, like starship trooper said. The neck is still too long, and that still bugs me. =\

Oh, about the purple redish pegasus in the link, one of the segments of the wing is curved, and that doesn't seem too right to me. =\

I actually adore these ponies, and if you fix out these minor flaws, these will be really awesome ponies. I just use a tutorial to draw an MLP body and mine look, well, not as good as yours. ^v^~!

Anyway, the ponies arre beautiful, but as long as you fix the flaws, they'll be even awesomer. :3!
Re: Everart


It is almost sad how much better I can draw on paper. This is my ponysona, who still doesn't have a name. I think I'm improving, but I think the neck's too long on her.


A boring pony I made for my friend Alex. Boring pony is boring!


My friend Mel's pony. I draw her well, normal-looking, but then she insisted that I make it taller and skinner and now she looks scary @_@


North Star is a wizard. I made him for my friend Ben! Pose was really ard for me, and I'm not used to drawing boy ponies, so I'd love feedback!


Another pony request from another friend named Alex *herpaderp*


Fot poni for Jessi!

Gravity- Sara Bareilles
Bluh bluh turned out all wrong :/

Maybe- Ingrid Michaelson


I guess Pumpkin Spice has never seen a chubby... (I accidentally colored the mane pink, before thinking, "Dangit, it was s'posed to be brown!" Thus the strangely colored mane.


And then Link was a pony. With long legs and the epicest cutie mark EVAR!
Re: Everart



Tablet-Paper comparison.


Twix is my favorite candy okay.


When I was a little filly and the sun was going down~
I had bangs!


Fun fact! I accidentally typed "Everglider" instead of "Evergreen"!
Re: Everart

You are just much better at ponies than I am! The link Pony's cutie mark though, shouldn't the white triangle be green?

I just love Maybe in every possible way; the eyes, the expression, the posture, it's perfect! All of these are awesome.

Hey, would you mind if I used Maybe in my sig. Of course I'd give credit to you, but I like to ask people for permission though. =)
Re: Everart

Link's cutie mark is a Triforce. I've never seen it elsewhere, so I don't know it ishould have a white center or not. It does look pretty awkward, though. I'll probably change it, but I don't feel like rescanning it :P

And of course you may use her! Maybe is one of my favorite songs :3
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