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Suggestions sometimes i doodle

Re: Everart

Here, I have a suggestion. Can you draw a Glaceon with a monocle on his right eye playing a video game?
Re: Everart

Draw a cute lil' boy Ralts with a sword and purple hair dreaming of being a Gallade!
Re: Everart


Glaceon are hard to draw :O
But, um, yeah.
Re: Everart

Thanks, it looks awesome. ~ The expression is really funny, too, as though it's going to hurt you or something...
Re: Everart


Lol, don't worry about it. I use colored pencils anyway.
Re: Everart

Sooo I haven't posted anything in a super long time... But I'm back! Hopefully I'll be able to post stuff pretty regularly.

Self-portrait! I don't have a photo for reference, but this is pretty accurate.

This was actually my first time drawing a tree... I didn't add much detail...

I couldn't tell you what these animals are, I was just at a museum and I drew them O.o
Re: Everart


My best friend's ponysona ^^




Ahhh I don't like how this turned out AT ALL DX

Definately my favorite. Minnie is my beautiful unicorn!

(Just so you know, these are all supposed to be male ponies, but Ren looks very feminine and Minhyun... I couldn't resist! He's my unicorn :3)
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Re: Everart


hurp derp


On a completely unrelated note, have a songpony request from aforementioned best friend ^^
The song made my ears bleed, it was so disgustingly cute -~- (Hoi Hoi by Rainbow Pixie - Even their name is sickening!)
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Re: Everart


Doodles ~ This is me and three of my best friends. (I'm the one with the flower.) Don't even ask about the one that's jumping (?) I don't even know.
Also, I know the jumping 'chu's ears should be going down or whatever but honestly I was getting lazy and so I was just like SCREW LOGIC, I HAVE PIKACHU

Re: Everart

When drawing things with circles, like that case right there, they should all be ellipses, and therefore symmetrical. Also, the ones closer to eye level -- so the ones higher up in that one, assuming the windowsill's where eye level is roughly -- should be flatter. Keep at it, though! :D
Re: Everart

I went through a long phase of "wow my art sucks I can't draw for shit why am I even trying" but then today this happened and I think maybe I'm not so terrible at casual doodles, even if I should probably stay away from actually trying to draw people. So here.

This is a lyric from Owl City's song "If my heart was a house". The song is about love and whatnot, but I found this line particularly relevant, as I'm attending a competitive academic school and have been making it through the days on caffeine and occasional naps in biology. Sorry for the terrible quality, my scanner broke so I took a picture with my iPod. It's just ballpoint on notebook paper, anyway.
I really like your lines on your cheetah and penguin drawing! They're thick and block. The cheetah looks especially nice. I'd like to suggest when you draw paws that you make them more rounded rectangle and less balloon shaped, though. Otherwise, they look pretty good!

Your Pikachu picture is criminally adorable too! The way you did the ears is really great! And the Pichu looks really cute with the book in front of its face! I think you did an excellent job of communicating their personalities!

Keep it up! :D
I really like the penguin and cheetah one as well (cheetahs are my favorite animals!!)! I really like how your style is more casual, and I really like how you kind of symbolized your personal feelings by incorporating the lyric into things typically associated with school! I think probably the best facet of your drawings is that you really have a talent for expressing emotion. I can tell immediately how all of your drawings feel, how you intended them to feel, and even if they're just casual doodles, they're really good casual doodles and I can't wait to see more!
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