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Suggestions sometimes i doodle

Re: Everart


An angelic girl in a style my friends call "Little People Form"

This is Wachel, aka Rachel, aka Bubblegum

My friend Griffin asked for a "Little People" drawing of her flying. I think she secretly admires Max Ride, even though she pretends not to care.
Re: Everart


This is Everglider. Nuff said.

Long story short, I fail at drawing in profile.

This is me. I has attitude :3
Re: Everart


The true meaning of "Ninja-Faerie" has been revealed. Except I had a tracing PHAIL.

An image of me and my strange sleeping habits. My hair isn't that short, it's just braided.

Me and two of my best friends jumping. I don't know why we're barefoot or why we're jumping, but it was fun to draw. (No, Genie can't really do the splits in midair, sorry to disappoint)
Re: Everart


Yes, I can tapdance. I have been tapping for seven eight years.

A birthday present I made for my name buddy, Maya. I'm on the right.
Re: Everart

D'awww...Thanks guys. My scanner is being weird and not powering up...
Re: Everart

I told you that you should draw faces! :D You're good at it! Adorable smiley people!

The birthday card is great (you can color really nicely), and Everglider is awesome. Tap dancing you is neat. The profile drawing is actually OK. If you want to get better, look at yourself sitting sideways in the mirror, or maybe have somebody take pictures. There are some drawing guides that are good for this too. I like Christopher Hart for manga style ones, and I don't really have any others.

Also I sleep the same way as you.
Re: Everart


An old drawing of a goose that's made out of metal plates. I quite like this one.

Last year this was my 'masterpiece'. This year, not so much.

Have a Chubby Bunneh (This is the one, Mystic)

Eehee. Pink Hair.
Re: Everart

September 24, 2011


I know what you're thinking, "What? Ever drawing faces?" BUT IT'S TRUE. This was originally supposed to be Max Ride, but I decided she looked better without wings.


More faces! I call this girl Strawberry...yeah...


I love Llamas with Hats ;)
Re: Everart

Yes. Yes, Yes. More cats, more! I love the cute way you draw.
Can i request something?
Re: Everart

I'll probably do it as a Gijnka. Could you name me the features that you want?
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