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Super Mystery Dungeon


Bulbapedia and Serebii confirmed today that upcoming is a game called Super Mystery Dungeon.

I never played Gates to Infinity but I've heard mixed things, I was never interested though because you couldn't recruit everything which defeated half the point. I hope they rectify that (and many other things) for this.
I played the demo for Gates to Infinity a little, but got tired of the slow-as-hell cutscene texts and just deleted the whole thing. If they make it possible to scroll through the dialogue faster in the new one, I *may* be interested since the DS Mystery Dungeons were pretty cool (at least the basic plot, I never much cared for the post-credits stuff because I ran out of patience).

Not sure if I'd pay the full price for a MD game though, gotta wait for a little more news than just a title before I decide. :P
Gates of Infinity really wasn't that great. Story and writing were okayish, but the gameplay is tiresome and there's not much to do once you beat the main quest unless you feel like buying a ton of dlc.

Now this game, I hope can top Sky, which despite having questionable design choices and quirks, is still probably my favourite ds game.
Gates to Infinity, as far as I can tell, was absolute shit. Even the demo was bad, and that's really supposed to sell it. Explorers of Sky was the only video game that's ever made me cry, though, so I'm really hoping this game lives up to its potential. The franchise definitely needs some redemption after its last release.
I've never been huge on PMD, but it was nice to have a spin-off franchise that had such a different take on the pokemon world and actually tried to do some of the stuff the main series isn't good at, i.e. actual plot. Good to see they're still willing to fiddle with it even after the poor reception Gates to Infinity received.

On the other hand, the name "Super Mystery Dungeon" doesn't inspire a whole lot of confidence--it sounds more like a big dungeon-grinding game than anything with an actual storyline.
Ooh, it's only been a few weeks since I was complaining with some friends about Gates to Infinity.

Nothing much's been announced there, but here's hoping this will be much better than the latest installment was, on every front.
Glad to see I'm not the only one who wasn't too fond of Gates to Infinity. I bought it new, played it for about an hour, and then kind of forgot about it.

They better not do any more forced gender crap.
I just hope they keep the one thing Gates to Infinity really got right: cofagrigus's walk animation.
I really, really want this to be a good game, hopefully on par with some of the older ones. Gates to Infinity makes me a bit nervous, so here's hoping it was just a test of the 3D engine.

The only thing that I hope they keep from that game is the attack interface. That was nice.
oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy

PMD Blue was the first Pokemon game I got (either that or Ranger, I can't remember), so it pained me to see how limited Gates of Infinity was.

I really want Friend Areas to be back. They were such a cute little thing! It sucked that you had to buy them, but at least you had something to save your money for. Maybe we see the best parts of each previous installment (Friend Areas from PMD Blue and Red, the story from Explorers, whatever redeeming quality Infinity had).
Hey note to everyone: this game is great and fixes Gate's problems. It also has adorable worldbuilding and cameos from previous games (I've found Team AWD and Corphish so far). It's also really pretty with good music.

Also, the text speed is as fast as in the main series when it's set to "fast".

Basically, if you ever liked PMD, buy this game.
Thanks!! I was considering buying it, but after the disappointment that was gates I was hesitant. Is the plot as good or better than Explorers?

Thanks!! I was considering buying it, but after the disappointment that was gates I was hesitant. Is the plot as good or better than Explorers?

I don't know because I'm only 4 hours in and just officially became an exploration team. But I heard at least one person who played a Japanese import say it has a slow start, but rivals Explorers.
I feel late about the hype but I'm so excited for this one because I never got a chance to play Gates (which is apparently a good thing??) and I absolutely love being a pokemon.

I agree they should do away with the forced/fixed gender thing (assuming you mean for such things like assigned genders to species of partner Pokémon) if they haven't yet though.

but so excited

Thanks!! I was considering buying it, but after the disappointment that was gates I was hesitant. Is the plot as good or better than Explorers?

Tough to say. Not going to spoil anything, but when it picks up it picks up fast, it just spends a lot of time setting up like Explorers.
Haven't played a PMD since Explorers of Darkness, but I still love the series, so I think I'll add this to my Christmas list for the year. Although, I feel like I should probably beat Alpha Sapphire before I play it, oop.
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