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Super Smash Bros 4

making changes to edge mechanics;

"Air time and accumulated damage will determine your period of invincibility while hanging on an edge.
Grab controls will no longer be affected by whether you have above or below 100% damage."

source via here and Miiverse
Given how there was recently an alleged Palutena leak (Nothing new, I suppose) and today's screenshot showcased Viridi (Out of all the KI:U characters, why her? I mean, I know it was for the Reset Bomb factory, but still), I'm still hoping for Palutena (Or Medusa, fingers crossed) to be revealed as a playable character soon. Really, any character from Uprising would be very fine with me. Even Magnus.
source? wouldn't make sense considering he's identical to Pit bar personality and he's literally just a pallete swap (and was in Brawl)

if any other Uprising characters make a playable appearance, there's a good chance it would be Magnus, and Phosphora was fairly popular (Palutena would be a bit weird, especially when she dwarfs Pit and half the Smash roster in size)
Well, we got a reveal... and it was Lucario. FUUUUUUUUU-

Given how Lucario has always been among my least favorite Pokémon, I'm not exactly thrilled. But hey, we got Rosalina and Luma as well as King Dedede before him, and their recent announcements are more than enough to keep me content as I wait for the next character.
Wow, I didn't expect them to bring Lucario back. I just don't get why it's so special as to get a place in SSB to be honest. Though I think I've already been over that in a post in this thread.

Also I've been thinking for a while that if I were to get one of the games, it'd be the Wii U version. But I don't intend on getting a Wii U so that means I'm most likely to get the 3DS one. But since I'm an unsocial bastard and don't play with strangers online, I won't be playing the game multiplayer because I prefer local games which works better on the home console and I don't know anyone irl who has a 3DS.
So yeah I'm probably not getting this game.
I'm actually glad Lucario is getting a return, because he's my best character and also everyone expected them to bring back Mewtwo or something. So kudos for surprises.

I might be getting both (though WiiU is a definitely, 3DS is kind of eh).
It seems a logical choice, especially with the recent success of Punch-Out!. And it's a different franchise, so that's nice.

Also, his trailer was quite drôle. I'm interested to see what that KO gimmick is about, too; that could make him one of the best characters.

Also Megaman died and did his standard exploding thing. This makes me so happy.
Fuck yeah, Little Mac! All I have to say is that he's been one of my favorite Nintendo characters for quite some time, and it makes me happy that he's finally in!
Diddy Kong is cool. I think this is his first Debut unless he was in Brawl but if not this should be good. Makes me wonder if Dixie Kong will be in as well. Remember Donkey Kong Country 2 Diddy Kong's Quest for Super Nintendo? That game was cool. XD.:)
I doubt Dixie will be in it. She'll just be a Diddy Kong clone.

Who do you think will be axed? I've heard rumors of the Ice Climbers getting axed, but I hope they don't get rid of them.
Are you kidding? Dixie Kong could throw Diddy to get rid of some enemies on SNES. If they bring her into the Frey with that technique and the spin attack she could do she could pull off some serious damage especially with the throwing technique.:)
so, those who now visit the site are greeted by this image:

Do you guys think this will foreshadow Phosphora (from Kid Icarus Uprising) being playable? I personally hope so, playing as her would be so much fun!

EDIT: Phosphora has been confirmed as merely a trophy in the Wii U version.
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