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Super Smash Mafia for TCoD


Right, I think the game's been out for just about long enough.

-48 hours a day or night, except the first night gets 72.
-No communication about this game outside the thread unless otherwise specified by your role powers. That includes reading private discussion between other players when you have not been granted communication with them.
-Unlike Poké Floats, abstaining is always legal.
-This is a Choice game -- when signing up, pick a character from the SSB for 3DS playable roster. Alternate palette characters don't count as separate (this means eg Male Villager/Female Villager, not eg Marth/Lucina -- those latter two are still separately elligible). Mii Fighters are only elligible in generic form (so you can pick, say, Mii Swordfighter, but not a specific Mii Swordfighter). Feel free to specify a character palette if you'd like. Additionally, just during the sign-ups, I'd like people to spoilertag any characters who are both secret and not announced officially prior to the release.
-The deaths in this game will operate based on a thematic system, in which players can have their damage percentages raised, and then they may be finished off if struck with a sufficient amount of knockback (which will be numerically quantified in a simple way). Some characters will naturally need more knockback to be killed than others. I'm still working out some details of that system, such as whether players can view their current damage and/or the knockback values of moves.
-Additionally, each character will have a Final Smash -- ability to use it will be randomly assigned to one player each night, starting on Night One (not Night Zero). This mechanic may also be tinkered with depending on how I choose to balance it when actually making the setup.

It's going to take me a while to get the setup right; let's see how many people join while I operate that.

I liek Squirtles

sobble squad
Can I be Poké Floats?

I'm picking
. If I can't pick him, then
Bowser Jr.
will do just fine.


rage against the dying of the light
Oh, well in that case I actually think I'll go with pink Robin. Reminds me of
both Olivia and my Morgan from my playthrough of Awakening.


oh man, good times.
I have totally paid about zero attention to this game (besides a bit of what gets posted in /r/fireemblem) but I wanna play anyway. Lucina plz.


Night Zero
Woohoo, activity on the mafia board. I need to finish that game I'm working on (hopefully by mid-late October). Anyhow.

Dark Pit kudasai.


It's been a fair while, but yes, just as Sakurai, I'm still alive.

We're not starting just yet, but I'd just like to announce that I'm almost finished with the setup and should be writing the role PMs soon; this will still most likely still take some time, but I suppose delays are nothing if not fitting for the theme here. I guess it's also not a bad time to go ahead and close the sign-ups.

And so our roster goes:
If any players would like to change their character or palette at this point, they're still free to; I'd prefer that people stick with the characters they have now, since that way I won't have to do any further reflavoring, but palette changes wouldn't affect my workload, since I ain't Ubisoft.

Zero Moment

Vinyl Scratch
Can I change Ganondorf to his blue armor palette? Looks cooler than the default palette. (Assuming the available palettes are the same as they were in Brawl)


Night Zero
Can I change Ganondorf to his blue armor palette? Looks cooler than the default palette. (Assuming the available palettes are the same as they were in Brawl)
You're seriously going to have him go back into photoshop just so you can be blue Ganondorf?