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Tale of the Dustborn [Signups/OOC]


It's feeding time
How long has it been since you were conscious?

Perhaps the better question is: "Were you ever conscious to begin with, and are you now?" You let the words sink in for what might be a second or an eternity and you realize that you barely remember what it means to be conscious.

You find yourself floating through a sea of swirling darkness.

Or maybe you're not IN the darkness at all. You might as well be the darkness itself, because you can't find a way to make yourself distinct from it.

Every little word shaped in your mind echo out through the infinite void surrounding you, repeating itself over and over in a meaningless choir. Even then, you have difficulty keeping a coherent thought, as if you were barely awake, or even barely alive.

"Alive." This one word sticks to you, as though it would hold some form of significance. You don't remember the meaning of the word, but you remember that it is considered very important, and is very desirable.

And whatever it is, you are not right now.

As though a complex piece of machinery had been turned on, your mind is suddenly inundated with memories and thoughts. No details come up, but you still REMEMBER. You once had a life, a home. There were others that you cared for, and now everything is gone. The experience is, needless to say, unpleasant.

You start searching the darkness in distress, desperately attempting to find a way to return what you have lost. After looking around in what feels like 720 degrees, you see something in the distance. Or maybe it isn't distant, but just really small. It looks like light, but it doesn't shine, fluctuating in the middle of the abyss you have found yourself in. Whatever it is, you reach towards it, and a sensation floods through you, as though you were beings cleansed by immaterial water. As you touch the lightless thing, which you are unable to comprehend the form of despite clearly feeling it, your senses are overwhelmed and you're robbed of your consciousness once more.


"Oi, you."

The voice you awaken to is coarse, but clearly feminine. A cold three-fingered hand places itself upon your head and shakes it softly.

"As much as I hate interrupting your little nap, you have to get up now if you value your freedom."

Gathering the mental and physical strength to open your eyes, you are greeted by the sight of a orange reptilian creature with shed skin decorating its shoulders and legs and a red crest upon its head.

"You're awake, then? Good for you. You're lucky you appeared at night, or the pale ones would have found you. Now get up, we gotta bail."

Just by moving, you can feel that your body is alien to you. Whatever it was you once lived as, it was not this. Looking around, you find yourself in a forest of seemingly impossible structures of steel, stone, glass and wood. Realizing that you've yet to actually move, the reptile sighs at you.

"Listen pal, I know you're confused about the situation and I'd love to answer your questions. But this ain't the time, alright? The pale ones don't understand you, and there are others out there who hunt Dustborn- I mean your sort. What I'm saying is that I am helping you and you better get off your behind and follow me if you want your answers.

As she talks, she pushes a wooden beam, causing it to fall and move a large bin, revealing an opening in one of the structures. She crawls into it, and you having no better option, decide to follow her.

Tale of the Dustborn is a story about oppression. It's a story about personal freedom and standards. It's a story of survival in an alien world, and being lost in yourself.
You play as one of the Dustborn, an Pokémon that appeared out of nowhere in the human settlement of Castelia City. You are taken in by one of the several "packs" of wild Pokémon living in the city, hidden away from human eyes. Now a part of a group, you have to help collect food, defend your terriority from other packs and solve your own mystery. At the same time, you have to avoid gaining the attention of the humans, who will undoubtedly want to catch the wild Pokémon that has been stealing, breaking and generally causing unrest in the area. As if this wasn't enough trouble enough, all of the Dustborn suffer from amnesia to the point where their own bodies feel alien to them.


- Pretty standard RP rules here, No controlling the characters of others, no using knowledge you have but your characters does not, bold all the parts of your character sheet, etc.

This RP was created by taking inspiration from such things as the World of Darkness and Pokémon Mystery Dungeon. For best atmosphere, listen to some post rock like This Will Destroy You or Explosions in the Sky while filling in the character sheet.

Character sheet:
Name: (Something simple will do)
Gender: (Male, female and just about whatever you feel like)
Species: (Anything in the New Unova Dex that isn't legendary will do. One thing to consider is that your character is not used to their body, and this is a pretty big deal)

Appearance: (Any deviation from the norm of you species should be added here)

Personality: (What's your character like? Explain it here)

Moves: (You'll always be able to just punch, kick, bite or whatever-other-body-part-can-be-used-to-cause-grevious-harm your opponent, but this is for your more flashy moves, directly based on the ones in the games. You can only have four, but you can be rather creative with this kind of stuff if you try)

Other: (Anything else?)

Accepted entries:
Zero Moment/Xander/Golett
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I'll place a reserve for this. form should be up by at latest tomorrow evening.

(if a species needs to be reserved too, then a dewott.)
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Tell me if I should change anyting o:

Name: Amber
Gender: Female
Species: Cubchoo

Appearance: adorable little teddy bear WHAT MORE COULD YOU ASK

Personality: Amber has a bit of a... split personality. One minute she could be happy as anything and carefree, and the next she will try to rip your throat out with her bare hands (no pun intended >->). While she's feeling happy she will pretty much go along with anything and not question unless she has to contribute. Although if she's angry, she will be overly demanding and very... violent. Though there can be times where she's just a neutral presence and just looks on in wonder as things are happening. Since she has such conflicting personalities she tends not to be very social, as she doesn't want people to think she's odd for thinking differently. (Eck, personalities are what I'm terrible at. Expect better posts ._. )

Moves: Charm, Growl, Icy Wind, and Powder Snow

Other: I am slightly rusty with RPs. But only slightly.
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let's get all Werewolf: The Forsaken up in this RP hehehe

Name: Isi
Gender: Female
Species: Zoroark


Personality: Isi is what could be described as the perfect balance of beastliness and sophistication. She is a cunning creature, her wit as sharp as her red claws. Capable of great intelligence, but also vicious murder, which makes her all the more dangerous. She is also capable of seeing both sides, of playing devil’s advocate and questioning leadership, her duality helping her see that the world is not two different things, but merely two sides of the very same coin...

Night Daze
Focus Blast
Nasty Plot

Name: Gestahl
Gender: Male
Species: Hydreigon

Appearance: On his primary head, there are a series of scars that go around each eye, and curve down to his mouth, giving his face more of a "warped mask" look.

Personality: Most people looking at Gestahl would probably see a shallow nihilist, a dragon whose view of the world is that it's a dying object, waiting to be torn apart by scavengers. The truth is much more complex, really: Gestahl is not a nihilist, but rather a Darwinist with a very warped idea of conventional morality. That is, it is his idea that because the Hydreigon species are in terms of power so far above most other pokemon of the region - and indeed, the world - that it's the job of those in the world to prove themselves strong and thus prove themselves the right to exist. Of course, if/when they fail, it's Gestahl's belief that they lose their right to exist; they are to die, most likely through him or an ally/another of his kind. The most fascinating thing about him is that he doesn't even like doing this, but considers it a necessity if the world is to improve.

Moves: Dark Pulse, Draco Meteor, Fire Blast, Surf

Other: I, too, might very well be rusty with RPing. I hope that I can quickly get back into the swing.
Name: Xander
Gender: Male
Species: Golett

Appearance: The darker blue areas are a dark grey, and the light that shines from certain spots is an electric blue, instead of yellow.

Personality: Xander is a cool, collected person. He would rather avoid physical conflict, but when it comes to it, he really doesn't mind solving it with his iron fists. As for his alien body, he's okay with it as long as he is in control of it. Which, with being prone to failing the turing test and having an ornery subconscious, might be less often than you think.
Being a mechanical entity with a biological mind is hard.
It's hard and nobody understands.

Brick Break
Iron Defense
Signal Beam

Other: May be a bit rusted in my RPing department
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Name: Abserath
Gender: Female
Species: Weavile

Appearance: Her crown and collar are slightly darker and more subdued than an average Weavile's, and the gem on her head is threaded with white veins.

Personality: Abserath wants to uncover all the secrets of the world - or at least all the ones that concern her. Secretive and withdrawn, she hunts for knowledge with a singleminded ruthlessness, and won't shy away from threats or a fight if she feels there is something being hidden from her. She comes across as quite selfish, which is... quite true. She cares mostly about herself and her own problems, and keeps her own counsel. She doesn't empathize well with other people, though she is something of a meddler, trying to get involved in as many things as possible to get a feel of what's going on. Naturally a suspicious person, she can be caustic and sarcastic, her snide criticism of others generally enough to keep them from tagging along with her all the time. She's not stupid enough to actively resent working together when she can't accomplish something on her own, but she also isn't prone to trusting or liking someone just because they're useful for the moment. Cunning and calculating, she works for her own ends, but she's hardly a philosopher, preferring to put faith in what can be experienced. Abserath has a rather morbid sense of humour.

Icy Wind
Dark Pulse
Ice Shard
Faint Attack

Other: Perhaps not too rusty, but it'll be good to RP some Pokemon stuff again.
Aaaaaaaand done.

Name: Dominique
Gender: Female
Species: Lilligant

Appearance: The flower "crown" on her head is a fuchsia pink instead of red, much like the color of the flower in Lilligant's shiny form. Her eyes are also this color.

Personality: Dominique is more pleasant than one would think in such circumstances—She is polite and well-mannered, and respects her peers and their decisions. She is slow to anger, mellow, and a benevolent soul willing to assist when possible. She doesn't show many emotions other than her relaxed demeanor, but will smile readily if she feels the need. All in all, she is a nice friend to have around, as she isn't one to criticize or judge, and will help out her peers if they request or desperately need her assistance, no matter if she's known them her whole life or for a few mere seconds.

However, it is to note that Dominique is wearing a lasting front. All her pleasantness is a result of pounding optimistic thoughts into her head after what has taken place, as without it, she is a sorrowful, mourning spirit in desperate need of a friend. If there is a crack in the happy front she gives off, she is prone to tears and breakdowns from her traumatic experience, as being an alien to herself is very, very troublesome to her, and it is evident she is taking it harder than one might expect. Nevertheless, it is ironic how she can turn things around and become possibly the brightest one in the group, despite her pessimistic internal conflicts.

Petal Dance
Giga Drain
Seed Bomb

Other: Dominique was French before she was changed into a Lilligant. As such, she still has a sharp French dialect, and it is easy to hear it. She will often use French phrases or words in the proper situation.
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Name: Blake Marr

Gender: Male

Species: Dewott

Appearance Blake's scalchops are differently colored; Instead of both being a sand color, one is white, like marble; and the other is black, like obsidian.

Personality Blake is a fairly smart individual. A good straegist and logician, but not a genius by any means. Because of this, Blake is also somewhat lazy, as he is (according to himself) "smart enough to see that you don't need to search far and wide when the answer is right under your nose." While not to the point of refusing to do things, he does try and find the simplest solution to a problem. Perhaps the only thing Blake works hard at is his combat, as it is one of the few things that truly interests him and is worth the effort in his eyes. Blake is more introverted than extroverted, but is still somewhat social in certain situations. Blake also has a very laid-back outlook on life. He rarely gets stressed out or angry, and likes to have a good time in the moment, while still keeping an eye on the future. However, in times of extreme frustration or sadness, or whenever he feels like he or someone he is close to is in danger, he gets extremely angry and violent and tends to lash out at even those he is friends with.

Razor Shell
Air Slash
Swords Dance

Other: Razor Shell is on the movelist because it gives a normal attack with the scalchops an elemental tribute and a different sttack style. Also I may be a bit rusty with RPing as well.
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Right! All accepted, though I'd like to add that anyone who added a last name will have the name reduced to only their first name.

We'll probably start later this weekend.
Name: Ayame
Gender: Female
Species: Ninetales

Appearance: Her eyes are green. The tips of her tails have two colors, black and white, split in half.

Personality: She is a silent type, prefering to keep to herself. She is a nervous wreck when it comes to fighting, usually. But if you insult her friends, she will be on your faster than ugly on an ape. When she is in that mode, it is dangerous to try and confront her, even if she knows you. You will just have to wait for her rage to run it's course.


Other: Nope
Name: Aennix
Gender: Male
Species: Lucario

Appearance: The spikes on his paws appear to have been shattered, as the is only thing left is a jagged base.

Personality: If there is any word that can describe Aennix, it is curiosity. Once he notices something that is unknown to him he will become akin to obsessed with whatever has recently captured his interest. When obsessed, the only way he can curb his curiosity is meditation. He can be quite reckless, constantly leading him into some sort of trouble. When interacting with others he attempts to be kind to others... But he cannot resist himself when he makes sarcastic remarks on others. He has a very high sense of pride and will not ask for help, even if his life depends on it. However, he also has a strong sense of justice and is more then willing to help those in need.

Aura Sphere
Dark Pulse
Calm Mind

Other:I too am quite rusty in the RP department.
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Name: Vincente
Gender: Male
Species: Zorua
Appearance: Vincente wears a ragged burlap coloured scarf that can cover most of his body when stationary.

Personality: Due to the effects of the amnesia and discomfort of his body, Vincente has become something of a two-sided coin, one side, lashing out in anger and frustration, wishing little more than to determine why he feels this way, the other, a secluded and often soft-spoken loner wishing to be left alone if he can.

Moves: Dark Pulse/Extrasensory/Incinerate/Thief

Other: If it`s allowed, I`d like my character to have been a different Pokemon previously, just as something different… (The previous Pokemon being a Vaporeon...)
Lirris accepted.

On that note, what your character was previously is irrelevant and unknown, and you shouldn't really assume anything.

I'll be working on the main thread now, sorry for the delay you guys.
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