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The Aurion Home for the Belligerent Elderly

Kratos you need to devolve Thorn so I can have a nidoking collection. Or maybe I'll have a bug-type collection??? Illumise, vespiquen, accelgor, ariados, shedinja, beautifly/dustox, yanmega, volbeat, everyone?

NEVER. (At least I'm being honest.)
Because collecting things

It's like collecting stamps or something, it can have all the significance in the world but it's still just a stamp that you lick and stick on envelopes

Personally I would have gone with Porygon as well because the potential for sig stuff is enormous considering it's a computer program
Multiple abilities and/or signature attributes? I... have no real need for several nidoking (Azuraine's signature attribute has technically never came into play), but it'd be interesting.
Legends shouldn't exist in ASB, though. :( Especially when a regular strategy used with them will apparently be eating people.
Obviously! (And eating people can be dealt with; it's really only the fact that they're legendaries that I'm actually opposed to.) If Giratina or their owner wants to come down and smite me for my insolence, well, that's a round or two in which they're occupied in dealing with my corpse. All for the good of the team~
I don't understand your objection to legendaries existing, Mai. You know, one might think you had been hurt by a legendary in the past. But you can't hold that against us all, surely.
It's just that commanding literal poke-gods in regular battles doesn't seem to fit the atmosphere! Even without the inherent boosts, going up the god of time (even though none of you chose Dialga) is just rather intimidating. And if there were to be more than one of each legend, having them degraded to just abnormally strong pokemon just doesn't seem right. Also, having an almost guaranteed only one in the league for quite a while is just kind of irritating.

It's mostly personal opinion; a while back I had this explained better but I suppose arguing about this doesn't matter. After all, Team Asber just has to win and yay problem solved.
There is no atmosphere. This is the internet. There isn't even air.

Many pokemon are, right now, only-one-in-the-leagues. I have the only electabuzz and magneton.
... I guess I phrased that incorrectly, unless you're protesting the idea that a place can have a general feeling about it? ._. I mean the impression something gives off, or ambience/mood/flavor/tone/insert some other synonym here. Sorry for being vague and bad with word choice, I suppose. But going off of that, don't you see a little bit of a difference between bringing Mewtwo in to fight a tauros (first thing I could think of) instead of sending out an alakazam? Or the same example with a Darkrai instead of an absol or umbreon?

I have the only illumise, grumpig, and bonsly too. That doesn't bother me because with time I could get an electabuzz or magneton (and I'm waiting to see who gets the next of those three firsts I own)! What res said.
Me first is a hard one. Generally I would give preference to high-speed pokémon with at least some similarity to something that already gets it; I do know that stuff like lickitung gets it, though, so I'll have to think of a way to make sense of that and whether it's worth giving it to other slower, less... me-firsty pokémon. >>; Honestly even swellow is a bit of a stretch, but I'd think access to mirror move would help at least a little there.

Togekiss would be a maybe at the moment, but certainly more likely than togepi.

I was thinking being able to use metronome would help somewhat. Also, if mirror move is a factor, I'd like to mention Cleffa gets copycat. If Togekiss is a maybe, what about Clefable?

Encore, Explosion, Follow Me on Chansey? If no, what about Blissey?
GENERAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Get out of my thread, you freeloaders. >| No loitering, only business!

Dammit res what are you planning with the porygons. I'm the one who collects porygons :(

Disable porygon? Porygon2? Porygon-Z?
Judgement Extremespeed?
Quick Attack?

Yes (for all three)

fine, but then leave the drifloon collection to me!

reflect type porygon? (they get all the conversions why not)
mean look?
baton pass?

explosion? (not likely)

I'll think about it.
Yes on porygon-z only

I was thinking being able to use metronome would help somewhat. Also, if mirror move is a factor, I'd like to mention Cleffa gets copycat. If Togekiss is a maybe, what about Clefable?

Encore, Explosion, Follow Me on Chansey? If no, what about Blissey?

Cleffa is also not as fast as swellow and, bar a few things like follow me, not particularly prone to cutting in front of its opponents. I said that slow things required more thought before I knew what my stance on them was. Same goes for clefable.

Encore and follow me chansey yes, no to explosion on either one. (At least for now. God but chansey's movepool is fucked up.)
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