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The Bank

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Bouncing Off Clouds
The Bank​
It's probably the largest building in the strip-mall-sized commercial center of the Safari Zone. That's still not saying much, though; it's only a few square feet and staffed by a grand total of two people. Still, it does its job, which is to keep track of all of the tills and savings accounts of all the members who have ever signed up at the Safari Zone. The trustworthy boy and girl behind the counter take up deposits from area owners and take out withdrawals from area visitors and area soon-to-owners, not to mention those from the trading area.

Off to one side, between the bank of PCs and the potted narrow-leaved palm lily, there's a haphazardly-pinned list of rules and notices regarding the bank - originally typed and printed, a few have undergone revision by means of what appears to be a purple crayon (with later additions in -- is that red nail polish):

  • Members who run their own area or shops are fully responsible for withdrawing money from their customers' accounts and depositing it into their own.
  • That means if you buy something from somebody's shop or participate in an area, you don't have to do anything. The owner will see to it that the transaction is made.
  • Due to the recession and overinflation and identity theft by the Rockets TEAM ROCKET WOULD NEVER SINK SO LOW --!, allowance is given out when needed.
  • When withdrawing/depositing, link to the individual post in which the transaction was made as proof.
  • If you have an account here and then get a name change, please mention it here for clarity.

Alraune: $105
Anivla01: $110
Amaraia410: $110
Arcanine: $108
ArceusPalkia916: $110
Bes: $70
Blastoise: $112
blazheirio889: $104
Blaziking: $110
Bobino: $190
brandman1996: $118
Captain Sea Turtle: $125
Chaon: $105
Cloudsong: $70
Condabra: $106
coolking49: $133
Cryptica: $178
Dark Shocktail: $100
Darksong: $175
Dawn: $122
Dialgeus: $110
Drage: $61
Elliekat: $130
Emerald Espeon: $70
Enkoe: $106
Eonrider: $174
Espeon: $167
Esque: $110
Ferasquilee: $102
Flareth: $121
Flora and Ashes: $177
Frostdawn: $672
Full Metal Cookies: $579
Gargroyal: $100
godzilla898: $122
Griffin: $110
Hidan: $102
Hyst: $70
I Love May - Indigo: $118
Jack_the_PumpkinKing: $103
Jkittycat-Charizardlover: $122
KayKay: $105
Latias: $110
Latimew: $106
Leafstorm: $104
Littlestream: $101
lolpokemon: $26
Magnezone: $110
Mawile: $104
Melodic Harmony: $104
Mewtwo: $110
MidnightSaboteur: $255
Mike the Foxhog: $267
Momoharu: $118
moon-panther: $230
Mr Dude: $110
MysticMoon: $108
NightDaemon: $110
oldog: $108
Patar: $105
Pichu Chris: $103
PK: $105
PokeGhost: $81
RainbowRayquaza: $114
Ralts: $120
Ramsie: $100
Regigigas: $114
RespectTheBlade: $111
Ruffledfeathers: $205
Severus Snape: $122
ShadowUmbreon: $100
Skylark: $121
Sofa: $119
SonicNintendo: $113
Squornshellous Beta: $201
St. Christopher: $52
Starshine: $122
Superbird: $66
surskitty: $208
Tarinflame: $102
Teacher9985: $84
Togetic: $129
ultraviolet: $104
Verne: $111
Walker: $107
werefish5: $115
zeKieranator: $119
Zuu: $116​
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You don't have to post if you're spending money at somebody else's area. :) You used to have to, but I figured it would be a lot easier if only the area owner had to deal with it.
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