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The Black Market

*shot for double-posting for the umpteenth time*

Anyway, I just noted that I apparently had a Buizel in my starting team. Don't really want it, actually, but I wanted to ask if it's possible to stick a Pokemon in your active squad into the Black Market?
Ah, no, that wasn't quite what I was asking. I was asking if Pokemon in your active squad could be shoved into the Black Market, or if the Pokemon had to be in the computer terminal.
Oh, right, misread it. You can still put it up--even if it's technically in a battle, actually. That's why active squads are listed in the battles themselves, so they're still there as reference for the current battle even if you make changes. It's fair game.
Ah, awesome. In that case...

Putting up my female Buizel, Aqua, up for trade.

[Aqua] Buizel (F)
Ability: Swift Swim
Body Mod: None
Move Mod: None

Has no EXP. Actually, she hasn't been used at all. I'd much prefer Pokemon to money, but if I'm feeling desperate I'll accept money as well. Most likely, I won't accept items, but it all depends.
As for specific Pokemon... Ralts, Swablu, or Spinirak. You can offer and surprise me, but any of the three Pokemon I mentioned above will win me over for sure. Oh, and, um, if you want something vaguer, then Ice or Fire Pokemon in general will do nicely.

...I feel like I've typed more than necessary.
Hey Blastoise, would you trade that Trapinch for a Misdreavus? It's probably an over-offer but bahhhh I'm tired and I'm too lazy to look through the other Pokemon and I have enough money to afford the crap anyway, blah blah blah. If you've got a specific Pokemon you want, gimme a shout, as long as it's not rarity 8 because that's just a tad overkill.

...I am looking to get rid of my Buizel though :x

And before I forget, can you tell me the origin of the name Sceratio?
Alright, I've purchased the Misdreavus and she's ready to trade. Sorry I didn't ask for the gender earlier; hope it doesn't bother you too much.
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