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The Black Market


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In the shadowy back alleys of ASB Central, trainers sometimes gather, huddling together and speaking in low tones as pokéballs and money change hands. Never in the same place twice, run by nameless, faceless administrators, TCoD's Black Market is the place to head if you want to deal in items and pokémon for a low price, no questions asked.

The Black Market

In the Black Market you can sell pokémon and items to other players, buy what other players have put up for offer, or trade items or pokémon directly. There are no restrictions on how much or little you can offer pokémon or items for, although if you are suspected of abusing the trade post (i.e. you put a bunch of pokémon up on offer for $0 and your friend appears right away to grab them all), your transaction will be denied. Also, think GTS here: if you put your chikorita up on offer and request $100 for it, a deal is not happening.

If you offer to buy a pokémon, wait to get it approved until the player who offered it confirms the transaction before going off to the Registration Office. The seller may deny your transaction if he or she wishes, or someone else can counteroffer on the item or pokémon. You may also attempt to negotiate prices in this thread if you see something you want but don't want to pay quite as much as it is being offered for.

If you just want to get rid of something with no hassle and don't mind taking a bit of a smaller profit, you can instead sell items or pokémon directly to the black market. Simply post here with what you want to drop off, then visit the bank to claim one third the pokémon or item's price, rounded down, in return. Items or pokémon sold in this way will be added to the first post of this thread and offered for sale to other players at half their official price. If no one wants them after a few months, they will be released back into the wild--gone forever, from the point of view of the members of the league.

If you want to buy a pokémon or item from the Market, simply post which one you want in the thread and immediately make your bank and approval posts; no need to wait for a confirmation.

Pokémon For Sale
Combee (M) <Honey Gather> - $12
[ComBEE] (M) <Honey Gather> - $12
[BEES on Earth] (M) <Honey Gather> - $12
[Pooh] (M) <Honey Gather> - $12
[Legendary] Growlithe (F) <Intimidate> - $8

Items for Sale
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I would like to trade:

[Numel] Pompeii [F]
Sig. Move: None

I would enjoy: Any Rarity 1 Pokemon but Bellsprout, Bidoof, Bronzor, Budew, Caterpie, Clamperl, Diglett, Geodude, Ledyba, Magikarp, Numel, Oddish, Pidgey, Poliwag, Rattata, Starly, Swablu, Weedle, Wooper, Wurmple, or Zigzagoon. Or any higher rarity you want to throw at me, especially Grimer.
[Yossarian] Exeggcute (M) Chlorophyll

$0, for Seritinajii, as a belated birthday present.
[Artemis] Nidoran♀ (F)
Ability: Poison Point
Received: Bought
EXP: 0

for 0$ to moon-panther...

Also woooah I forgot about that Dunsparce. I'll pick it up now xD
Fer Mike:

[Giftwrap'd] Riolu (M)
Ability: Inner Focus

Uh, it'll cost you $0 and a Raidramon.
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