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The Clue Game

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Oh the joys of evil #15
It's what you need to get the clue
It's what the condition needs to be to get the clue
AAGHHH!!! I'm going iNsAnEEEeeeE here!! I can't figure out 24 no matter WhAt!! (sorry for bad grammar; I'm just angry at the question) so yeah... PLEASE? tell me a hint for the answer!!! Is it a pokemon? or an item in the game?? maybe a certain stat of a pokemon or something? ANYTHING will help......... I can't even comprehend the question very well. is the answer anywhere on the site? (beside the forums) or just pokemon knowledge? game or anime? I'm soooooooooooooooooo confused. (sorry for 'o'verdose on the 'so'!!)
Stuck on 24 now.

EDIT: Got it! I liked my wrong answer better, though.
It's a Pokemon.

EDIT2: 26 is killing my brain dead.
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It's near the beginning of a place you really don't want to go to....
It's similar to the 5th one (dejavu, anyone?)
Okay, for 26 Think about what a mention could be...

Anyone got the answer to 27 yet? I'm stuck there D:
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aww man!! I kno it's a pokemon and like #5 but i don't have a clue what this is supposed to mean! at all!!! makes no sense to me. #24 is rotting my brain cells more than watching baby shows all day! help me before i (not literally) shrivel up into little bits of nothing!
Okay, for 26, I think this will be revealing way too much :S Mention = thanks.

Anyone got the answer to 27 yet? I'm stuck there D:

A winner is you. Thankies!


28 now! \O/

It has something to do with maths.

EDIT: Bloody hell, I'm on a roll. 29 now!

Think early anime.
Maths? I know no maths D: Is it like a logic problem or do you need to see some page on the site?

EDIT: Got it. Now for 28...

EDIT2: Hah. Got it on my first guess :D Thanks Ekibyōgami, your hint helped.

EDIT3: AHA. Now don't I feel smart...but I don't get 30 D:
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Okay. Guys. Look.

The clue game is about figuring out the clues on the page.

This means that when you give hints, you can hint at how the clue relates to the answer or narrow down the range of possible answers (e.g. "It's a Pokémon"). You can NOT give a completely different but much easier clue like "The first Pokémon that non-Pokémon fans would think of" or "This Pokémon can change into any other Pokémon" that happens to result in the same answer or give them the answer to the actually tricky part of the clue and leave them to figure out the easy one. That defeats the whole point of the clue game. If you give hints like that, somebody could theoretically get through the entire game without actually knowing what the heck any of the clues even mean. That is not what the clue game is meant for. Give hints, not blatant giveaways.
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