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The Clue Game

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@Darksong: Wait...*checks post* Oops, I forgot how the update was worded. This should be better:
You could say that when someone thanks someone (or a list of things), they're mentioning them...
The next one looks easy but it probably isn't. Is it a query string? ... I'm guessing that the hint in the page source is misleading and it's not actually Smoochum
There are thirteen verses - meaning that you're looking for the Pokemon with the highest total over those thirteen days/verses. And yes, 'tis a query string
Well, if I calculated correctly, the most total over the entire song being sung is 48 Raichu, but I tried both raichu=48 and raichu=fortyeight and neither worked...
Clue 28 was easy... but it wouldn't have been if I hadn't bought the first season of Pokemon on DVD... :P Clue 29 mentions 22, and the answer to 22 is Scyther.... so what's the "do it" for? Is it a move Scyther learns?
Darksong: It's not the answer to 22 that is important - it's where you found it.

sreservoir: A popular Pokemon. So popular that people began to hate its popularity...
19, please? It says, 'Hovering over images is fun.'. I think that means that means I have to put the number before the pokemon's name, but other than I'm confused. Any help?
Thanks, now for 21... I think it means rhyperior and solid rock. I tried one-fourth, -1/4, rhyperior, camerupt, ability, three-fourths, solid rock, super effective, and damage.
dragonair: Well, it's a recoil move that's easily forgotten. I'll give you a hint: it's Electric-type. But what other electric type recoil move is there? :P (this one really confused me too.

Now to answer the last clue!
It reminds me of Mewtwo somehow... a Pokemon who wanted to be different... yup, only Mewtwo comes to mind. xD Something like "the difference came at a price." That's just confusing me...
21? I think it has something to do with ekans or mewtwo. I'm pretty sure of ekans, but I can't think of what type of twin? The last part of the source code hint was really confusing. 'The answer is "it", not "I", but who is "I"?' ? I have no idea what that means.
May I please have some more help with question 30? I've been stuck for a while now...:sweatdrop:

I've tried shiny, secondframe, gba, goldsilver, goldsilvercrystal, etc. am I close at all?
@Darksong: I think of Bagon when I hear 'wanting to be different'. It wants to fly, right?

I already tried Bagon... and Shelgon, and Salamence... I also tried everything I could think of that had to do with Kanto, since I know that some fans like Kanto more than the regions after them.
I've been stuck on #2 forever. I know the Pokemon is squishy and floppy but the answer never comes to me. Can I get a better hint at least?
Edit: Got it. Now I'm stuck on #3.
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For 30, I'll give you a hint: it's not a Pokémon. It's funny how obvious the clues seem once you find the answer...:sweatdrop:
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