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The Clue Game

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Wait, that explains the problem. We're talking about totally different questions.
Ten... ten... well, it's a movie title. If that's not enough of a hint then I don't know what to do.
I dun get it. Location found? But that's all over the region. Tried Cianwood AND Vermilion

And Mew Nommer: Think gen. 4 I hope that's not too big of a hint.
OH. I thought it was referring to the pokémon of #5. And about the spaces: I was trying to do query strings by accident. 15 is bogus, by the way.
Fourteen refers to the games.

EDIT: o.o Dude your post totally didn't show up for me. Hah.
15 is annoying. It's pretty simple to know what to put in, but the words could be in any order or vary in spelling and to top it off Safari doesn't accept query strings.
Did you look at the source code? What's so special about the clue there?
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