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The "Fwee" Thread

Finally got around to starting Dual Destinies last week or so, and finished it last night (it was half past three when I was done, woops) and just... wow. Talk about an emotional rollercoaster. The last case was 100% intense *__*

Now I'm kinda happy but also kinda sad. Fictional characters, quit toying with my feelings. :U
I guess I still have the DLC case left, though. :P
Opening night of our school musical was absolutely fantastic. There were a few hitches, but they were the funniest parts of the show.


so today there were auditions for the Shakespeare Tour my school does; in fall semester, about ten kids go to different schools and perform sonnets and scenes by Shakespeare relating to a certain theme.

So I went and I did my sonnet (78, by the way) and the director (Wayne Turney, Actual Real-Life Santa Claus) worked with me on it

And at the end he goes "okay, I'll need your shirt size and your contact information and I'll email you during the summer about our theme" etc etc etc

So I'm in! First performance thing here! HAHAHAHA *ahem*

(I was also told to use my "natural charms" to get more guys to join us. so....?)
I just managed to pass the 60 seconds mark on the hardestestest level of Super Hexagon TWICE

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I decided to come back to here for reasons. Yaaaaay.

Also at some point apparently got attractive somehow because a girl actually wanted to go to Prom with me, so that's an interesting inversion of my whole life prior.

And jelly beans. I have a two pound bag of jelly beans.
Oh, hey! You're back! Glad to see you've returned. Congratulations on scoring a date and a two pound sack of beans. Commendable.
is it possible to fall in love with ~40 people all at the same time

no but seriously Music Man happened and it was wonderful and certain negative people were amazing

(also i went to kiss certain negative people on the cheek and due to really bad timing i ALMOST KISSED HIM ON THE LIPS AND IT WAS ONE PART AWKWARD AND ANOTHER PART HILARIOUS FOR ME)
Happy!! I am very happy and so don't know why I think it is because of the coffee but oh well because being happy is so fun and I feel like running twenty million miles or something because I am very happy!

Also tomorrow is 9 months with Jakey!!!!
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Okay. . . I think I can quit cutting.


I know I can.

My friends, my family, my girlfriend, they're all right.

Umm . . . I do deserve to heal . . .
Prom was exhausting. We danced for all the songs except for the Country ones. There about three of those. So yeah, almost four hours of nonstop dancing. But it was really, really fun. wooooooo
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