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The "Fwee" Thread

i went to the show again and i was in the line of sight during Wells Fargo Wagon and everyone looked me dead in the eye as they pointed at the imaginary wells fargo wagon a-coming down the street

which was hilarious

also apparently the guy i should have kissed fully anticipates me giving him a hug after a performance which is...something
I scored 25% above state average on my Algebra I EOC (it was a practice test why did nobody tell me this).
i swear to god every year (aka this year and last year) we have one performance at our last actors lab that is outright stellar and although everyone else is great the actors in whatever scene/song it is just outshine everyone else

and i was fully aware ahead of time which it would be because MAN those actors are amazing (one is the guy i should have kissed hahaha)

but i didn't prepare myself well enough and thus i almost cried because a) that scene was depressing holy shit and b) GOD they were really in character don't get me started
The new Firefox is really sleek so far! We'll see whether I stay happy with it.
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I've met with someone on OKCupid in real life, I'm about to head to a Foster the People concert, and one of my internet friends is visiting from Canada soon.

So yeah, pretty cool.
I taught a lesson today and it went really well!

Also I talked to my adviser about how to get a bio credit that I need over the Summer. Nothing's finalized, but things are looking good.
I might be getting my high-school sweetheart back, and I finally feel good about myself for the first time in Arceus-knows-how-long.
And I continue my trend of As and Bs in college with only two B(+)s this past semester \o/

Also Wonder Trade is the best ever
Umm . . . it's been seven years since I started, but I think I can finally quit cutting.

No. I know I can.

Wrecked half of some random guy's team with my freshly trained Chatot :D
Managed to use Nasty Plot once and then proceeded to 2HKO a Metagross with Boomburst (he switched it in so it didn't even get to hit me once). Dude's Mega Garchomp went down with a single hit. Using pokes with less fantastic base stats feels extremely good when everything goes as planned. :3
i saw music man again yesterday and apparently the performers could see me grinning the entire time

i just love this show
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