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The "Fwee" Thread

Domino's build your own pata <333
Who knew sausage and ham and Alfredo sauce went so foodgasmingly good together :'D
One of the reasons my job is crazy, a half hour ago I helped delivery a baby, in the front seat of a car, outside the emergency room entrance.

This is the second time I've done this, though last time it was in an elevator.
I won my first prerelease yesterday! I got to swing with way fewer dragons than I expected given that the set being previewed was Dragons of Tarkir, but I'm not going to complain about eight free packs and a bonus playmat! I was pretty underwhelmed with my deck going in--true to form I failed to open any real bombs, and I ended going up pretty solidly three-color. I did get both Atarka's and Dromoka's commands, but other than that it was pretty much the Atarka strategy of "turn four- and five-power things sideways until opponent succumbs," which served me very well in the Fate Reforged prerelease, but I ended up having a lovely run of luck (no mana problems all night despite the WTF mana base) and making it work.

The team event I played in today was far more disappointing--not nearly as fun I did for FRF, although my/my partner's decks were pretty good and we went 2-1. I attribute most of this to the store being absolutely crawling with chirpy ~10-year-olds, many of whom were playing in the tournament. Winning against a couple elementary kids feels kind of crappy, and losing to a couple of elementary kids feels worse (though luckily that didn't happen to us). I think we're going to a different store next time because yeeeeah, my partner doesn't like kids either and they were just up in our face the entire time.

The team event definitely did have my favorite prerelease moment this go-round, though, which was when my turn-three Cloudform hit Ojutai Exemplars. That was seriously the best outcome for the entire deck, and I could not contain my excitement after peeking (best strategist). I suppose it makes up for the game I lost because lol that innocuous manifest was actually a Sandsteppe Mastadon.

Prereleases are just too much fun! I should really get into drafting; I enjoy limited a lot.
Aw yeah, I've only been breeding these for a few days and just hatched a shiny flawless 5IV Safari Ball Scyther! If only every shiny breeding spree was this easy and painless. :P

Now to decide what I should breed next. I have way too many breeding-ready parents and fancy eggmoved special ball females to pick from o___o;
Starting my first job today. Training today, first full shift tomorrow. Nervous and happy at the same time.
Taking the GRE test went rather smoothly today. According to the testing computer, I got the best score possible on the quantitative sections, and a pretty good score on the verbal sections as well.
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You know, it's clearly the same engine as A New Begining, but Story of Seasons is already a lot prettier. You run faster too.

Not sure how I feel abou Marvelous' new logo though. Looks like it should be on a comic book.
I found a new anime today that made me feel fangilrly inside. It's called "DearS." You guys won't like it, but I found it really funny. Perked me up a tiny bit with the bad headache I had.
We've started the matrix unit in maths, and I expected it to be really difficult, but I'm flying through it. It feels good to finally just get something, and it's bringing my grade up.
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