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The "Fwee" Thread

i did an audition yesterday and three people (two of whom were OUTSIDE THE AUDITION ROOM AND COULD APPARENTLY HEAR ME) said i was lovely~

so i didn't get a callback. but you know what? i'm cool with that! i could still get in, and i'm proud of myself for doing a great job!
Chance encounter at lunch with the person I quite possibly like :D And we sat and talked, and it wasn't awkward even though there were a number of reasons why it could have been. I really think part of it was me telling myself "just don't act awkward and it won't be awkward!" And hey, it works.
I'm finally starting to feel better about my life. I have a clear goal and have found the main source of my depression and will be confronting it soon, and I just feel fantastic because of this.
I have completed the BLOOD RITUAL and I'm feeling pretty good! It was my first time donating blood and it's neat to think that stuff created inside me may end up in other people's bodies :D
after 17 grueling years, I will finally be entering a nightclub tomorrow
all in all I would say this was pretty fantastic

I can lay claim to
having taken three drugs tonight
and the atmosphere was great and the staff were incredibly friendly

a definite highlight would be being hit on by a guy who claimed to know me? (he did in fact give accurate information about me) and bought me a beer and slapped my ass as I walked away. so that was nice. both of us failed to request telephone numbers though >:\
aaah the play is over! After 5 shows (two of which were today), it's finally done.
Although it's bittersweet, it was still an amazing experience because we got to work in an actual theatre instead of my school's crappy piece of shit! Also, they were holding auditions for Shrek, so a bunch of us went and auditioned. I doubt I'm getting a callback, but it's still my first *real* audition.
I just got a 4IV Houndour in a moon ball through wonder trade. Perfect! :D I can't wait to raise it into a Houndoom for battling.
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Thanks to this week's humble bundle I can finally play Hatoful Boyfriend! Don't have enough dollars to get that sweet dakimakura though ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

(Also, I have a spare steam key for Long Live the Queen if anyone wants it!)
Thanks to this week's humble bundle I can finally play Hatoful Boyfriend! Don't have enough dollars to get that sweet dakimakura though ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

(Also, I have a spare steam key for Long Live the Queen if anyone wants it!)

I'll take that steam key if no one else is interested, the game looks pretty interesting. PM me and I'll give you my Steam details.
Got a shot today. I barely felt it for the less-than-half of a second it was in me, so as a guy with trypanophobia this really helps.
Also I can play Majora's Mask 3D now! I hadn't played OoT 3D so I hadn't seen its 3D effect before. It's really good, it's probably the first game I have where I'll actually be playing with the 3D on!
I can't remember if it was like this in the original but the sad look on Anju's face when she's taking food to the grandmother is really sad :( it really adds to the depressingness of the game.
fucking lol, my lover has broken up with me because I finally admitted to them that I no longer really identify as otherkin, something which I put off because I dreaded the consequences ;)

on the bright side I can now give my fantasies of having an English girlfriend serious consideration
fuck YES it's almost 3 in the morning (I'm staying up because I know I'll just cough myself awake every five minutes, not so that I could play pokemon) and I finally got my shiny Eon Ticket Latias! It's so goddamn yellow and adorable ohh my god

This time my Synch Ralts (nicknamed Nsync, I felt that was an important detail to add) managed to pass on Modest, so yay for that! I caught it in a luxury ball, and it took way less of those (five I guess?) than my test-captures ever did :P

IV calculator says that it has perfect IVs in HP, Def and Sp. Atk and that its Special Defense is garbage, but that doesn't really matter. It's beautiful and sparkly and it's mine and that's the important part <3
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