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The "Fwee" Thread

A friend studying in Madagascar sent me a huge facebook message and I get to unwind and read it later after rehearsal :3 seriously this thing is enormous
Tfw dating someone \o/

And on a lesser note I finally was able to craft Dr. Boom and a full Patron Warrior deck in Hearthstone. Time to try hard \o/.
I got approved for the grad course I wanted to take! The prof guy who I had to ~prove my worth~ to was very scary and when he was staring at me I was suddenly very conscious that I was a girl with very girly hair and pink on my shoes and pink on my backpack and I had filled out the entire application form in bright pink pen, and now I'm annoyed that I didn't wear my pretty pink dress for the occasion as well. >:( Oh well.
Feral (the Zoo Tycoon 2 forum I help moderate), has just released its first premium download for ZT2! You'll need 500 of our forum currency (Zoo-Cash) in order to get the link via PM.

It was the long-awaited zoo banners featuring animal species from North America (bobcats, puma, three species of bears *black, grizzly ,and polar*, bison, an alligator, a fox, a raccoon, otters, a wolf, and a majestic bald eagle) that I have requested!
my choreographer is literally my favourite person in the world right now. I told her I had to drop out of our dance company this year because I have to have surgery and won't be able to walk and she went and arranged an entire solo part for me where I will not have to put weight on my injured foot. I'm so, so happy I'll still be able to dance this year even in a cast, I think I'm going to cry

(also, the idea she had for me is so, so good. this piece is going to be SO GOOD.)
Man, everything is just, ahh. So great. The show is going well, I've kept up with all my homework, and I'm really starting to feel at home with the rest of the department. We went out to the bars after opening night and that was just, so much fun, everyone was hugging and I realized that I hadn't hung out with a group of people who hug in months. And like, hadn't, outside of summer, in a couple of years maybe. Theta Alpha Phi is really awesome, too--I thought I'd be a little turned off by the volunteer work and stuff, but coat check is awesome! And the people are awesome so really it's almost not work at all.

An interesting other thing is that the cast party on Friday has a costume theme, where we each dress up as the opposite of our personality. Honestly I've never had an easily-expressed personality, at least I didn't think I did--some people think I'm nerdy, but I'm not that smart or into 'nerdy' things, some people think I'm a musician (jesus lord that's a good one), but really I just like Hawaiian shirts and flip flops and I hate the cold. And I realized that the theme of my life is just: summer. Endless summer, all the time, forever.

So yeah for the party I'm wearing a big coat and boots and I wonder if Walmart has earmuffs right now
Hamilton is amazing please listen to it

fucking king george is so pointless and his songs are hilarious and the rest of it is super lovely and rockin' and really moving tbh (don't talk to me about Satisfied or Burn or Wait for It or anything really tbh i will scream)
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