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The "Fwee" Thread

I DID A THING okay it was a scene for someone's directing class but I DID IT AND IT WENT SUPER WELL
I have officially 100% completed Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon.

Took less than 110 hours. It's super fulfilling and it's a fantastic game.
Just played the most amusing game of mafia I think I've ever played. There were seven people, and I was the mafia along with one of my younger cousins. Each round a majority of people accused me, but I managed to deflect the guilt onto someone else. This continues until there are only three people, two of which are mafia. Normally this would be the end, but we decided to just play it out. So then both my uncle (who was sure I was mafia the whole time) and my mafia teammate point to me. Why? I assumed she just wanted to troll everyone, so I just went along with it. Then, the narrator called for another night phase, and the mafia cousin pointed to kill off my uncle. Then the doctor (who was actually my uncle) woke up and pointed to heal himself. My eyes were open at this point, so I just fucking lost my shit and started laughing uncontrollably at the irony. Then when no one died the next morning the two living players pointed at each other. My "ghost" was called upon to split the tie, so what do I do? Backstab my teammate, of course. So then my uncle won because the two mafia killed each other off. It was beautiful.
Then when no one died the next morning the two living players pointed at each other. My "ghost" was called upon to split the tie, so what do I do? Backstab my teammate, of course.
This. This is how you mafia.
I GOT MY FIRST REAL JOB (even if it's only seasonal, tho he indicated it is a possibility i can stay on board after christmas) AND ONE OF THE GRAD SCHOOLS I APPLIED TO WANTS ME FOR INTERVIEW AND ALL THIS HAPPENED IN LESS THAN AN HOUR

my freaking boyfriend has been bouncing up and down for like three days because he was so excited to give me my christmas present and i got it today and NOW I UNDERSTAND
Last 24 hours have been a ride. Started by writing my last final (woohoo!), then bussed for an hour to stay with a close family friend for the night. Woke up disgustingly early (4:45am) to catch the earliest ferry back home, but got rewarded with a beautiful sunrise on the sailing. Made an appearance at my high school's pre-winter break celebration and free breakfast; it was a lovefest. So many people I was happy to see for the first time in months, and so many people who felt the same. I saw everybody I wanted to, teachers, alumni, and current students alike. Followed that by trekking around town with my best friend and just generally having a good time. Now I'm home, curled up in a comfy chair, watching hockey, and surrounded by Christmas decorations, with two weeks of more of the same ahead of me.

In short, I am home and happy.
So I haven't played a mainstream Pokémon game since Emerald... until now! I'm joining the (semi-old, but more modern than I was before) world of SoulSilver and Black 2! :D

...Maybe someday I'll get a 3DS and play the actual modern games...
Christmas wasn't actually that bad this year: I baked a bunch of cookies, and Igot a new pair of headphones along with Majora's Mask.
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