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The "Fwee" Thread

Dad and I went to see The Force Awakens!!! I smiled a lot it was fun. Haven't seen Star Wars on the big screen ever (too young obv) so it was a great experience and man these new characters are so cool. :D Dad thought it was great too, he managed to avoid spoilers somehow (i follow my star-wars-trash-friend's tumblr and she managed to spoil me for one plot point by talking about how she was trying to avoid spoiling another friend for that exact plot point when we were all cosplay-shopping in Party City yesterday like ok) so he had a Time with it.
So I spent New Years with my friends from home and my boyfriend (!!!!!) so for 90% of them it was their first time meeting him and

A) no one scared him off
B) my one friend's boyfriend (who was supposed to not be here but showed up by magic) and him hit it off scarily well
C) everyone approves! Yay!
Im just never usually mad. YAY HAPPINESS!

Edit: just got my 1st gf!!!! I am now a ticking time bomb of happy.
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made region band!!! really glad cause last year i absolutely bombed the audition due to anxiety but i redeemed myself this year and my band director said he was super proud and i deserved it so that made me feel better!
Today is the premier of our production of Legally Blonde: the Musical. I play Emmett Forrest (second fiddle to the titular blonde). The hype is extreme!!!
I have officially 100% completed Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon.

Took less than 110 hours. It's super fulfilling and it's a fantastic game.
I just did this myself. With all Pokémon recruited, treasures obtained, and dungeons explored, it took a little over 100 hours to complete. Worth it.
Went on a snowmobile ride tonight, was pretty fun! Hit a jump and the sleds shut off as soon as I hit the ground, and only got stuck once. Probably got up to 60-70 mph at some points, couldn't tell because the meters were frosted over. All in all 10/10 ride would go again!
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