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The "Fwee" Thread

I really like Hyrule Warriors and I'm not always at my house with the wii u so I was like "eh whatever I have some gift cards let's pick up legends because bonus characters and also apparently wii u dlc is included"

IT WOUND UP BEING EVEN BETTER THAN THE WII U VERSION??? Like you can switch characters mid-battle and having enough playables around a giant boss gives bonuses and also an ocarina??? And Linkle is there and TBH she has become my favorite Zelda character ever I love Linkle so much

Like I'm p much just rebeating stuff I've done and it's SO FUN!!! In-battle graphics are a teeny tiny bit simplified because 3ds but other than that it's a pretty decent port; I'd say it's better than the wii u version, TBH

I hyped it up so much that less than twenty four hours after I got it my boyfriend was like "don't spoil it I'm downloading it now" and he agrees that it's great and Linkle is best character

everything ever is just Shakespeare now, I hear one word and my brain shoots into a monologue or scene. I just need to nail down Theseus and Flute-Thisby, and I'm golden. Tonight we randomize tracks, Tuesday our director Lenny flies in and WE OPEN IN A LITTLE OVER TWO WEEKS OMGGGGG
Bleh, finally got into our new house after over 12 hours...
We have a pool and a jacuzzi though. So that's pretty great.

I got some more loot from the Pokémon Center in Tokyo.

Eifie, the Furret folder is yours. You'll get it... somehow.
I saw a student production of In the Heights yesterday. It was indistinguishable from a professional production. All I feel is amazement and jealousy for not being in that school and its theatre club (and instead being saddled in this Catholic school's "censor everything but the kittens" policy on scripts).
The end is in sight. So very in sight. I'm beginning to think about writing again and I can't wait.

I do need to learn how to not get ahead of myself. Less dreaming about titles, finding cover artists, etc. etc. and more grunt work right now would do me good.
Good things happening today (such as finishing up a few big portions of projects - still more to go, but slowly getting there), and I'm realizing my part in things. As with the first fwee, it's only a small part in a huge tapestry of parts I could play. But it's one small thing.
Someone cut the grass outside my apartment today and I was super concerned that he would also chop down all the pretty little purple flowers that make up part of the grass, but he didn't :D So many pretty purple flowers
For Star Wars Day today, my friend is dressing up as Emporor Palpatine at school, and I am going to walk behind him playing the Imperial March as he walks down the halls. It's going to be great.
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