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The "Fwee" Thread

Dorm Room version 2.1.1
- Improved Graphics
- Fixed glitch where room floods
- Upgraded Party Compatibility

I get to use the light board! I honestly thought I would only get backstage since there were so many more experienced people but I got my preferred job. Happy soul
HO~O~OLY fuck, just did two miles on a stationary bike in almost exactly eight and a half minutes on a resistance of 4, averaging at 15 mph the whole way through.

and sweaty
Got bored, decided to read more about the meaning behind Lord of the Flies.
Wikipedia said "The Butterfly Revolution" was sorta similar in child evil and government or whatever. Read the summary. Adding to books I must read. Playing & marching full halftime show tommorrow. Also getting my section shirt soon.
The pep assembly today was awesome. I got pushed by my friend into the mosh and came out with only a sore shoulder. Awesome. Also, Homecoming game tonight, and we're against a school that's maybe two years old, so they suck. Badly. Kind of nice, kind of bad when you know your school is going to dominate the entire time.

Still, though, aaaaawesoooooooome.
Woah. I think I might have finally gotten rid of that strange general melancholy I've had for quite a long time. O:

After the first week of school I realized I was more often strangely positive and optimistic for no reason instead of the usual meh/unhappy for no reason. My world hasn't changed a bit so dunno what caused this, but I'm definitely not complaining :D

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