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Website Pet Hates


Anything but unremarkable
I know it's from way back, but...

like substituting the proper alphabet letters like 'd' and 's' for the Greek Delta and Sigma.
What's wrong with Greek?

Okay, I admit it would be a bit annoying to see Greek characters being used in a clump of otherwise Latin alphabet-using text.


I'd say most ads, this that follow the mouse, 'transparentised' images that just end abruptly halfway through an object (like the banner Serebii had before the current one) and webmasters/admins who have no idea how to use proper spelling/grammar/syntax and so on. I hate seeing things like 'hi welcome too my site i hope you like pokemons becuase we tlk about them heer, their relly cool'.


Still loves Joltik, though!
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I suppose for any of you people that are just deluded with Firefox fanboyism, read this first.
I've always found that page amusing, what with how ridiculously selective it is. It tells you nothing but the fact that Firefox is not perfect, which any idiot could figure out, but deliberately neglects to mention that other browsers aren't perfect either and Firefox really isn't particularly much more imperfect in any significant way. Look at all the people in the "Testimonials" column who proudly announce how validated they feel about their opinion that Internet Explorer is better than Firefox now that they've read the page, completely oblivious to the fact one could make a ten times longer page about the pitfalls of IE because the site doesn't want to mention them.

I especially love the multiple entries based around the fact that IE can have some Firefox features with so-and-so add-on while the page explicitly ignores extensions when discussing Firefox features. As well as this downright hilariously non-sequitur attempt to make IE's standards support look good:

Notes - Internet Explorer has very good support (81-86%) for the most important web standard, HTML 4.01. In most educational systems an 81-86% would equal a "B" grade and without HTML the World Wide Web would not exist as we know it. The author is consistently lowering this rating. When I first referenced the page it was at 86% and has since dropped 1% every month or so.
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actually very huggable
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Opera > Firefox right now.
Why? Sure, Opera's faster, but Fx has more features and they're level in standard compliance. Granted, I don't know much about security using Opera, but they seem pretty equal to me. o.o

1. Luftballon

I hate it when people argue about browsers on some thread that isn't even about browsers...
(And this is why I use Firefox)
But anyway:
I hate it when people make pages without a DOCTYPE.
I hate it when people make pages that say they validate but don't.
I hate it when people make pages with WYSIWYG editors.
I hate it when people advertise sites with no real content.
I hate it when people don't write valid HTML.
I hate it when people don't bother to check their pages in multiple browsers.
I hate it when people use ActiveX.
I hate it when people use images excessively.
I hate it when people use JavaScript when they would send the information to a CGI script anyway.
I hate it when people make huge pages with far too much content.
I hate it when people can't write properly.
I hate it when people have a lot of 'Under Construction' pages.
I hate it when people have a lot of 404s.
I hate the Universe.
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Used to be Girapvisu
For me it's sites that have
Dead links: Because it's really annoying to not be able to get to a page and often shows -Insert site's name here- hasn't been updated for ages.

When people have the same sort of content because we do not need to have carbon copy sites: To me having a carbon copy site means you don't care about your site and you just made it for bragging rights ( not that theres many in owning a ccs).

Contestshipping: There are more then enough Contestshipping Fanfics already and due to so many being made at an alarming rate on sites like FanFiction.Net they are becoming very unoriginal, same with a lot of the major shippings. It's sad to see fanfiction become so unoriginal and it isn't going to fix unless people don't write them as much, just incase someone on this forum writes unoriginal -insert popular shipping here- obsessively.
I don't like:

* Premade Freewebs layouts.
* Piczo. Just...no.
* People that go like "internet explorer is teh suxxorz use firefox, opera or whatever the crap"
* People that go like "paint is the suxxorz use photoshop or paint shop pro"
* People that deliberately makes their sites not work in Internet Explorer. I haven't met any but I'm sure they exist.
* People that make links like "WIN 10000000000000000000000000000000 ZILLION DOLLARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111111111111ONEONEONE!" that just leads to a "do not click here" page or something. Not only is that a misleading link, but come on. Nobody is gonna give away that much money for clicking a link.


* People that go like "paint is the suxxorz use photoshop or paint shop pro"
Ooh same here, I love MSPaint :D I draw my comics in it
And my comics are the reason I have a website at the moment, so people telling me paint sucks would be pretty annoying

I use PSP7 for the website graphics & such however lol :I


New member
I hate it when people have sites for about two months and shut it down because 'It's too much stress' or you 'Don't have enough time.'
Sure, you may have to take your SAT's and study for the next 4 months, but that doesn't mean you have to shut down all the work you did. A hiatus or a lack of updates is fine. If you have true affiliates, they'd understand. That's one of the things being a webmaster is all about: dedication. >.>

I don't mean to sound rude or obnoxious though.
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Kratos Aurion

beep beep coming through
Correction: A hiatus is fine as long as you don't tear all of your website down for its duration. Just because you're moving or redesigning your layout does not mean that I magically no longer need access to the information on your website. Unless there is some sort of horrible security error that will cause my computer to explode if I visited your abandoned or under-revampage site there is absolutely no reason to take it down. At all. It is entirely possible to revamp or whatever and leave the original website right where it is.

And IE does suck, but people will use what they use and there really isn't any point bludgeoning them over the head with it. If they didn't listen the first time then they won't until they're ready. Or until it causes something terrible to happen and they need to look at an alternative. Hahaha Mom that's what you and the family computer get for not listening to me when I said Fx is better. >D


New member
I also hate sights that believe graphics are best. That the quality of your graphics or the times you switch layouts if the ideal way to go. Content is the most important thing. Elsewise, it's just pretty pages. >_>


You are now imagining the RBY Elite 4 theme.
I hate background music. And I hate it when people use small font and colours similar to the background colour. Why not have yellow lettering on black background? Elaborate =/= easy on the eyes and easy to navigate.


Yes We Can!! Obama Wins!
I'm a serious hypocrite with my old site but still.

-when background music is played. If I wanted to here Route 4 music then I would.
-when webmasters believe that dark blue and black text is the best color scheme in the world.
-when half their page links are not even on the site but are on the forums.
-when sites have "vote for us on the topsites"
-when they have a bunch of links saying join our forums,
-This famous line "together I believe we have the power to pass serebii" Marriland has an excuse.
-When everyone tries to emulate serebii in everything they do
-game pages. At least include a review and a few pictures or something.


Annoys me more nothing than frequent misspellings and grammer problams with no punctuatin

About the Firefox vs. IE thing, I'm almost tempted to make a website about why Firefox is better, even though everyone already knows why. Ranting sites are fun. :[

#1 bro

Ooh, I've got a good one.

When people make a wall of shame with nothing but a message saying "the wall of shame is currently empty! good job everyone!" and it's obvious that the wall of shame has never had anything on it. Ever.

Why. What is the point. It makes you seem arrogant and conceited, like "oh, my content is so great, pretty soon someone is going to steal from me and therefore i need this page for when it happens". It's probably actually a bit of that and a case of "oh look, PokeCave, Celebi's Garden, and Rikoushi Managoushi, my favorite three pokemon sites, all have wall of shames! I guess I need one too, HUH?" Well, guess what, kid? Those websites probably put their wall of shames up as retaliation against the thieves that were stealing from them. You know, out of anger, as a way to strike back against the thieves. But in YOUR empty wall of shame, it's not out of anger. It's not even justified. It's just kind of a wannabe thing.

So stupid. So annoying.


usually right
People who aren't webmasters(which is most of the internet user base)couldn't care less about IE's bugs and glitches. Why should they use a different browser to make your life easier?
I dunno I would think the people who make the Web deserve a little respect and consideration?

Not trying to sound like an asshole here, but it really can't be that much of a hassle to gracefully degrade to support older browsers that (sadly) most people still use.
It is.

I think that people will start switching browsers when they become more informed about the internet, not when some random person shoves a Firefox download link in their face all the time and acts like they should know better. People who have no clue what HTML is really don't know any better.
Then they should listen to people who DO know better.

What I will never understand is 'Why Firefox'? I can understand 'use any browser other than IE', but never 'get firefox'. Why not Opera? I prefer Opera to Firefox and Netscape and all those other things, and I'm pretty sure it's also standards compliant for the most part, so what about Firefox is so magical and awesome that it must be mentioned above other sites?
I don't care what people use, as long as it's not based on Trident. I suggest Firefox first only because (a) I like to spread open-source and (b) I am vastly more familiar with it, so I will actually be useful if the person I'm advising runs into problems.

Opera > Firefox right now. I suppose for any of you people that are just deluded with Firefox fanboyism, read this first.
If you take this page to heart, you are an idiot. Almost everything on there is spun to the most painful extent imaginable, to the point of being completely useless. I've never even seen anyone try to claim 90% of the things on this page, so I'm not sure how any of them gained "myth" status besides being claimed so by the author so as to make Mozilla appear untrustworthy.

I also love that the Firefox 2 bashing has not been updated for Firefox 3; the only mention of Firefox 3 is that it doesn't pass acid3.