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Welcome to Farroh!

Something doesn't seem right with the majority of places ending in either "town" or "city"

Other than that, pretty awesome :)
Wow! Awesome stuff! I love the gym leaders' names, but may I ask how the name Ryan is relevant to steel? I've pin-pointed the other ones, but I can't figure this one out...
I remember that while I was on holiday, actually. 'Ryan' sounds similar to 'Iron' - in fact, it's pronounced exactly the same but with an 'R' on the front. At least, it is with an English accent. RYE-uhn, EYE-uhn.
I didn't actually see that post, but reading it now made me smile.
It took me just about forever but I scratched Floware.


Not as good as Oaflaim, but eh. Plus the leafy plants kind of turned out as bushes with flower buds on the end.
Floware is adorable. 'Nuff said. :D

I like the shiny's colours best.

(Yes, I am purposely spelling it the British way. Brain is STILL on vacation mode, and will probably be until school ends. :D)
I shall now bump. Coming back from holiday and finding this thread on page 2 made me sad.
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