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Welcome to the Safari Zone! (What You Need to Know)

The bank is dead? Meh. Can I do the same?

Anyways, the reason I saw this page was because I was going to ask... I was going through the areas to figure out the average cost-rate ratio and I was wondering if I could remake a dead area? It wasn't mine, but the person who made it hasn't been on for ages, and I doubt they're going to mind. It was kind of messed up in the matter of rates, but I'm going to fix it. If I can make it.
Lol. Mixed up join date and last activity date.
Anyways, it's on page four and it's called stardust isle. It doesn't look like it was ever particularly popular, but it looks like it could be fun to renovate. Anyways, looks like the guy was on recently, so I'll ask him, I guess.

Pmed him. The last time he was on was about a week ago. And he doesn't seem to have done anything for a long time. So he might not get on again in the near future. Meh.
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I possibly just emailed him. I was looking at his profile page again to find his email adress, but it wasn't listed. And than I remembered someone at a programming camp who hated blueberry pie, loved pokemon, favorite pokemon lucario, favorite type dragon, used pen as a prefix meaning second a lot, and liked grass type as well... Also had little grasp of the math of probability... And lo! I have his email. So yeah. I possibly just emailed him. This happens to me all the time. I just talk to people and I swear I know people I've never met sometimes. I think I get it from my mom. But man, it took ages to find his email... I had it written down in my sketchbook.
Good point. Still, he hasn't been on for nearly a week. I'll do it anyways, I guess.

Got the beef. Check my profile. Anyways, it's not done yet, so I'll post it later.

I've got it mostly done. I have some stuff left to do.
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Ok since bank is dead, I want to open an area, it is like an abandoned Team galactic lab, so pokemon will be steel, psy, ghost, dark, and robotish(like porygon)
hi can I ask a few questions
OK thanks

1. Does it cost anything to create an area?
2. Can you buy pokeballs from your area or do you get them free? Same thing for hunting?

Could you could answer these in a message if you can?
OK I have another question. I know this is a stupid question but, whats an RNG?
OK I have another question. I know this is a stupid question but, whats an RNG?

It's a random number generator. Or random number God. As you please. A good one is random.org. Your calculator's Rand function also works, and is random for these purposes.
OK i found it now how do i use it?

You don't need to, unless you open an area, in which case, if you have a TI, go to MATH, then select PRB, then 5. This function accepts two or three parameters, which we will call a, b, and c. It returns a set of c integers between a and b inclusive. If c is excluded, it will return one random integer.

For random.org, from the menu Numbers, select Integers. It should be pretty intuitive.
Nobody is coming to my area, Power Plant, what a waste of $30.

Patience! You only just made it, and the Safari Zone's still just getting running again (It died from lack of activity for a bit). You definitely aren't gonna have people coming in as soon as an area opens, unless you're pretty lucky.

Don't worry, people will be coming in soon! :)
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