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Welcome to the Safari Zone! (What You Need to Know)

Can you take an old area, revamp it, and start a new thread for it for free as long as it retains the same name and theme and the old one gets ditched?
Haha, yeaaaaah... I was thinking of asking if anyone would be willing to adopt the facilities and events and everything, since neither of us are really interested anymore... :B
I could probably do that if there's some way to give me the ability to edit others' posts and such. Is that a thing? Like a forum-specific moderator?
Oh, cool! Yeah, if you're interested; I was thinking of threadmin, actually -- I /am/ a forum-specific moderator -- so let me just see ... my powers should extend to threadminning ... and then you'd be set! :D
Excellent! Works for me.
So that means I'd definitely need power over the Bank and the Daycare (psst your abridged rarity list is broken) and probably power over the rest would be good... just in case.

Also, one of the first things I'll be doing is organizing something in the events section to randomly give people fifth-generation things! Or well when they're released.

EDIT: We could really do with a judge for the Clefable Overlords event... and someone to explain the point of that Spiritomb thing.

EDIT EDIT: If events can give away legendaries, then can the 5G randomgrab have a very very slight chance of giving out a legendary? I'm thinking one in... three or four hundred, possibly much rarer. But hey, if a Shiny is only 1/200, then...
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The Clefable event is mine. I do plan on judging it eventually, but that'll be when I get around to doing that bit of plot Midnight and I discussed months ago. I haven't had much interest in doing that bit of plot, though.
ooh yes me over here I have a question

When you make a safari zone, how do you determine what pokemon someone gets? I be guessing RNG, but..

oh and by the by, if I bumped this and I wasn't allowed to bump sorry D:
RNG, yes. The exact means you determine it by are up to you, so long as they have reasonable rarities.

And don't worry, that's the point of stickies.
OK, just one more clarification (well two)

the way I think the RNG works with this is- you pick a set group of pokemon (common, uncommon, rare etc.) and assign numbers for it. the rarer the pokemon the harder the number is to get. But if my theory is correct, how would pokemon and items be determined?

Also how much does a safari zone cost
What I did before I made a dedicated generator was this:
First, I generated a number between 1 and 200.
Depending on that number, I took the rarity.
I had a list of Pokémon for each rarity.
I counted the number of Pokémon in that rarity band, then generated a number between one and that.
That gave me me Pokémon.

Items, the same way I guess.

A safari zone area costs $30.
I just thought up some new questions- (in building a Sssssssafari zone)

What are the odds of shinies?

How can you determine if it is a male, a female, or if someone caught the pokemon?

Answers would be much appreciated, thanks.
The minimum is 1/200, though it can be much rarer - I personally use the same chance as in the games.

RNG again. For gender you can determine a numbet between one and eight, then use that for the gender, and for catching, well, it depends on the odds, I guess.
Hi is this place dead? I posted a account profile in the bank, and was wondering if I should bother checking back.
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