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What are you watching?


loves terra "brain cells? idk her" kingdomhearts
Basiclly the same as "What are you reading", except we're talking about what you have watched, be it movies, TV shows, Youtube videoes.

If there's anything already like this, then a moderator can gladly lock this...

So, what have you been watching?
I just watched Hello Again. Very good movie. Also, watch BttF 1 AGAIN since it's so epic.

• Criminal Minds (SPENCER YOU PWN MAN)
• Anastasia (an animated movie by 20th Century Fox that I like a lot)
• And, currently, Lost. As in the TV series. Again. I am drop-dead in love with it. *coughgoDanielcough*
weeping hysterically over the latest episode of glee, as always

i just

what the fuck
Catching up on the Real Housewives of Orange County, because that's what I do with my Saturdays.
Hetalia, MLP:FiM, Ouran High School Host Club, Doctor Who(always watching this one), Sherlock, YGOTAS, Psych.

Most of these are on and off, but one of these is what I typically watch when I sit down with Netflix/the computer.

EDIT: Okey, add Pinky and the Brain to the list. *resists urge to start singing theme song*
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Um, the list for me is difficult:
The Big Bang Theory
Family Guy
Ghost Adventures
Ghost Hunters International
Chloe (movie)
Let Me In (movie)
The NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament
more and more (I have each week planned)
What I watch these days depends on who I'm with. I'm watching Pushing Daisies (I've seen it before, but it's the most delightful thing) and The West Wing (the best-written TV show ever) with my uni friends, Damages with my friend Joe (it's brilliant, but not easy watching at all), Spooks with my sister (it's a bit silly, but good fun), M*A*S*H (to this day, one of the greatest shows ever) with my friend Ruth, and Star Trek Voyager (very good), Northern Exposure (also delightful) and The Sarah Jane Adventures (which I utterly adore sometimes even prefer to Doctor Who) with Mhals. I listen to Cabin Pressure (my new favourite thing) when I'm alone :p

I recommend any and all of the above most heartily :D
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