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What are you watching?

Game of Thrones and Code Geass, though I really need to start watching Code Geass again since it's been two weeks since I last watched an episode of it.
Jersey Shore and AtLA, to remind myself of everything before I watch the Korra series.

Jersey Shore because I had finished Gossip girl and 90210 on Netflix, and wanted another drama filled show, so my boyfriend told me to watch it. I've actually grown attached to the first five episodes I've seen so far :x

I'm ashamed of this immensely -__-
So, I'm gonna revive this thread by saying that I've started watching Avatar: the Last Airbender. So far, it's awesome. Like, definitely in my top 5 TV shows, without a doubt.
Yuri on Ice, All Out, One Piece, Haikyuu, Ace of Diamond, Scared Rider Xechs, Uta no Prince-sama, stuff like that. I watch them all intermittently. (Still need to finish Saint Seiya Omega and Saint Seiya: Soul of Gold.)

Re-watching Future GPX Cyber Formula for the third time.

Real life TV
Going to watch some Nordic Combined and ski-jumping on Saturday. ...I'm annoyed that all sports seem to be transferring to paid channels. I want cool sports on the channels we have, dang it!

I've been rewatching Firefly (albeit at a slow pace) with my brother and parents. I only began watching it about two years ago or something and I've been very in love ever since.

I've also seen two episodes each of A Series of Unfortunate Events and Stranger Things (season 1) - I loved both and I want to continue them but I don't actually have my own Netflix. Once I am living on my own again, I'm probably going to consider signing up for it, at least for a few months so I can get caught up!

Been going through The Office (American version). Can't believe I've waited this long to finally watch it. It's fantastic! (Currently on season 7!)

I've also seen two episodes each of A Series of Unfortunate Events...
I finished the first season, it is so good! Can't wait for season 2.
Nice!! The Office is a fantastic show. Keep us posted! :O

I'm currently watching My Hero Academia. I also need to finish Gurren Lagann; just started the second season, when they do the time skip.
I'm currently watching Glee, Naruto Shippuden and The Pokemon Sun Moon anime. Glee is OK. Not sure I'm as invested on it as I used to be but I want to finish it. I just wish it was over already. As with Naruto it's great, but some battles take a bit too long...
Currently watching Twin Peaks, 30 Rock, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and Scrubs (though I haven't touched the last one in a bit... Should probably change that). They're all pretty phenomenal, and I can definitely see why they all acquired the large followings they did, but I think Twin Peaks has a special place in my heart. I've never cried more during a TV show than when I watched the first episode, and the main theme is a big reason why; it has so much emotion behind it, and I'd definitely call it one of my favorite songs at this point
Oh is it time for Chel's Niche Anime Rec Hours? Well, if it wasn't before it is now-

I've been watching - at my friend's recommendation as a direct result of getting WAY too invested in the gacha game it's based on (i know.) - this VERY cute anime called A3! it's about a girl who winds up becoming the new director of her father's old, now-failing all-male theater company, recruiting a whole bunch of new actors and trying to put on shows...or, well, that's what it advertises itself as, because it's honestly really about the actors' relationships with each other as they try to put on performances while navigating their own capital-I Issues. I mean, when the emotionally-best-off actor regularly works himself to exhaustion because he hasn't really figured out what self-care means...

The animation is a little weird here and there, and the pacing isn't always the best cause there's a lot of ground to cover in any given six-episode chunk, but it is unreasonably charming and I have adopted literally everyone in the cast.
I am currently actively watching video explanations of the World of Warcraft game. I only recently started playing it (despite the fact that the game is quite old), but I saw an advertisement from my blogger and decided to try it, and I loved it! Maybe you know something interesting about this game? (not necessarily about ENT):coffee:
I found something - to boost account for WoW, has anyone used something like this?
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