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What Games Are You Playing?


local hellion
very very slowly through dragon quest 11
well, it WAS veryvery slowly until the hero got announced for smash, and then I hit the game’s halfway point and whizzed through it because I couldn’t put it down.

and then I beat it. Twice. (Please play dqxi it’s one of my faves and one of very few games where I cried MORE upon a second playthrough.)

now it’s a lot of animal crossing, occasionally alternating between world of final fantasy and chocobo mystery dungeon, and eventually a third playthrough of dqxi but this time in 2d mode to see what’s weird about it.


I'm currently playing... many games. pokemon sword and fe three houses in the backburner, I'm actively advancing in tiny fractions in hollow knight, xenoblade chronicles x (it's a mess of a game but I could play it for weeks just grinding and collecting stuff,,,,) and destiny 2! I rarely have a lot of energy, even for gaming, and d2 and hk both require a lot more effort than xenoblade so that's often the one I sink the most idle "I have a headache but need to do something to pass the time" hours in


Flowers. So many of the same. So many unneeded.
Final Fantasy IV (DS). I need to level up my team a bit, which means grinding, but that's boring so I haven't picked it up for a while.

Pokemon White - yes, again. I'm currently training up candidates for my post-game team; a Deino and a Sneasel - though neither of them bring sorely-needed Fighting resistances or Electric/Flying-type attacks.


Happy Togekiss
Pokemon Sword and Shield - duh. I've been EV training the crap out of my pokémon, and now it's pretty easy, so that's been fun.
Pokémon White 2 - HAH! a one up on myuma and my game broke and i found a wild victini, i'm playing a ROM of it so that might explain it.
Legend of Zelda: Breath of the wild - because i never beat it. Darn that stupid lynel i can't beat it.

I've kind of been playing Fire Emblem: Three houses...
but actually not that much, i really enjoy it but i just haven't gotten around to it.

Minecraft sometimes? I got a minecraft realm with my girlfriend so we can hang out even though the coronavirus exists.
Also i've been playing sutoraiku high because that's a real game. It is really fun to play.


Judgemental people GTFO
I have several pokemon files I need to complete (i don't tend to try to win file keeping games as much in general unless its pokemon nowadays. though that can change time to time; just, yeah, i like more casual stuff like arcade/dress up/simplex-ish online games a lot of the time, dispite being pretty into gaming overall :P).

I often get distracted from pokemon game winning cos i wanna do facilities and EV training and more 'battle for fun' type stuff more haha.

But winning the games in general from the story can be nice too. I love pokemon games ;3