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What Pokemon would you, realistically, have?


I love girly things :)
As much as i like the fairy type, what i'd really like to have is a pet pikachu.

For one thing: FREE ELECTRICITY. For another, I just really like Pikachu. His persona in the anime impresses me (even if i've grown to be more into the games overall).


I love girly things :)
I wanna team up with the musketeer legendaries at the moment...xDDDDD they're epic. Especially Keldeo <3

Seriously A UNICORN THAT WANTS TO BE A TOP BATTLER :D just....d'awwww. Thats so cute. Give me a whole team of keldeo someone haha.


The Fool
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Here's how i got all my pokémon

Primarina - Lvl 36 - I recived her as a popplio as a starter for my 12th birthday? Thirteenth birthday? Something like that.
Butterfree(Hopefully Gmax) - Lvl 37 - Caterpie would have been a Pokémon i catch really early and then because it would evolve so soon i would feel happy using it. It might not be the most powerful, but it's still pretty cute.
Talonflame - Lvl 36 - Just a pokémon i picked up near my house and decided to catch. Plus i love Talonflame.
Lurantis - I caught Lurantis as a fomantis at my aunt's house because her houndour did not like it.
Sandaconda Lvl 36 - Ack i found a silcobra and then i attempted to catch him.
Mienfoo (Mienshao) Lvl 35- I caught this little mate stealing my trash and me and fletchinder decided to catch him.

Noivern? - I caught him as a noibat but after having a hard time with the ground type gym i evolved him.


Hmm. Probably my first Pokemon would be a dog Pokemon, and if I could choose, I would choose a Growlithe. Then I would also have a Poochyena as a pet (I have a grey schnauzer named Maya, so very similar ^^). the Maya Poochyena would be level 26 because she would have battled but not a whole lot, plus she's a pet so not meant for battling. I would have also ridden a Mudbray but never actually owned it because it's not one of my favorites. Then I would help as a volunteer in some Pokemon shelter but never actually caught any other Pokemon besides my loyal Arcanine and maybe (if I was lucky enough) I could have found a Dratini and raised it into a Dragonair.


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she, they
2nd time posting in this thread, I know :P

Maybe a bug-type from the garden, like a Vivillon or Cutiefly. Those seem like easy to catch and fairly common Pokemon I think I'd find in my area.


hmmm I think most likely I'd have encountered pokemon common to urban areas, or popular as pets. a growlithe, a spearow, maybe a nidoran or poochyena? I'd like to think some of the alolan ice-types would be common due to our winters, so in that case an alolan sandshrew would be cool! or a phanphy - I could see those being a common sight in all of our construction areas


Bug Friend
I have lived in a few different environments... In my Midwestern childhood I'd probably end up with a Corphish that evolved into a Crawdaunt, and as much as I'd like a Shedinja, I'm not sure I'd like my soul to die if I just accidentally looked at the back of it one day. A Ninjask would like take up so much room though (like aren't they huge? And would smack things with their big fast bug wings?), and would maybe be loud and buzzy. Might just keep an unevolved Nincada or catch a Paras. Something quiet and generally calm. I'd probably be able to find a Pumpkaboo/Gourgeist in the Midwest and I would def have one of those.

When I lived in the Southwest I'd pick up something. Maybe a Mandibuzz or a Murkrow. I'm in Florida now and probably would find some oceany ones... I'd get a Shapedo (but wow, going through the effort of catching one? I might though.) Or maybe a Relicanth. Do they need a big aquarium? If a big fish could just follow me around floating in the air, that would be more convenient.

I would have such a problem participating in Pokemon battles or anything, or even hurting one of my existing Pokemon in order to catch a new one. I even felt bad playing the games when I was a child, because you're just beating up your Pokemon. Why must we fight.


Says "also" and "or something" a lot
Luckily my favourite Pokémon is bound to be quite common.

But beyond Murkrow, I don't know what I'd have, if anything. I like Eeveelutions but despite Eevee getting almost as much attention as Pikachu in marketing, I was always under the impression that they were supposed to be quite rare and barely anyone had one? So I most likely wouldn't have a loyal Umbreon like I always wanted.

Before the current gen I'd have said Fennekin or Vulpix since I like foxes and see them a lot irl, but now I know they'd probably be Nickit, which is a shame since I prefer the other two.

My family would end up getting a Growlithe.

Kung Fu Ferret

King of Uruk
Basic Pokemon that would be found in my state: Wingull, Deerling, Skwovet, Stunky, Corphish, Vulpix, Rookidee, Pidove, Poliwag, Chewtle, Teddiursa, Weedle, Nickit, Krabby, Ekans, Spheal, Shellos, Blipbug, Spinarak, Hoothoot, Shinx, and probably more


The only Ethiopian on this forum (Probably)
If I had to guess, Either a Murkrow or Wingull since they're common where I live. If not, most likely a Bunnelby, Zigzagoon, Picharisu or emolga. The one I want the most though is a Smeargle.

(Sorry if I spelt the names wrong)