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What Pokemon would you, realistically, have?


Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal!
I would probably own either a Treecko, a Bouffalant, or a Deino. The last two are a bit mroe destructive than the first one, but I love them. I would also like to own a Charizard, but he's a bit big. ^^;


The Shadow in the Light
I'd have a Mightyena, a Zorua, a Lucario, and possibly a Houndoom.
Oh, and maybe a Purrloin and a Skitty.
Possibly a Pidgeot.


Hardcore Analyst
Pokemon partner. Roserade, because it makes me thoooooooooooorny. But seriously, roserade, free deodorant man. FREE DEODERANT.

Then I would sell it as Deodurant.

Roserade + *file_missing* =Profit.


oops, did it again
okay people, I think your missing the point. You're supposed to write what you would REALISTICALY have.


formerly known as Jaketiger1116
Well where I live it's common to see many different types of Pokemon. Based on where I've actually been though, and what I do...
An Arcanine, my first little guy. Got him from my grandparents several years ago, back as a Growlithe.
A Lapras, because I took a vacation to Myrtle Beach, SC (Least I THINK that's in South Carolina) and spent a lot of time in the ocean. Very happy about catching her, and naming her Charlotte.
A Raichu, who I used my then-Growlithe to battle and catch, because the little Pichu was my second guy. He was actually in the forest behind my backyard with like 12 others. I named him Razz :D
A Butterfree, probably my 2nd guy, because there'd be a LOT of Caterpie/Weedle/Wurmple where I live.
Ok either that's it or I'll finish this later, I have to go but don't want to forget, so I'll at least post this :P
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Everyone call me elf monster.
None at the moment because I am at uni and they don't allow pets. :(

I guess a Buneary or Nidoran, because we have a rabbit and two guinea pigs back home. Oh, and a gerbil but I don't think we have gerbil pokemon yet.


I'd have a Porygon2, because who wouldn't in this day and age? Handheld computers probably come with a Porygon in data form.
An Eevee, they do live in urban areas, and I'd probably rescue one from a shelter.
Abra, I'd get one somehow.

Then again, I'd probably just scour the Earth for a shiny Dragonair, realistic or not. There's just something about laughing maniacally while having my Dragonair create depressing weather that appeals to me. (I don't particularly like warm, bright, sunny days.)


Where have I been at?
Houndoom, of course. Houndooms are awesome.

I might have a team of houndoom, Abra, Poochyena, Kadabra, Pidgey, and maybe a Rattatta.


I love girly things :)
Okay a realistic pokemon for me would have to be chikorita/its evos or Igglybuff. Cuz they smell nice (i'm VERY sensitive to stinkyness, so....).

Kung Fu Ferret

King of Uruk
I'd have a rotation of whatever hypothetical Pokémon would appear in the Northeastern states.

(note that I will state fully evolved Pokémon as opposed to entire lines)
Skuntank, Kantonian Ninetales, Goodra, Pachirisu, Wailord, Crawdaunt, Linoone, Abomasnow, Diggersby, Noctowl, Crobat, Ninjask, Honchkrow, Golduck, Swanna, Braviary, Gourgeist, Jumpluff, Sunflora, Shiftry, Breloom, Sawsbuck, Bewear, Excadrill, Trevenant, Mamoswine, Sharpedo, Seismitoad, Palossand, Cryogonal, Sudowoodo, Dewgong, Vanilluxe, Zoroark, Dunsparce, Staraptor, Bibarel, Lopunny, Watchog, Beedrill, Butterfree, Garbodor, Kingler, Gastrodon, Starmie, Xatu, Bronzong, Porygon-Z, Metagross, Gigalith, Barbaracle, Lycanroc, Ferrothorn, Ariados, Ledian, Tentacruel, Quagsire, Pelipper, Floatzel.

The starters would be Chikorita, Tepig, and Froakie.


I love girly things :)
I would love to own a Jirachi if Pokemon were real.

Something I could make wishes on, would be even more powerful than some 'God' to pray to that doesn't seem to help the world as much....

Well, i'd like to think so, anyways. I'm sick of this world being filled with so much violence and hate >/ I mean, maybe a Jirachi wouldn't be able to put an end to it, either, but maybe it could help some-what....(teleport bullies away from schools, maybe? and into jails?! XD aw man that would be something sweet to wish for....)


hapless homestuck
Probably a grass type for me, as I prefer plants. Maybe rock, ground,or steel types; depends on how often and what they eat

Something like Budew or Oddish. Perhaps Tangela.
Maybe Klink, Magnemite, or Baltoy?

I liek Squirtles

sobble squad
I would probably have a Squirtle (for obvious reasons) and a Growlithe (to keep me warm when it gets too damn cold up here). If I could, I'd also have a Ribombee, too.


回り続ける 歯車には成り下がらない
she, they
Dog and cat-like Pokemon would probably be popular where I live. However, my parents dislike pets and animals inside the house, so chances are I'd catch a Bug-type in the garden. Perhaps a Scyther or Fomantis, or maybe a Vivillon.


I love girly things :)
I see myself playing dress up and having tea parties with a team of fairy types........and then us all hunting down trainers to battle and take down afterwards :P

Several of my fairies also know Power Up Punch or Thunderbolt as far as i can tell too. Those moves would like scare everyone~


The Fool
Ask; Try She/Her
Assuming Pokémon were real and i lived in the same circumstances now, this would be my team.

Primarina - Lvl 36 - If i could pick any starter pokémon i would have picked popplio for primarina.
Butterfree(Hopefully Gmax) - Lvl 37 - Caterpie would have been a Pokémon i catch really early and then because it would evolve so soon i would feel happy using it. It might not be the most powerful, but it's still pretty cute.
Talonflame - Lvl 36 - This falls into the same boat as Butterfree, just a pokémon i picked up near my house and decided to catch. Plus i love Talonflame.
Lurantis/Tsareena - Lvl 35 - I would say Tsareena, but honestly i don't think they would live in Texas. But i'm sure Lurantis would because we have all kinds of giant bugs.
Sandaconda/Palossand - Lvl 36 - Two ground type pokémon i would have. I'd rather have a Palossand in real life Even though i like sandaconda more, i would never find a palossand because i live nowhere near a beach but it's TEXAS for goodness sake so i'd find a little silcobra.
Mienfoo (Mienshao)/Victini -Lvl 35- I would have a mienfoo but then i feel like i'd find Victini because i seem to be so terrible lucky. I would probably alternate between using them but Mienfoo would be the one to stay on my team overall, with victini as somewhat a pet, cheering me on.

Why are they all level 35 and so? At this point in my life i imagine they would be level 35 and stuff. Because i totally would have challenged the gyms. That's something that i would easily do without even giving it a second thought. All these Pokémon are pokémon i think i would find in texas. I wonder what gyms i would see and what brand new species. lol.

(I might also have a mudsdale for riding around on).
(And i would catch a Chewtle for my sister).

Anyway, those would be my pokémon.
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