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  • I'm not sure if I'm supposed to divulge details about ASB stuff, but eh whatever. It's just kinda like the Isshu expedition, ie. Kalos HA Pokemon.
    Doubt you'd want, they were designed for teenage girls and I doubt they'd fit you well :P
    I just met with a bunch of my own family over the weekend, probably a lot of the same scenarios, though we were only in Vancouver, not Beijing.
    The discussion social group. Which, uh, isn't public viewing - I guess there are spoilers, with tournament prizes (and surprises!) being discussed and all.

    I mean, other than the app, which is updated when it has things changed, the threads and announcements + rules changes and etc. will all be announced when it's open.

    Not quite sure. Though I've been doing that for a while, albeit inconsistently. :P The reason I have $9 right now is because I had $34 ==> $43, then spent literally all my money on Kalos pokemon. Firsts.
    "and by wilderness you mean the smouldering ruins of ASB central"
    we're rebuilding that. It's not so much smouldering ruins and rubble as a ghost town of occasional rubble, now!
    I got a Bulbasaur absolutely ages ago, actually. I've always loved Ivysaur.

    $504 is nothing compared to what I once had. Well over $1000.

    And thanks :D Yeah, I drew it. I mean it's a Volcarona, of course it's me
    Whoa, China's cool. Can you speak Mandarin (or another Chinese dialect), or are you going to have an awfully hard time talking to those relatives?
    Thanks man!

    Looking to work for a lot of the time, I don't have many plans besides that, so if I did get work I wouldn't be missing out on much. What about you?
    It's a goose Loo then, I suppose.
    The few times I visited, though, it didn't seem that bad. And I haven't heard any stories of goose tyranny from my friends yet.

    Wow what I guess you live nearby, at least, then. I usually give myself around an hour and a half to get to class, since TTC is notoriously unreliable.

    Ahhh. idk that program I talked about doesn't block access. It times how long you've been on a "good" program and stops the timer when you're on a "bad" one and turns red, as if to quietly scold you.
    Nah, from what I hear from my friends, it doesn't seem like they're more lenient in marking. :P And we just call Waterloo "Loo" for short, and Waterloo /is/ a city based around the university, so. Loo.
    (it also makes for immature jokes so point for that)

    Well, taking things slow is a lesson that can extend to other courses too. :P

    You're the worst. :P I cannot function at all early in the morning. And since I commute I have to wake up at like 7:45 to make it for a class at 10.

    Do you uninstall the internet too or something? o.o Doesn't that distract you?

    Yeah, schedules can be easy to ignore :P Which is why I suggested the "writing shit you get done" approach as an alternative. It's easier than making a schedule, too.
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