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  • Ah. A lot of my friends went to Waterloo and 4.0 is 90 and above, and from what I've heard UofT is particularly lenient, so. I thought most unis were like Loo.

    So I heard from you before. Well, now you know to take it slower right?

    Hmm... Well I commute, and it takes an hour to an hour and a half usually, so I tend to do a lot of work there. And as I said, in my hour-breaks between classes (I usually schedule my classes so I have a break between as many as possible, so I don't need to rush; it does wonders for my anxiety or stress or what have you). That time for work really adds up and I often find I'm done before I know it. :P
    Of course you probably don't have that many little breaks, but. Hm. When doing stuff at home, if I really need to focus, I usually move out to the living room, where the computer isn't a distraction? Oh yeah, also, I found a suggested programthing that kinda times when you're working and quietly scolds you (by way of colour red) when you're not? I haven't tried it but if your work is on the computer that could be something effective. I'll dig it up if you want me to send it to you c:
    If all else fails, try scheduling! Allocate time specifically to work. And write down a list of things you've done that day. I mean sometimes you feel like you've done a lot when you... actually haven't... Other times you do more than expected and it feels great! I think it's a pretty good way to keep track of how productive you've been.
    Well, at UofT, 85 and above is a 4.0 so. :P It's very lenient.

    That's really good! Especially since you took 300-level courses. And yeah I'm staying the hell away from uni calc, the math course I took was super easy but fulfilled any bio math requirements so. I was lucky there.

    The thing about uni, for me, is that you have a lot more freedom in time management? That's what I feel like, anyway. And I'm one of those people who like to get stuff out of the way, or fill break hours with work, so I usually got my stuff done early.
    Pretty good! :D 4.0 so far, though admittedly I credit non-creditted/dropped and am going to take in summer the two courses that were giving me trouble :P How about you?
    Goodness gracious, no idea. My top 3 teams all out of it. I think Columbus in the East and Colorado in the West, but it might change. I predict a Lightning-Sharks final, though I know that's pretty far-fetched.
    Well Family day was yesterday :P But hope you had a good one, too!

    Me too, pretty much... haven't really written anything except maybe a few essays for school. And those don't count.

    So you can realize your potential, if you want to, whenever you want! :D
    I'm going with a program called "Encounters with Canada". For a really nice deal (only about $700) you get to go to Ottawa for a week, all expenses paid. While you're there you learn about a specific topic of interest, Communications and Journalism for me. Each week of the school year has a certain topic, with some topics appearing up to 6 times and some only a single week, depending on their popularity. It's actually quite easy to get in to, assuming you sign up for a week quite far in advance.
    Mmm, can't wait for that. My second semester this year is delightfully easy, I guess I'll take it while I can still get it. Yeah, Ottawa looks fun, and it makes me get a three week spring break, which is always nice.
    No, that was genuine critique.

    Pretty good I suppose, not much going on right now. Waiting for a trip to Ottawa in two weeks. How's university treating you?
    Happy Valentine's day to you, too :D And yup n_n Well, idk about almost as in time-wise, because as Zhorken said we dunno how much work is still yet to be done, but yeah. It's in the works!

    Hmph, ignore them. If "realizing your potential" sacrifices your happiness/dreams/whatever other corny stuff you want to say, it's not worth it.
    Happy new year to you too! :D

    ... Squorn put it perfectly. It happens a lot.

    Med school? I'm not going to med school. I'd die. :P In fact I have a relative who's a doctor and she tells horror stories to our family about it, so my parents are the rare Asian few who don't want their kids to be doctors.

    That's great n_n And it's gotten warmer here yaaay single digit negatives, instead of in the twenties!
    augh Chrome crashed on me and I lost the tab so I kinda forgot about this heh

    Well I've always heard that people tend to bomb first year, kind of, and then realize they gotta pick up their game and do much better. :D As long as you passed, and as long as you do well from now it, it shouldn't matter all too much!

    Ahh, that is a bit scary. But it's more or less healed now, yes? How's the ice now?
    I have no idea how percentages translate to letter grades at McGill, but aside from the C I don't think it looks that bad. Man, math must be brutal o.o At... least you passed?

    Uh-huh. You can see who's on board at the bottom of the ASB subforum.

    ... ohh, ouch. :c Not broken though, at least, right? And your tongue is still in one piece?

    Wow, that really sucks. Must've been a terrible "vacation"... And from the photos I've been shown it was really pretty, yeah :D And some people were having a blast, skating on the streets. But lack of electricity, especially in winter, kinda sucks more.
    How did you do, if you don't mind me asking?

    No, Zhorken is.

    Ahhh, that sucks... :C We're going to go positive for a day or two and then back below zero, so I guess I better watch my step then. At least you're not old, my French prof was complaining about the ice because she said she'd break her hip if she fell so much as once :P

    Five days, but I was conveniently on vacation. We left right before the storm hit and came back just as it started getting warmer :P
    ... ouch. Sounds brutal. :c *pat*

    It's still being made, yup. ... I kinda clocked out of the whole thing recently, tbh, due to finals and all that, I should check how it's going :P

    How's it been there, actually? We recently had a cold stretch where wind chills were in the -40s, iirc
    Aaa what why did I never reply to this what happened
    ... oh man, that sucks. Well now that I've replied like 13987564102 days too late, how'd first term go?

    Practice exams cost money, yeah. I prefer to do those to practice questions... I dunno, I have some weird aversion to practice questions? ... I should change that.

    She could, technically, but it's very hard to be code it to let us edit it or something like that, so we just decided to make another one.

    I finally caved and bought proper boots to wear. And earmuffs. Winter has been conquered.
    Presumably because continental united states.

    I dunno, you're in canada. Which is slightly less densely populated than the united states. Perhaps british colombia is considered to be plains and its latitute qualifies it as high?
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