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  • i fuckin love those stat groups now i want to go to like smogon or some other competitive battling site and be like "hey you may have leads, sweepers, annoyers, tanks, and revenge killers on your team... but do you have the all important SPEED RANGERS"
    [5/21/16 12:31:31 AM] Altissimo: http://dragonflycave.com/zodiac-gen5.aspx?month=Sep&day=25#zodiacform
    [5/21/16 12:31:39 AM] Altissimo: btw this is what u get in the old version of the zodiac
    [5/21/16 12:31:49 AM] Brian: it just gets worse and worse
    [5/21/16 12:31:50 AM] Brian: stop
    [5/21/16 12:31:51 AM] Brian: pls
    [5/21/16 12:31:58 AM] Altissimo: hahahha
    [5/21/16 12:32:04 AM] Brian: magneton is literally an abomination of suffering
    [5/21/16 12:32:06 AM] Altissimo: lol
    [5/21/16 12:32:14 AM] Brian: its not a real pokemon!
    [5/21/16 12:32:26 AM] Brian: its just a bunch of individual ones stuck together!
    [5/21/16 12:32:32 AM] Altissimo: true
    [5/21/16 12:32:33 AM] Brian: like a magnetic rat king
    [5/20/16 10:34:38 PM] Brian: http://pokemon.vukki.net/en/imageSi2.php?d=25&m=september
    [5/20/16 10:34:46 PM] Brian: dude what the fuck im stuck with the fucking banna tree
    [5/20/16 10:34:51 PM] Altissimo: no
    [5/20/16 10:34:51 PM] Brian: bannana*
    [5/20/16 10:34:58 PM] Altissimo: http://dragonflycave.com/zodiac.aspx
    [5/20/16 10:35:00 PM] Altissimo: use this one
    [5/20/16 10:35:11 PM] Altissimo: it makes nice little images
    [5/20/16 10:35:41 PM] Brian: I GOT STUNFISK
    [5/20/16 10:35:45 PM] Altissimo: AHAHAHHAHA
    [5/20/16 10:35:45 PM] Brian: THIS IS WORSE THAN THE BANANA TREE
    [5/20/16 10:35:47 PM] Altissimo: OH MAN
    [5/20/16 10:35:49 PM] Altissimo: YOU CANT WIN
    [5/20/16 10:36:01 PM] Brian: I TAK EIT BAKC
    [5/20/16 10:36:01 PM] Altissimo: I'm Magnemite for the record
    [5/20/16 10:36:02 PM] Brian: IM THE BANANA TREE
    I got my 13-year-old cousin to play Ace Attorney. She promptly got addicted, bought Justice for All and Trials and Tribulations with no prompting to me, and is now borrowing my copies of Apollo Justice and Investigations. In the process of rapidly devouring these games she got her 17-year-old sister into them.
    i have achieved a good thing
    (just wanted to share because i have a lot of feelings about ace attorney ok)
    holy shit i just discovered this girl who has been doing the starkits prophcy animations? she was on tr's rockin the same time i was. a decade ago. she says her friend was a mod and i remember his name. my god this is a small internet
    ok can i send you my friend's SU/AAI2 crossover one-shot now. it is actually nsfw in nature but there aren't any children involved and it's more funny than anything. i know that doesn't make it sound appealing but um... yeah i got nothin
    I thought you would appreciate this consequence of your April Fool's joke that I found while looking up old ASB rulings

    pearl is also my favorite and everyone thinks that's weird (a lot of people don't like pearl) but i'm like nO bAbY nOoO and cry.
    you are watching steven universe good good this means i can send you my friend's ace attorney investigations 2/steven universe crossover oneshot at some point
    2 things 1) i didn't get an email notification for the most recent tqftl chapter and 2) may is the destroyer. don't ask me why or how or why i decided this is the case it is the Truth i'm on to you
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