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  • Please respond as soon as possible. I need to know if you received the PM or not. If you did receive it, why are you ignoring it?
    I have sent you a private message, but you have not responded yet. If it did not go through, please let me know. If it did, please respond. ^.^
    For halloween we should do an event on the forums, something like that time everyone pretended to be each other.
    Or something.
    Whatever you wanna do.
    we watched the dub of the first movie and w o w after reading your review that includes the synopsis as the original had it, the dub is REALLY DUMB
    since it just updated and it made me excited about it again im going to have to recommend silver resistance a mystery dungeon fanfic again, i think you would enjoy it. it is very long though.
    Maybe, it's a very outlandish exception regardless xD

    GF could just have an exception on the rival though, just to make sure you don't break anything story related, but who knows :P
    Suggestion: On the interactive HP bars on the capture calculator pages, allow the use of arrow keys to make tiny increments of difference on the bar's value
    But with the action replay code they don't block it, and it let's you actually steal other trainers' pokemon in the game (whick also has a side effect of ending the battle) :P

    So it actually went through the wiggling process, but then Empoleon popped back out
    Was looking at a conversation you had and noticed the master ball thing. Just wanted to throw in my two cents and say that I actually HAVE had a master ball fail before. Using an Action Replay, I threw a Master Ball at my rival's Empoleon (either in Pearl or Platinum, idr which) and it failed 0:
    i found this quote on a thing: "Thank the Glacierbadge: in addition to boosting the special stats, it also gives a separate boost to Ice moves directly, and then there's the held Nevermeltice to boot, so that's a few different invisible bonuses at work." is that true do badges actually affect type moves? I've never heard that anywhere else
    excuse u i think u mean especially the everything but the dog is a part of everything so i can forgive u

    jokes aside yES i had so many feels. about the dog. and edgey. and everything.
    and the dog.
    I don't know if you're following the AA anime or not but even if you're not episode 13 is very important and you should really go watch it I insist. i've been telling that to everyone. it's Important.
    i was 99% sure that what you said was true, i just wanted to check haha

    1/252 though... there have been many many times that number of people to throw Master Balls, it would be way more widespread knowledge if so
    ok ok so like, i ran across a comment in nuzlocke forums where someone said "hope you dont hit on that 1/252 chance for the master ball to fail" and it pissed me off enough i was like "no it simply cannot fail"... but then i went searching some and i came across http://pokemondb.net/pokebase/144084/my-master-ball-didnt-catch-my-giratina this?? like obviously the mathematical function bypasses the catch rate as shown by yours and others' efforts but like... is this just bullshit on both ends or like... where does this come from

    that was fun

    although i didnt get an email notification and im pretty sure that happene dlast time too
    Actually, I just realized, a counterpoint to my own argument: N can understand pokemon at all. Like, they have enough on the level of coherent thought to BE understood. There's one point after gym like 6 or 7 when he straight up talks to the lead mon in your party and listens to what it has to say about you as the trainer. Even though the mon is not talking directly, this seems to indicate that they have enough sapience to actually have/express feelings and very specific opinions about you.
    I was gonna just anon-ask this on tumblr but ran out of characters

    re: pokemon sapience and b/w: I'm as big a supporter of the idea of sapience as any, but it's worth pointing out the argument b/w seems to present against it. Specifically, i'm thinking of a part of the game where N talks to you and Cheren and says your pokemon is talking. This is presented in the games as though it's really damn weird for a human to be able to understand a pokemon, which seems to imply that, say, the anime with its talking meowth and other talking pokemon (and in general just pokemon that can make themselves understood by humans) is not "canon" to the games.

    On the other hand, BW2 does have this.
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