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  • I never really got what was great about case one, but I think I rushed through it. I actually never heard the guitar songs because I was speeding up the text (thank you game for adding that option), so I was just very perplexed as to why random heavy metal music was starting and stopping every time I advanced it. I never even noticed that the regular text chirpy sound changes to a low and sinister boop when he switches to his heavy metal form! omg this is so good.

    I really liked cases 3 and 5! They both felt really reminiscent of 3-5 to me. Man, I just love everything to do with Kurain and the Fey clan. I want more but at the same time I think people have a point when they say it's been used enough now. :( re the twists: haha, same; I guessed that
    , and then I was messaging hope and saying that I want it to be known for the record that I have guessed this, and then I went and looked up the spelling of
    's name to make sure I did it right and of course the first result was the Ace Attorney wiki entry for
    . This isn't even the first time this kind of thing has happened to me because of someone's page being merged with their secret other identity's page. God dammit, wikis, stop doing that! >:( I figured out that
    about 5 minutes before I got to it in the game and it was the worst moment of my life.

    Seances were my favourite addition of all the new mechanics that've been added over the course of the series and I'm really sad that I guess they'll be gone after this game. The music and visuals were so perfect! They really nailed the whole atmosphere and the gameplay was so fun and I guess there were several moments where it was like, I know what the contradiction is but don't know how exactly they want me to indicate it, but I want them to stay! I want a prequel game where you play as Dhurke. That is what I want. It would solve all my problems. (Except that Rayfa would not be in it.)
    Ahhhh yes good. Who was your favourite?! What was your favourite case?! I was really not expecting much because I was underwhelmed by DD, and for the first four cases I was kind of like "eh", but at some point during the final case I very much changed my mind. I looooove cases that heavily feature spirit channeling. I also adore Dhurke for no clear reason and it's a little bizarre because I never fangirl over fictional characters. I restarted the game almost right away after finishing it because I could not let it go and move on.
    Hey Butterfree, have you played AA6? :O I just finished it and now I urgently need to talk to every caught-up Ace Attorney fan I know about it, because this game is important and my feelings about it are important.
    Ha that makes sense! I should find somewhere to post it - I want to publish it when I'm done and that makes it trickier. Maybe I can send it to interested people or something :O

    Good luck on reaching the end of it though! That's super exciting!
    Hey! So I realized you've been working on TQftL for a large number of years and you've got a pretty extensive revision history with it. How have you managed to proceed mainly in a linear path with it, especially with the revised version(s)? I'm working on a decade+ long project too but linear is not how I'd describe my progress haha. Do you have any advice on sticking with the direction you're going, even when your brain starts going, "Hey! This thing would be super awesome but only if you change all these other things first?"
    Hey, Free.. Hope you're doing alright.
    I came here to ask if it's okay to link to multiple sites including youtube, and others. I don't know how this works and I don't want to cause undo stress on your server or anything like that. Cheers. <3 Wartortle (Mew~)
    Happy birthday Butterfree! Google says it's 6pm in Iceland, so I hope you had a good day.
    Happy birthday! I guess it's midnight now in UTC, heh. This year I got you... an IOU! Unfortunately it's probably going to take a couple weeks for me to finish your present up, but it is underway.
    Hey, sorry you had to tend to all of those reports. Something primal awoke inside me when I realized how much I hated art theft and plagiarism.
    I took a half an hour scoping out poetry that he posted and google searched to see if it was plagiarized too.
    Hi. Is there any way you could change my username to something different? I had thought this one would be funny, but now it's starting to come off as rude to me. Thank you! (Maybe you could revert it back to one of my previous names, if possible?)
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