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  • Happy birthday Butterfree! Google says it's 6pm in Iceland, so I hope you had a good day.
    Happy birthday! I guess it's midnight now in UTC, heh. This year I got you... an IOU! Unfortunately it's probably going to take a couple weeks for me to finish your present up, but it is underway.
    Hey, sorry you had to tend to all of those reports. Something primal awoke inside me when I realized how much I hated art theft and plagiarism.
    I took a half an hour scoping out poetry that he posted and google searched to see if it was plagiarized too.
    Hi. Is there any way you could change my username to something different? I had thought this one would be funny, but now it's starting to come off as rude to me. Thank you! (Maybe you could revert it back to one of my previous names, if possible?)
    Sweet, thank you!

    Edit: actually, would you mind changing the code to party-shiny rather than party/shiny?
    And also, would you object to me calling you by your first name in like two or three sentences
    EDIT: just, like, to differentiate you between a certain other character
    Hey, just wondering, are you for/against using fanmade shiny sprites for party pokémon as part of the sprite system? I ask because the auto-generated ASB team profiles still have sprites break whenever someone has a shiny, since they use the party sprites rather than the big pokédex ones. Zhorken's app uses open-source shiny sprites for them, so I was wondering whether you would be okay with adding them to the forums, too.
    Please respond as soon as possible. I need to know if you received the PM or not. If you did receive it, why are you ignoring it?
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